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Nail fungus on legs – treatment and prevention



As far as I remember, you have this problem – (… kind of and not bad in appearance, but after the bath it turned out that as half of the nails was hit (in the sense from the middle of the nail to the top), so it was cut off safely) – you have this problem nerastaniya nail from the middle was before, for several years (2-3 years, and even more).


This may be due to the fungus (it is not eliminated from the tissues of the bed), but maybe because the fungus is no longer there, and that portion of the nail bed, to which the nail does not grow, has already lost its original structure. The uppermost layer of this area of ​​the bed should normally be of an epithelial structure, contain on its surface the clasping formations (longitudinal scallops), which enter into cohesion with the same longitudinal grooves on the lower surface of the nail plate.

– 2) the site of the bed, over which the nail does not grow, has changed and has lost the opportunity to grow.

It is necessary to know: if the nail is in a condition that is torn from the bed for a long time, this leads to the fact that the surface of the nail bed changes from a gentle epithelial to a coarser one, of the epidermal type (keratinization of the nail bed according to the epidermal type). This process greatly accelerates the pressure of shoes on the bare area of ​​the bed (after cutting the nail).

For example, there was in your treatment such a period when you shortly cut the affected places of the nail and treated it, applying different means (exoderm and then others). During this period (until the bed was bare and covered with a nail) there was some definite pressure on the bare bed.

You could not take this pressure for strong, but to kill a bare bed, (for its coarsening) having a gentle epithelial structure, there is no need for strong pressure. The period of time, while the bed was not covered with a fingernail, could be enough for its accelerated coarsening. Further over this section of the bed the nail began to grow, but it can not grow to the already changed box.

Moreover, neither in the bed, nor in the nail, the fungus can no longer be.

And also it depends on the form / type of the fungus, depending on what classification it is described (normotrophic, hypertrophic, atrophic). In simple words, how deep the fungus has grown in the tissue of the bed and how much he managed to change it during his stay in the box.

There was information that for certain types of onychomycosis, there are cases when after the course of terbinafine and itraconazole multiple analysis of the fungus in the nails is no longer detected, but the nail to the nail bed later did not grow. There was posthonichomacial dystrophy of the nail bed.

So, the reasons for changing the nail bed to a state where the nail to it can not grow anymore.

But, despite this (for much less danger), the use of sodium hypochlorite has already indicated limitations.

November 17, 2017 23:59

Thank you, DCH! With you it's good.

Stay that way always!

November 17, 2017 18:13

Kind person, tell me, please, I am breast-feeding, can I use alcohol baths, whiteness, formidron, fukortsin for the treatment of nails? Will not I hurt the baby?

Thank you very much in advance!

November 17, 2017 17:28


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