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The difficult way – memories of the pregnancy of our readers

The threat of termination of pregnancy is a condition characterized by marked changes in the state of health of the future mother.

A year after the wedding, I went to the gynecologist, passed the tests. They were not very good, and a course of antibiotic treatment followed.

Repeated tests did not reveal anything, but erosion was found. When it was treated, the doctor gave the go-ahead for an open life with her husband.

I became pregnant immediately and even felt that a new life was born in me, and was very happy, but I did not tell anyone, not even my husband. Without waiting for a delay, the test was done, and it turned out to be positive.

But by the time of the supposed monthly, smear began, I (that’s stupid) somehow thought that nothing terrible, and the doctor did not go. After a couple of days, I began to sip my stomach as a month, then I signed up for a doctor.

At that time, I did not read anything about miscarriages and did not know. But in vain.

If I knew, then immediately rushed to the doctor.

The doctor stated pregnancy 4-5 weeks, but she did not like the allocation, and she asked to go to the hospital on ambulance. I asked to stay the night at home, and in the morning I myself should go to the hospital.

She left her with a direction and all in tears. My husband said only then, it turned out not at all how I dreamed, very, very sad.

5th of April. And here’s the hospital. In the early days, everyone is in gynecology, and there’s only one person there: abortions, inflammations, surgeries, cleansing.

Since there were no places, they put me in the post-operative ward, along with me there was a girl at the same time with a threat, and on the other two beds, whoever was not lying. When I received the first ultrasound, the doctor said that as long as the fetal egg is very small, the time is short, you need to look at it in a week. A week later, they called me.

Has come, before a cabinet turn. I sit, wind myself. It became very terrible for the child.

As a result, I fainted. I was unconscious for about 20 minutes while I was noticed while they were looking for doctors.

Has come to the senses from slaps on the face and rubbing of small pillows of big fingers. There was no ammonia in the hospital, I then carried the whole pregnancy with a vial. So, they brought me to life, they made ultrasound, they said everything is growing, everything is developing, but there is an increased tone of the uterus.

And, although I strongly resisted, they hoisted me on a gurney, and with a rattling and clatter of iron I swept the long hospital corridors straight to the ward.

I must say, the hospital was normal, the food was brought home, there was an opportunity to finally get enough sleep, and 2 weeks passed quickly. Sorry only shots, as it turned out later, they were flowers.

The week passed with injections in the ass, which had not yet healed from previous conservation, and droppers, from which all hands turned blue.

It seems to me it was getting better, and here on you. In the morning, again, blood.

What I experienced there in the toilet, no words can not be conveyed. It seemed to me that my heart stopped and I did not want to live any more. I immediately called the nurse, but she said that nothing terrible, but in general, wait for a detour.

The doctor looked at me in the armchair, said: "I do not see anything terrible, go lie." And I hardly went, and strived to fall into a swoon.

And ahead of the weekend.

Another doctor came on Tuesday. He immediately reacted very carefully to my complaints, reviewed all the tests that he did not like, appointed a different treatment.

I began to be pricked with antibiotics, it turns out that I had an excessive level of ESR.

On Thursday, again, a daub, the doctor looked at me in the armchair and how he threw out a clear-blue sky that I had an opening of 2 cm and urgently needed to suture the cervix. I in tears, in general have already ceased to understand what is happening, I lose consciousness, I'm afraid, it's just terrible horror. But I'm ready for anything, because my little one moves, he lives, I have to tell him.

So I pulled myself together, stopped crying, just asked when. He said that in the department of gynecology this operation will not be done, it is necessary to transfer me to pathology (to the 2 nd floor), and I have an inflammatory process plus only 21 weeks, and there with the 22nd take.

But he promised to arrange everything and find me a place. And, on a miracle, on Friday I was transferred.

They immediately prescribed a strict bed rest, and this means that relatives can only come to the ward on a pass that all the food is worn by the nurse right in the ward, injections are in place, just lie down.

On Monday, July 30th, at the 22nd week I was seized. The operation was performed under general anesthesia.

Next was a series of droppers, injections (chopped magnesium three times a day), but still the uterus was periodically in tone.

I did not speak about the discharge. I was brought a different yummy, but I did not feel like eating.

The ward was four-seated, how many girls there were, and I was lying ... I sent a lot of people to give birth, they then used pictures of children and showed me, supported me, promised that I would soon have a little, thank you very much for it! Some girls remained for a week and were discharged.

I was already used to the hospital regime, I knew the menu in the dining room, all the nurses, who injected like droppings and put drippers. On Mondays, for breakfast, they were given the most delicious cereal in the world, and for dinner a cottage cheese casserole with raisins, I never ate such a delicious meal anywhere. At that time, I was a little like a pregnant woman: there was no stomach at all, and even toxicosis took 5 kg, walked along the stenochka corridor pale, green.

Bloody discharge, appearing even in a small amount at any stage of pregnancy, is an alarming sign and require immediate medical attention. Spotting on the first month indicates a threat of interruption of a hardly come pregnancy: this period in obstetrics is called a critical term.

When Catherine turned to the doctor with complaints about the pulling pains in the lower abdomen, the doctor diagnosed her with the threat of abortion and insisted on hospitalization. The threat of termination of pregnancy is the condition of the organism of the future mother, at which miscarriage may occur (spontaneous abortion - premature termination of pregnancy, in which rejection and fetal death occurs).

The threat of termination of pregnancy is a condition characterized by marked changes in the state of health of the future mother. When it occurs, the muscle tone of the uterus wall always increases.

The uterus becomes more excitable when viewed: the stomach tenses.

There is a feeling of a stone in the lower abdomen (as if inside, at the very bottom, there is a small rounded heavy object that presses into the perineum). Future mother is worried by the pulling, aching pains in the lower abdomen, intensifying against the background of physical stress and fatigue.

Pain can be given in the lower back, the sacral region and in the perineum. Usually discomfortable sensations decrease after resting in a horizontal position, especially after sleep.

In addition to pain, a pregnant woman can pay attention to the unusual nature of secretions from the genital tract. On the underwear can appear brown spotting, reminiscent of the menstrual period on the last day; this symptom is described in detail at the beginning of Catherine's story.

Such discharge is a poor diagnostic sign; most likely, they indicate a beginning detachment of the fetal egg.

Judging by the current therapy, the lack of progesterone in the body of the mother - the pregnancy hormone - was the cause of the development of the threat of termination of pregnancy in Catherine (DYFASTON, who mentions the author - a hormonal drug that increases the amount of progesterone in the body of a pregnant woman). Also, the threat of interruption can provoke excess in the body of a pregnant woman of male sex hormones androgens, to reduce their level, Catherine appointed DEKSAMETAZON.

If you suspect a threat of termination of pregnancy, the expectant mother is recommended complete rest. It is worth while to give up work (in the women's consultation will be issued a sick leave) and to comply with bed rest.

With a minor pain syndrome, which appears with physical activity, the pregnant woman is prescribed antispasmodics - BUT-SHPU, PAPAVERIN - helping to relax the wall of the uterus. In the absence of a positive effect for 2-3 days or with the intensification of pathological symptoms, progesterone hormone preparations (DUFASTON, UTROZHESTAN), which help to maintain and prolong pregnancy, are recommended.

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