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Children’s colic – our way of coping, preschoolers

Being pregnant, I imagined my child a pink-cheeked smiling butuza with chubby handles. And even in terrible dreams, I could not imagine my baby with a face purple from crying, pressing her little legs and tormenting, as it seems to me, from hellish pain.

But reality is always different from our dreams. A couple of weeks after being discharged from the maternity hospital, one evening I was the one who saw her daughter. It was all terrible colic.

I turned to the Internet for help – I am such a modern mother. Here, I was sure, you can find the recommendations of doctors and the advice of mummies who have already passed through similar tests.

The first thing that interested me was the reasons for the appearance of colic in babies. As it turned out, neither the doctors nor the experienced moms are able to give the exact reason.

Among the possible reasons were:

– overeating and overheating of the child;

– mom’s use of foods that cause increased gas formation (such as cabbage, cucumbers, peas);

– improper attachment to the chest, which is why the child swallows air during feeding;

– lack of normal microflora in the intestines, etc.

In short, the imperfection of the digestive system of the baby. Although I didn’t find the exact reason for the appearance of colic, the optimistic news for me was that by three months it was over.


The next step on the road to victory over colic was the search for a cure that could alleviate the suffering of our little one. After reading a bunch of instructions for use and feedback from parents, I concluded that all medicines for colic can be divided into three groups.

The first group of drugs is food supplements based on fennel (aka fragrant dill). They are in the form of alcoholic infusion (Bebinos), a mixture of oils (Happy Baby) or tea (Bebivita). Their task is to reduce gas formation and, thanks to the carminative effect of their constituents, painlessly remove gaziki.

The second group is white suspensions based on simethicone (Espumizan L, Infacol). As written in the instructions for use, simethicone is a stable surface-active polymethyloxane.

It changes the surface tension of gas bubbles, which are formed in the contents of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, and causes their destruction.

Simethicone removes gas bubbles only by physical means, does not enter into chemical reactions. It is not absorbed by oral administration and is excreted by the intestine unchanged.

The third group is enzyme preparations (Linex, Plantek), which should colonize the intestinal microflora with beneficial bacteria and organize the baby’s digestive system.

Immediately make a reservation, I am against the use of drugs of the third group, because I believe that even an adult should use them as prescribed by a doctor after certain tests have been performed. A baby, I think they can do more harm than help.

Of these drugs, Ifakol helped us the best. Its plus in comparison with Espumizan is a high concentration of simethicone, as a result, the positive effect lasts several days after application, and a convenient pipette for dosing.

Agree, when your child is choking with crying from pain, it is difficult to calmly measure 24 drops of Espumizan and even harder to get the child to drink them from a spoon without spilling anything. Although later I measured the required dose of the medicine with a syringe (without a needle) – 24 drops = 1 ml.

I took fennel-based preparations with my child. Thus, the baby received part of the drug in the form of droplets or tea and part together with breast milk, which is safer. But still, their effectiveness was lower compared to Infacol.

Massages and warming

Of the non-medicinal methods of struggle, the Internet offers all kinds of massages and warming.

In the network you can find a lot of videos on how to properly massage. But I think that, without having the education of a massage therapist, you shouldn’t stupidly knead the belly of your child, even with the best of intentions.

Therefore, I did only stroking the tummy clockwise, a bicycle and bringing the legs to the tummy, putting it on the tummy. Believe me, it works better than any tricky massage.

Warming up helps to relax smooth muscles and cramps that cause abdominal pain, pass. The most common way is to apply a warm, ironed diaper to the tummy.

But we did not use it – when a child screams, somehow not up to ironing. But on the other hand, sleep on the hot daddy’s chest helps us very well (both the daughter and the father sleep calmly) and the warm mother’s hand on the tummy during the feedings and sleep.

We will be 3 months soon

Now our daughter is two and a half months old. Soon, I believe in it, a terrible period of colic will pass, but for now we continue the fight. True, they torture us every day less and less. Yes, and I react to them calmer, because now I know what to do.

I hope our experience in dealing with colic will be useful to someone. I wish health to all participants of Alimero and their children.

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