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Acetone in the urine in children – my experience, preschoolers

With the advent of the child, sometimes you feel like a doctor. There was even a desire to get a second degree at the Faculty of Pediatrics. I was faced with various problems that relate to the health of my child. At home a whole arsenal of drugs, just in case and not only.

Acetonomic syndrome – this problem affected us.

Acetone in children is a reaction of the child’s body that is associated with impaired metabolic processes. The reasons may be mass.

The most frequent of them are:
-unhealthy diet (fatty food, not rational diet, a lot of sweet and not healthy)
-viral infections
-gastrointestinal problems
-emotional stress

First experience

When my daughter was 1 year and 2 months old, I first encountered acetone syndrome. My daughter felt good. Suddenly the temperature suddenly rose, which rose to 39 degrees, literally in half an hour.

There were no more symptoms: no cough, no rhinitis. I began to panic and called the doctor. When the doctor came, he immediately said: Her acetone has risen, do you feel the smell from your mouth? I did not smell, to be honest.

After that, she otpaivala daughter day drug. But more about that later.

The doctor advised to buy acetonest in a pharmacy – these are indicator strips. One strip should be lowered into the urine and wait 3 minutes. After that, the result is compared with the scale on the package. Now we always have it.

Last experience

The aggravation happened at us quite recently. She took her daughter to the kindergarten, everything was fine. On the fourth day of my stay, I noticed a lethargy in the child. I associate it with a viral infection and with stress. Adaptation in kindergarten is always a difficult period for a child. And after that we got sick, for the fourth time.

Compared with previous exacerbations, the child’s condition became as follows: lethargy, vomiting, passivity, she wanted to sleep all the time. There was no temperature this time. I was not used to it, since I already knew what acetone syndrome is with us. And then there are very different symptoms.

Conclusion – acetone can manifest itself in different ways.

Means of struggle

1) The first remedy that helps us most effectively is the abundant drink of Humana Elektrolyt. This is an analogue of Regidron, only this remedy has different tastes. Children are not very fond of Regidron, so Humana is very suitable for us. Although the daughter recently and she refuses to drink.

I had to force water every 5 minutes from a syringe. On the day of the child should drink 1 liter of this wonderful means (at the rate of 1 liter per 12 kg of weight, approximately). If you succeed, acetone will pass in a day – our experience.

2) The second is abundant drinking with plain water. If a child absolutely does not want to drink medicine, then you need to drink anyway, in large quantities. Daughter does not like simple water, so you have to drink anything, just to drink: compote, tea.

3) Third, the folk remedy that was used even by our grandmothers is moonshine. Sorry for this method, I was advised recently, but personally he did not help us at all. Although some of them were treated quite successfully. After three drops, the temperature was brought down to 37, then she rose again.

Therefore, I do not consider this method effective. And I feel sorry for my child stuffed with this. We are constantly drinking alcohol-based drugs.

4) The fourth method is diet. As the doctors say, on the first day you can not eat at all. Just drink. This was our last time. My daughter did not want to eat anything.

In the first 3-5 days after an exacerbation it is impossible:

– broth, dairy products, sweet, flour, fat, sausage, sausages.

What to eat:

The first day – gave to drink, the child himself did not want to eat anything. I do not advocate forcing.
The second day – potato soup – all day. It is certainly cruel, but it was necessary. Another biscuit, crackers or bagels.
The third day – vegetable soup, egg, biscuits, apple.
The fourth day – you can some dairy products. We are not lovers, so did not force.

Prevention methods

As it turned out, my child has problems with gall and pancreas. This indicates a predisposition to acetone. Therefore, to avoid such difficulties, you should stick to the diet constantly.

I am not a supporter of the wrong food. I try not to give anything fatty, spicy, fried, salty. I do not like such products. Therefore, advice to all moms – try to eat right and teach children to it. And of course, less stress and worries. It is very important!

If you still caught acetone – do not give up! Every third child has this disease now! Sad but worth the fight!

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