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Children’s birthday with animators, preschoolers

Last year, almost all children’s birthday parties in our company were celebrated in children’s entertainment centers with the involvement of animators. The average number of guests at each holiday – 10-15 children with mothers. The average cost of the event is about 8000r. (2000 UAH), which does not include food and drinks.

Vika’s birthday (3 years)

It was the first pancake, which, as usual, turned out to be a little lumpy. This version of the celebration was new for our children, who were at that time about 3 years old. For the entertainment of children were chosen animators in the images of Pinocchio and Malvina.

Almost all the children at first were afraid of Pinocchio, however, at the end of the celebration they were already touching him with a cardboard nose. And in the beginning I had to explain and tell for a long time that this is a kind hero and you should not be afraid of him. There were no such problems with Malvina, the children loved her at first sight, especially the girls.

Almost all the time the parents were near the children, because the kids were afraid to be alone with the actors, although they knew that the mothers were sitting in the next room.

Birthday of my daughter (3 years)

At first, I chose the actors Peppy Long Stocking and Pirate, but after the previous birthday in the children’s center I was offered Barbie and Fairy, which I did not regret at all. The actresses were in beautiful dresses and wigs, and only 1-2 children periodically left the playing hall to check on the spot whether the parents were there.

Children were treated to cake and fruit. But, as it turned out, the most demanded water and juice.

For 2 hours, animators entertained children in every way – outdoor games, contests, drawing, orb-surprise (this is when there are hundreds of small children in a big ball). Fortunately, my experiences were in vain and all the children were very pleased.

Karina’s birthday (6 years)

The event took place in the summer and my mother did not want to keep the children indoors, but decided to celebrate in nature – we live near the river, so it was not necessary to go far. In the same children’s center, Karina’s parents chose Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, who arrived at the appointed time and entertained the children for 2 hours. The payment was hourly, only for the services of animators, without the cost of renting a room (800 rubles per hour for each actor).

Parents in the meantime organized a picnic with barbecue and, apart from a huge number of mosquitoes, the holiday was a success.

Luke’s Birthday (3 years)

For this event, another entertainment center was chosen, in which children were entertained by Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Entertainment was the same – outdoor games, contests and coloring kids colors. There was a small incident with the last point.

Just after this birthday, the children one by one fell ill with streptoderma. This is a skin disease that manifests itself in flat blisters on the body. Half of the guests picked up this infection, which, as the dermatologist said in the KVD, is not transmitted from child to child, and it can only be infected after contact with the source.

In a logical way, we came to the conclusion that the source was precisely in the brushes and paints that painted the children, because only those kids who were at the festival got sick.

Dima’s Birthday (4 years)

This event was probably the best. The theme was based on the cartoon Cars – from the decoration of the hall to the cake in the form of McQueen. Children were entertained by clowns. Kids rode on typewriters, danced with the use of light-music, at the master class they made cars from paralon sponges and watched a show of soap bubbles.

The program lasted 2 hours and during this time not only one child was sometimes naughty, but not because of the absence of a mother nearby, but because they could not win the competition. Maybe it was because the children had become accustomed to this version of the celebration, or maybe they just matured this year.

Vanya’s birthday (3 years)

His daughter was waiting with a special impatience, because animators in the form of Luntik and Pchelenka, favorite daughter characters, were promised. Alas, their appearance disappointed us – the little Bee was dressed as an ordinary bee (the appearance of the hero in the cartoon is somewhat different), Luntik’s suit also promised to be desired.

The program for some reason lasted only an hour (such were the conditions of this children’s center), then another hour was allotted to the sweet table, which the parents had to control. What upset me the most was when, at the end of the program, I asked the actors to take a photo with their daughter, they refused, saying that they were in a hurry for another holiday.

Invite animators on the child’s birthday should not be earlier than he turns 3 years old. Almost all the children who were a year or two were constantly crying and acting up at the sight of the actors.

Ask your child in advance what kind of characters he likes the most, whom he would like to see on his birthday. To avoid disappointment, ask the administrator of photos with the image of actors in costumes, specify the duration of the program that it includes.

Additional entertainment will not be superfluous – a balloon surprise, a bubble show, a master class, a puppet theater. Specify whether they are included in the cost of services of the center.

We will probably celebrate our next daughter’s birthday in the same place where Dima’s birthday is. She wants the Winx fairies to be present. Well, we will search 🙂

And how do you feel about the option of celebrating a children’s birthday with animators?

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