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Story about pregnancy: Unplanned operation

Story about pregnancy: Unplanned operation

I honestly tried to smile to the doctor until the last moment – so limitless was my belief that I will have everything right! I did not expect to hear such a thing …

Pregnancy I flew like on wings – in direct and figurative senses. I really wanted to be a good girl, so I was worried when my body contracted, not letting the doctors examine me.

True, I tried so hard! But now it was necessary to reconcile with the fact that not everything depended on me.

She was 41 weeks pregnant. I still felt great (even after 10 days in the prenatal department).

But the examination and ultrasound showed that the picture had changed dramatically: the baby was already large (predicted weight 3900 g), the bones of the skull hardened, there was a cord crook and a lot more, and the cervix did not yield to any persuasion to reveal itself.

Or maybe a consultation tomorrow? – I still hoped for something. It was very unusual for me to hear doctors do not put me before a fact, but for some reason they make a decision together with me and with my consent.

I did not want to talk to anyone and see no one. But the realization of the inevitability of their fate has done its work. And when my doctor came into the ward, ready to hear my indistinct mutterings through tears, I already took myself in hand.

Having dug a red nose with a handkerchief and staring at her with swollen eyes, I bravely reported that, they say, I roar only from the unknown and I’m thirsty to get exhaustive information on the topic of Caesarean section. And then I promise not to cry, because knowledge is power.

The operation was scheduled for the next day. From 18.00 it was ordered to forget about food. So, I mentally prepared for tomorrow’s meeting with my son and remembered …

January. We were left to understand the little girl Sasha, my friend’s goddaughter. I spread my coat, and the baby falls asleep on it.

After a while, her mother comes and starts laughing. It turns out that the girl Sasha has a mystical property – the woman on whose clothes the baby will prikornet, necessarily become pregnant.

Everyone laughs, and I wave my hand: they say, this number will not work with me.

The end of January. Creeps of doubt …

February 5th. My mom’s birthday.

Morning. My suspicions intensified to such an extent that I decide to buy a test.

I’m afraid of my own reaction. Two strips!

Forgetfulness flourishes in my heart.

I leave the house for a gift to my mother. I remember how bright that day was the sun.

There was a smell of spring. And I walked slowly and carefully.

I wanted to fly and sing.

After the birthday, I inform the mother in a whisper. It turns out that I’m not original: exactly one year ago on the same day my brother and wife told her that she would become a grandmother.

I remember, I took with me to the hospital two books - Idiot Dostoevsky and materials on linguoculturology and ethnopsychology, so as not to waste time and prepare for a dissertation. I was amused by all those who are not lazy.

Even a girl from the next room asked if the Idiot helps in the process of preparing for childbirth.

And I was the only one who did not put drippers.

The night is from 8 to 9 October. Once, after stimulation, I started a kind of contractions. The case was in the evening, and, after going around and measuring the pressure, I decided to send to the family branch!

The chamber accompanied me with joyful parting words. I almost skip along the stairs, shining with happiness.

I'm dressed in a disposable light green shirt and led into a family room. I am enthusiastic about every detail of the interior, like a child.

I like everything!

But, as it turned out, my bouts looked unconvincing. I was returned to the department of pathology in my own room to astonished neighbors.

Well and further you already know: We recommend to you labors by means of cesarean section ...

Three minutes passed, just three minutes after the start of the operation, when I saw our Zhenechka! He gave a thin melodious Aaaaa! . I remember the fingers stretched out in all directions on the handles and legs and the cheerful question of my doctor: Did they order the boy?

Doctor obstetrician - geneticologist, Moscow

Not surprisingly, the image of the baby on the screen of the ultrasound monitor seemed to Victoria like a skeleton. In the early stages of development, the fetal skin is practically transparent, and not only the bones of the skeleton, but also the vessels, nerve fibers and emerging internal organs are clearly visible through it.

The skeleton of the skeleton on the monitor is most clearly seen: the brightness of the image obtained with the help of an ultrasonic signal depends on the density of the tissue being studied, and the bones are undoubtedly the most dense tissue in the fetus. By the third month of intrauterine development, the skin of the baby is compacted and begins to lose its transparency (it becomes similar to a frosted glass).

And even at the end of pregnancy, when the skin of the fetus is significantly condensed and loses its transparency, the beam of the ultrasound sensor allows the doctor to examine any organ or part of the baby's body; However, such a clear picture, as in the first months, of course, will no longer be.

In the maternity hospital, where Victoria was observed at the end of pregnancy, as in many modern maternity homes, much attention is paid to the psychological preparation of the woman for childbirth. After all, the timing and outcome of childbirth depends to a large extent on how positively the future mother is attuned to the forthcoming births, from the active desire to psychologically participate in this process, from the absence of fear of childbirth, possession of relaxation skills and self-management.

Therefore, today, physicians pay as much attention to psychological aspects as the standard medical examination (examination, analyzes, etc.) on the eve of birth.

Most often, under the term "stimulation", future parents understand any interference in the natural process of the appearance and development of contractions. In fact, rhodostimulation refers only to methods to enhance (stimulate - means to strengthen) already begun, but not enough effective contractions.

Rhodostimulating agents are necessary in the development of weakness of the ancestral forces in the process of delivery, but they do not influence the preparation of the birth canal and the onset of contractions, so they are never applied before the onset of labor.

Victoria was very surprised that doctors decided on the tactics of conducting labor with her and with her consent: the future mother believed that she would simply be put before the fact. Contrary to popular belief, all decisions about the tactics of managing pregnancy, childbirth, the necessary scope of examination and medical interventions the doctor takes only with the patient's consent. Of course, the specialist has much more knowledge in his field than even the most prepared patient, and he makes specific medical proposals on the tactics of treatment and delivery.

However, in order to implement these proposals in practice, the doctor must obtain the consent and support of the future mother.

Sometimes a doctor considers several equivalent options for possible medical intervention, giving the final choice to the patient. That is why the doctor should explain in detail to the future mother the peculiarities of her health and development of the fetus, it is possible to explain the essence of the prescribed studies and analyzes, to tell about the indications for necessary medical interventions.

The future mother has the right to receive all the necessary information on the course of pregnancy, the results of the survey and the forecast for the upcoming birth. It is very important that the patient understands what and what the doctor is doing at any stage of pregnancy and childbirth; this helps the future mother in establishing a confidential contact with the attending physician and helps to avoid complications.

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