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Mini-pili (non-combined oral contraceptive): what you need to know

Mini-drinking: what is important to know about a non-combined oral contraceptive

Uncombined tablets or mini-pads mdash; one of the means of hormonal contraception, the diversity of oral contraceptives. Mini-pili are an alternative to combined oral contraceptives, but differ in composition. They contain the hormone progestogen, but do not contain estrogen.

Hormone tablets of mini-pills contain only progestogen, but in them estrogen estrogen is absent. A new generation of tablets also contains desogestrel. The contraceptive effect of this group of contraceptives is based on the process of changing the quality of mucus covering the cervix. Progestin drugs inhibit ovulation depending on the type. Calculate ovulation will help our online ovulation calendar.

Birth control pills: basic information

  • When properly taken, tablets provide protection against unwanted pregnancy by more than 99%.
  • Take pills you need a pack for a pack, without interruption
  • Tablets containing only progestogen can be taken by women who do not use contraception based on the estrogen mdash; for example, due to high blood pressure, thick blood or excessive weight.
  • This pill can be taken if you are over 35 years old and you smoke
  • The drug must be taken at the same time every day mdash; If you are late more than 3 hours, the efficiency falls
  • If you are nauseous and have severe diarrhea, then this drug does not work.
  • There are drugs that can affect the effectiveness of tablets
  • Menstruation can stop or become easier, go less regularly or rarely
  • Side effects include skin problems and breast sensitivity, but for a couple of months such symptoms should pass
  • Mini-pills do not protect against STIs.

If you are still ill, continue using another form of contraception before recovery and within two days of recovery.

Very severe diarrhea (six to eight cases of watery stools within 24 hours) can also mean that the tablet does not work properly.

Continue taking the pills as usual, but also use additional contraceptives, such as condoms, while you have diarrhea and within two days of recovery (seven days if you take a 12-hour tablet).

With any complications, the problem should be treated immediately.

Most women can use progestogen-containing tablets. But there are contraindications, if you:

  • heart disease
  • liver disease
  • mammary cancer
  • ovarian cyst
  • unexplained vaginal bleeding

If you are healthy and there are no medical reasons why you should not take progestogen-containing tablets, you can take the drug before menopause or before age 55.

Birth control pills mini-pills during breastfeeding

The drug is safe when breastfeeding. A small amount of the hormone can get into the milk, but for the baby it is harmless. Tablets do not affect the amount of milk.

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