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Nail fungus on legs – treatment and prevention, Reviews, Page 593

Nail fungus on legs – treatment and prevention


Honestly, I can not even imagine which doctor can be rounded eyes from the well-known to all specialists treatment scheme of onychomycosis. In the manuals for doctors and in the instructions for itraconazole, exactly such treatment regimens are indicated.

September 25, 2017

Thank you very much, Kind man! Where I live, exoderil is not for sale. Therefore, in a drugstore advised clotrimazole.

Baths and iodine with vodka do not stop. As for the dosage, I can agree with you. Because Thrush so far has not been completely gone.

Obvious signs are not present, but I feel a dyscomfort, as at her. I drank the course from August 9 to the present day (this is 47 days) at the dose the doctor prescribed.

It turns out that I need now to start all over again, to drink 3 months, but in a dose of 200 mg ?! Or complete the prescribed course (3 months), but with a dose of 200 mg ?! Go to the doctor only at the end of October.

Perhaps, this dose she assigned me because the initial (or not neglected form of the fungus)? Maybe large doses are prescribed if the fungus is caused by trichophyton? I when was in other clinic, in occasion of an inflammation a cyst, accordingly, has told or said about a fingernail, and what I drink a preparation.

The doctor invited another doctor, who, as I understand, engaged in dermatological questions .. Frankly, their eyes widened when they heard about this dose and for 3 months. The doctor said that they prescribe they are half the dose. still here I read questions and answers about intraconazole

September 25, 2017 11:34


Treatment of inflamed nail rolls due to candida (candidiasis onychia / paronychia) should be carried out depending on the shape of the onychia / paronychia (chronic, dry, erosive / ulcerative …) and its inflammation stage (acute / chronic). Ie, if this is an acute stage, it may first need to remove acute inflammation with certain solutions, lotions, and then, after the inflammation subsides, switch to another treatment (cream, ointment). If bacterial infection has already joined the fungal infection (purulent contents appear), then, naturally, antibacterial agents are connected.

I do not think that you now have the sense to apply a highly antibacterial ointment. It is not a universal anti-inflammatory drug, it is intended to remove inflammation caused by (only) bacteria. Do you really have signs of joining a bacterial infection (the appearance of purulent contents)?

Judging by the fact that the dermatologist did not focus on this attention, there is no such thing. With a kandisone lesion of the nail rollers, the selection, if any, is generally very scarce., But you do not have it, and as far as you can understand from your words, there is just a slight reddening of the nail ridges, their dryness, and peeling.

September 25, 2017 06:48


A solution of sea salt + lemon juice + lavender oil + tea tree oil for 20 minutes should, as far as I understand, have an antifungal effect. If he has it, then obviously insufficient.

Of course, the question is in the concentrations of each component.

In other words, the concentration of the components contained in the solution does not reach the one that can affect the fungus.

My advice - do not use these baths, they only feed the fungus (he loves water).

September 25, 2017 06:06


Completely remove the infected nail is desirable from the very first days of treatment. After removing the nail, you need to remove everything from the surface of the nail bed.

This dry skin on the nail bed is best cleaned in a wet state. You can put your finger in a glass of warm water for 20-30 minutes, then carefully remove these stained layers.

Do this carefully, so as not to damage the nail bed. The antifungal agent should not be applied over the infected nail, nor on the badly cleaned surface of the nail bed, but directly on the bare, cleaned bed and surrounding areas (nail, nail rollers, skin around the nail).

And why this thrush raised her head? Well, this is not the last role played by the antibiotic amoxicillin-Clavualanic aci, in the side effects of which it is written - candidymycosis. And itraconazole did not have enough strength (due to low dosage) to cover from exacerbation.

And also it must be taken into account that the absorption of itraconazole itself can be reduced for some people for a number of reasons, primarily with a low acidity of the stomach. If the acidity is low, then the assimilation of itraconazole is poor. In such cases, itraconazole should be strictly after meals and washed down with cola.

It will raise acidity and the assimilation of itraconazole will normalize.

September 25, 2017 05:44

P.S. At first, this peeling did not attach much importance.

I thought that this was the process of treatment, and that intraoconazole tablets should help, as well as remove the inflammation of the bead. Tablets in total I should drink on 1 table. 100 mg x once a day x 3 months without a break !!

This course was prescribed to me by a doctor. And how much I need to use clotrimazole cream 1% for treatment, and then, against relapse?

I forgot to write that I smear clotrimazole in the morning and at night, and in the daytime I lubricate with a solution of iodine + vodka mixed in equal proportions. I continue to use laceril polish (2 times a week for a sick nail, and once a week for all the nails of the hands and feet). Decorative nail polish on a sick nail until I apply.

Once or twice a week I make baths with: sea salt + lemon juice + lavender oil + tea tree oil for 20 minutes. Still a question, whether it is possible (whether expediently) together with a cream clotrimazole to use antibacterial ointment Baneocinum, for putting down or taking out of an inflammation?

If possible, can they be mixed or separately?

September 23, 2017 19:20

Once again, thank you very much, Kind man .. The ocasion occurred with my fingernail. On the right side, where the nail was cut off from the nail (it was cut off, exposing the nail bed to the border with a healthy nail), the growth to the box almost grew.

But on the left side of the nail, where the withdrawal was insignificant, the nail did not grow. From the left side there is peeling of the skin, there was inflammation of the upper cushion, as I already said.

Peeling skin only on the left side, and from this side I also constantly cut the nail, sometimes in the nail on the left side felt pain. A couple of weeks ago, I cut it off, and under the fingernail, I do not even know how to explain how some kind of dry skin scraped out like a trumpet or something.

When I was with the doctor for the last time, I showed her both peeling, and the impenetrable redness of the cushion, told her about the pain in that part of the nail. As a result, she said that everything is going well, she once again said that it is important to take pills and prescribed a cream with urine for dry skin of hands, and vitamins (which include yeast - 100 mg). Yeast?!

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