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Nail fungus on legs – treatment and prevention

Nail fungus on legs – treatment and prevention

The sun, the sea, a wonderful beach … You are well rested in the summer, and your skin is covered with a magnificent tan. But what is this unpleasant cracks on the leg between the fingers and why did the nail turn yellow?

Take a closer look. Maybe life is not just a cosmetic defect?

Doctor-dermatologist, professor, leading research assistant of the Department of Mycology at the Central Research Institute of Central Research Institute of Health, Doctor of Medicine.

Settled on the skin mushroom parasite, can poison anyone’s life. And especially a lot of troubles and sorrows causes a fungus, settled on the skin of the foot and on the nails.

Ladies who became victims of this fungus, first of all, the external side of the issue – cracking, flaky skin, yellow crumbling nails – but, in the opinion of doctors, the aesthetic problem is far from the main one.

This is a serious disease that requires long-term treatment. The disease occurs first on the skin of the feet, more often in the interdigital folds. Between the fingers appears peeling, accompanied by burning and itching.

Then there are bubbles that burst, forming ulcers and cracks. If you do not begin immediate treatment, the fungus will spread to the nails. Once in the nail plate, it continues to grow and multiply.

Despite its slowness, the fungus slowly exfoliates the nail, gradually fills it and penetrates into the nail bed. Over time, the affected area captures the nails not only on the legs, but also on the hands. There is even a lesion of the internal organs, fortunately, quite rarely.

Manifestations nail fungus on legs depend on the type of infection, as well as on the extent and depth of the fungus. Moving on the nail plate, dermatophytes, usually declare themselves yellow spots or longitudinal stripes on the sides of the nail of the leg.

In some cases, the disease can be guessed by the appearance of bright yellow bands or spots in the center of the nail plate. On the hands of the nails are also decorated with similar stripes, but the lighter ones are whitish or grayish in color.

Yeast fungi, thinning the nail plate from the sides, while it lags behind the nail bed and acquires a yellowish color. Often the disease begins with the nail rollers, usually on the hands. The rollers thicken, swell and blush, silvery scales appear on the edge, the nail peel gradually disappears.

A bacterial infection can join the process, in which case even suppuration is possible. The nutrition of the tissue in the region of the roller is disrupted, resulting in transverse furrows. . .

Mold fungi can cause onychomycosis only against the background of the already existing disturbance of the nail supply, which has arisen because of other diseases. In this case, also changes the color of the nail plate, it can be yellow, green, blue, brown and even black, but the damage to the nail remains superficial. However, do not make a diagnosis yourself, especially since the damage to the nails can be caused by several fungi.

All this is hidden in a tight plastic bag for the night, then it is well dried and ventilated for 2-3 days.

So, as a result of persistent treatment, the external manifestations of the disease have disappeared and healthy nails will finally grow up. But that's not all, now there are control tests at the end of treatment, 2 weeks and 2 months later. Is there no more fungus?

So everything is in order, the only question is how not to get sick again.

In medical practice, fungal nail lesions are termed onychomycosis, where "onyx", which means a nail, and "mycosis" is a fungal lesion. The disease is not as rare as it might seem.

Onychomycosis is common in all countries of the world and its share among all nail diseases reaches 40%. The main pathogens of the disease are mushrooms dermatophytes (fungal parasites of the skin, hair and nails). But there are other culprits of misfortune - various yeast and mold fungi.

Both men and women become victims of onychomycosis with equal success.

The risk of getting sick increases with age. For example, after 70 years every second suffers from onychomycosis. Fortunately, children from onychomycosis suffer much less often, as the regeneration of tissues, the replacement of old with new ones, they happen very quickly.

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And there is. handed in a private laboratory, cut off a piece of nail and everything. I did not know that there were so many nuances, as it seems, and a lab assistant too (((But now I'll know) thanks !!

Nov 22, 2017 21:34

Interestingly, the homeopathy here is someone who was cured of the fungus?

November 22, 2017 20:16

And there is. handed over in a private laboratory, they mussed a piece of a nail and that's it. I did not mention that there are so many nuances, like vyupohode and lab assistant too (((But now I'll know) thanks !!

November 22, 2017 20:15

It is necessary to repeat the analysis, and preferably not once, but in order to be 3 times. If all 3 times negative, then you can drink champagne.

But there are nuances, and they need to be known.

With the analyzes themselves, with their fence, there are some features. Not knowing them, you can not get a reliable result.

The percentage of quot; detectability "quot; The fungus in our piece of nail is affected by various factors.

The analysis can be simple for the presence of fungus (it is called microscopic analysis), it is done quickly, it answers the question - is there a fungus or not. And there may be an analysis to determine the specific type of fungus (it is called seeding, or culture analysis), it is done for a long, several days.

Can conduct two simultaneous analyzes, the result of the first will be ready quickly, the second in a few days.

Nov 21, 2017 12:38

Kind man, thank you for clarification. I think in my case, after all, the fungus is not cured, because right now the width of the unadulterated stripe of the nail is shifted to the edge of the nail essentially. Hence, the nail grows.

At small yet I do not know, I take footwear like free, I think, that or stability of a fungus or I drip a little all the same.

November 20, 2017 22:58


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