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Treatment of cough during pregnancy

Treatment of cough during pregnancy

No one wants to be sick, especially when the child is pregnant. But, unfortunately, literally from the first days of expectation of the offspring the woman’s immunity weakens, and this is fraught with the appearance of various colds, infectious and viral diseases. For example, very often future mothers complain of a sore throat during pregnancy or they are coughing.

What to do? To treat or wait, when all passes or takes place itself?

The answer is clear – to heal! And the sooner you do this, the better, as cough during pregnancy conceals a lot of dangers for not yet born baby.

Regardless of the cause that caused the cough, get rid of it immediately. Why?

Yes, because cough and runny nose during pregnancy prevent the amount of oxygen necessary for the development of the child. As a result, fetal hypoxia may develop.

In addition, the cough is accompanied by spasmodic movements of the diaphragm. The abdomen of the woman strains, and the uterus comes into tonus.

And this, as you understand, can provoke a threat of premature birth. Especially if the future mother has a placenta previa or an abruption.

In this case, literally on the second day of a severe cough during pregnancy, the future mummy may have bloody discharge, which most often reports a threat of miscarriage.

In addition, there is another danger. The fact is that most often cough is a symptom of ARI or ARVI.

The mother’s organism, of course, is struggling with the pathogens of these diseases. But in the absence of proper treatment, the infection eventually gets to the fetus, and this is fraught with developmental defects.

Especially when it comes to the early gestation of a child or the placental insufficiency of a woman.

That is why cough treatment during pregnancy is a matter of first importance. In doing so, all appointments should be done by a qualified physician with sufficient experience.

After all, during pregnancy, a woman can not access many of the usual cough remedies. So let’s stop in more detail on how you can not cough cure while waiting for the offspring.

As you can guess, you should never be engaged in self-medication. All medicines for cough during pregnancy should be prescribed only by a doctor.

After all, some of them are contraindicated in the early stages of gestation, while others are dangerous for the development and health of the baby, even in the third trimester of pregnancy.

In addition, independently selected pills for cough may be ineffective, since the woman is not known to cause the disease. In addition, it is difficult to correctly diagnose yourself.

  1. Scald the cabbage leaf with boiling water.
  2. Lubricate it abundantly with honey.
  3. Apply a compress on the chest.
  4. Top with polyethylene film.
  5. Wrap the chest with a woolen shawl or shawl.
  6. Soak a compress like this for at least a few hours. It can even be overnight if it does not cause discomfort.

This method is very good for diluting sputum and treating bronchitis. Also during pregnancy, you can resort to honey grinds, putting goat mesh on the chest and other methods of traditional medicine.

The main thing is to coordinate each of the methods with the attending physician. In fact, despite the fact that many future mothers know how to treat a cough during pregnancy, victims of self-treatment regularly come to the department of pregnancy pathology.

Do not be like them! Take care of your health and the health of your baby, and let the doctor choose the treatment!

Thanks to this, experts come to us and give answers to our questions!

And still, you can ask your question below. Such as you or the experts will answer.

To all healthy kids!

Ps. Boys are also concerned! Just girls here more 😉

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