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17 questions that you will be asked at the interview

Someone perceives job search as an interesting psychological adventure, and for someone – it’s a nervous overstrain. Some job seekers immediately find a profitable and interesting place in all respects, while others search the thresholds for months and can not even get a job in a small company.

What does it depend on? Sometimes from luck, but more often from the ability to present themselves at a meeting with the employer, so to speak, to show oneself in a favorable light.

We will help you to properly prepare for the interview and successfully pass it.

How to like the future chief in two seconds

Once, at a training in a recruitment agency, a psychologist opened up to us a “terrible secret”: the fate of a person is decided in the first 2 seconds of his acquaintance with the employer. In other words, it is this much time that the future chef spends on subconsciously to understand whether a person suits him or not.

All the rest is a pleasant conversation. Therefore, your appearance should be impeccable, the slightest omission is fraught with a complete failure. The employer will notice a coffee spot on the blouse, and twisted tights, and dirt under the fingernails.

For a woman, a strict business suit is considered to be the ideal form of clothing. It should not be stiff or have a very bright hue.

Practice shows that a special role does not play – the pants on you are dressed or the skirt is of medium length. The same applies to shoes. It should be clean and tidy.

Trendy novelties are best left at home. And the last thing you should pay attention to: you should be comfortable in clothes and nothing should distract – neither excessively tight trousers or skirt, no blouse or jacket constantly diverging on the chest, or vice versa, falling from the shoulder.

If you are a creative person, then this is no reason to dress too avant-garde, going to a meeting. Not all managers adequately react to such attire.

Some ladies sin with an abundance of jewelry and excessive use of perfume. On the day of the interview, be as restrained as possible. Not everyone will like the sharp smells and a dozen gold chains around his neck.

Where is the guarantee that your potential boss is not in this category? Also, not the best service you will be served with a provocative make-up and an original hairstyle.

Competently selected portfolio (portfolio – from the English portfolio) will increase your chances of finding a job. Collect the “work achievements” in the file folder. For a journalist or editor, it will be articles, essays, any printed materials that you are proud of.

For the designer – the most interesting projects and developments, as well as samples of finished products, for example, labels, logos. For the builder, phytodesigner, decorator – photos of interiors. In other words, it should be the best examples of your creativity, demonstration of achievements, creativity of thinking.

Alternatively, you can say that first you would like to get acquainted with the conditions and content of the work, and then you will be able to name the amount. But do not say "the more, the better", so you will reduce your professional level in the eyes of the employer.

10. Do you have problems in your personal life?

Do not immediately throw out on the interlocutor a lot of unnecessary information. If you are single and you are burdened by it, if you are a single mother, or you have the fifth marriage and 10 children on the contrary, do not tell the employer about it. Restrict the general answer.

After all, the interviewer is interested not in how you live, but how far you are willing to go in the personal story, how open, do you feel the boundary between personal and public, are you independent, independent and how delicate you are.

eleven. How many children do you plan to have?

A new pregnancy is not included in my plans so far. Do not tell the employer that you are dreaming of three children and now you are actively working with your husband to solve this problem.

12. How religious are you?

If you are a deeply religious person, then do not immediately announce this to the interviewer. It also makes no sense to show your atheism.

It is better to answer not specifically, avoiding expressing directly your attitude to religion.

13. Your political views?

Just like in the case of religion, it is better to avoid a direct answer and not to name any parties and movements.

14. Do you have any hobbies? What do your relatives do?

The employer wants to find out how much the competitor is interesting not only professionally, but also as a person. If you can not remember what your spouse is doing or tell about a protracted conflict with your mother-in-law, then such an ignorance the interviewer will attribute to indifference to others, extreme infantilism or an uncomfortable character.

15. How many cigarettes a day do you smoke?

If you smoke, do not say that recently you are missing two packs a day. It's better to tell that you have practically abandoned this harmful habit - a healthy lifestyle is welcomed in any organization.

16. Unclear question

Usually, the interviewer sets this question-provocation intentionally, in order to understand how the interlocutor will get out of the situation. Specify what exactly the employer is interested in knowing about this issue.

If you yourself suggested a variant of the topic of the conversation, take a short pause to hear the answer, and if the answer does not follow, then continue to develop the topic.

When you have finished answering the question, and the interviewer is sitting and looking at you, waiting for the continuation, do not stumble, get nervous and start again to repeat your story. It is better to look kindly, calmly and expectantly at the interlocutor and wait for him to ask a new question.

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