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Vasectomy in men

Vasectomy. Sterilization of men

In the previous issue we talked about female voluntary sterilization, its advantages and disadvantages. Today we will talk about a similar method of contraception in men.

Gynecologist-endocrinologist, Cand. honey. Sciences, Tyumen

Vasectomy – it is a voluntary surgical operation of irreversible termination of male reproductive function. Mechanism of action: Blocking the patency of the vas deferens (crossing), which prevents sperm from entering the semen.

Do not confuse the vasectomy with castration. In the latter case, the testicles are removed. During vasectomy cross the vas deferens on the right and left, along which already mature spermatozoa enter the vas deferens in the penis.

Vasectomy has no effect on the production of testosterone testicles – a male hormone responsible for the presence of a man’s sexual desire, potency and typical male characteristics. Spermatozoa make up only a small part of the sperm.

Therefore, even the volume of ejected semen does not change significantly. Efficiency vasectomy is close to 100%. Conception after the operation is almost impossible.

Vasectomy can be performed by trained urologists, surgeons in medical institutions licensed for this type of activity, with operating and related equipment. More often, vasectomy conducted on a fee basis. Before the operation, a test is needed that includes a blood test for syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B and C, a general blood and urine analysis, etc., an electrocardiogram, and a urologist examination.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Technically, a vasectomy is easier than sterilization in women [1]. The abdominal cavity is not opened, the incision is made in the groin area above the vas deferens, which is isolated and intersected, after the both ends of the duct are bandaged.

The same is true on the other side. Wounds are closed with absorbable suture material, i.e. there is no need to remove stitches.

The operation lasts 15-20 minutes. The patient can be discharged from the clinic on the day of the operation.

After vasectomy complications in the form of a hematoma (hemorrhage) or edema of the scrotum, which occur within 3-5 days, also the patient can feel soreness, discomfort for several days. Full recovery can be expected in a week. After a week, it is necessary to have an examination with a doctor.

Sexual life a man can begin to live right after the disappearance of side effects. After surgery, the complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate in most cases is achieved only after 3 months or after 20 ejaculations, so until this moment for a reliable protection from pregnancy, you should use condoms or other methods of contraception.

I have 3 children, 42 years old. There are no obvious painful sensations after the operation, sometimes there are short phantom sensations once a day, but this can not even be called pain. It arises from tight jeans, when the area of ​​the appendages is squeezed, when you sit down.

In general, in my situation so far, everything is fine.

also want to remove both eggs

November 15, 2017 04:08

also want to remove both eggs

November 15, 2017 04:08

long weigh for and against decided to do oleratsyyu remains the question where

October 28, 2017 21:23

abruptly advise clinic of the doctor it is possible the number of bodies; thanks in advance

October 28, 2017 21:02

To me 30 years and in a week I shall make a vasectomy. I will honestly say that I dreamed about it for 20 years with 20. of course there are no children. it's a shame only that in a young vorast it is very problematic to make sterilization, even confident chillyfri.

October 16, 2017 09:19

Victoria, there are no men here. Some dolls.

2 October 2017 10:35

What idiots here write, words simply are not present.

gt; quot; The wife forces to make a vasectomy, well, it is necessary to do quot;

Well done. Then, when she runs away from you to another peasant (who can conceive), remember this comment. Warmers of women should be performed when they are asked to buy bread, and in such decisions one has to piss on their opinion from a high bell tower and make a decision to SELF.

You then have to live with it, this is your body. She wants to - let her sterilize.

"I am a 15-year-old (exaggeration) childfree, nihachudity, where I have a vasectomy. quot;

Another kind of dolboobes. Right now, at the age of a milipidic age, it would take such a fateful decision and make a vasectomy because of it.

In general, I laughed heartily. Thank you, seriously.

2 October 2017 10:32

Guys, you are quite choc that clinked? For what kind of women are you going to infertility? "For the sake of my beloved wife"; it makes me laugh and sad to hear it.

She, like any woman wants to again give birth to squid and send you away and for a long time, the fertile peasants around are full, and you will remain in the ass. Nyuzhe muzhiks are so naive.

Even the case heard, one Ukrainian woman got acquainted with an Englishman, everything is fine, they are going to get married and he tells her that during the first marriage in which there were three children made a vasectomy for the sake of his wife, divorced, the wife of the children took it and he lives anew, well, the Ukrainian from him estessno merged, what kind of woman is needed? And it is full of such cases.

And at the expense of freezing sperm, it works for the first three years, after spermatozoids slowly die, the longer the time passes - the less chance.

September 25, 2017 14:01

Dear Anatoly, I myself from Kiev, but I went to vasectomy to Nikolaev to Smernitsky, a very good doctor. More details about its operation can be seen here https://www.urologist.com.ua/urologicheskie-operacii/vazektomiya-sterilizaciya-muzhchin/ the cost of the operation is quite small, the consequences of the negative 0.

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