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Memories of pregnancy and childbirth

Memories of Pregnancy and Childbirth: Difficult Happiness

We really wanted to give birth to a baby, but after half a year of unsuccessful attempts we realized: we need medical help. To the doctor, I went along with a loved one with whom we were not yet married …

Continuing struggle

The doctor of the regional consultation, to which we came, said that everything is fine and that we came back in six months. Has appointed or nominated only spermogrammu to my future husband as he in the childhood has had been ill with a mumps.

I long persuaded him to go to the hospital, and my efforts were crowned with success: he did it. True, what works it cost him: all pale, his legs are shaking … But the result was worth: 70% active, 20% motionless and 10% motionless sperm.

More than necessary! We marked it with ice cream and continued our attempts.

My friend introduced me to a gynecologist, and at the first reception it turned out that I have a very small, almost a baby uterus, which is a sign of hormonal disorders. I was told every day to measure basal temperature, donate blood to hormones and infections and make ultrasound of the small pelvis. Everything was normal, except for estradiol: it was understated 10 times.

I immediately prescribed pills. The doctor observed my basal temperature chart for several months – there was no ovulation, and decided to stimulate it.

In the first month I had a huge delay, and even the temperature was small. I did the test, and there’s 1 strip. I’ve been looking forward to every next month, and then there’s the cycle of 47 days instead of 28.

Four months in a row, I drank expensive doses. And then came the hour X: I flew with a heart-pounding heart to see the follicles on the ultrasound, and there they found cysts.

I walked home and could barely restrain my tears.

At the next reception the doctor upset me also with the fact that the stimulation should be interrupted for four months so that everything will be restored. And lasted infinitely long four months.

On ultrasound, the cysts disappeared, and we, with new hopes, started a new cycle of stimulation. The charts were already better, but still no ovulation. On the fourth cycle of stimulation, we decide to do an injection on the day of the proposed ovulation, which promotes rupture of the follicle.

And here on the 11th day of the cycle on December 1, I fly on ultrasound, then to fly to the injection as well – and to my beloved. But I again found cysts. The doctor of ultrasound has forbidden to approach the husband 3 months: otherwise the cysts will burst, and I will be on the operating table.

I immediately got stuck in a lump in my throat. As soon as I entered the apartment, I burst into tears and called my doctor.

She said that there is a 1% probability of 100% that the cyst can burst and release the follicle, so if neat, then you can continue. But, alas, on December 24 began the month.

Under our ward there was a maternity ward of observation and a nursery. We often ran out onto the stairs and listened to the women who were in labor, and then the loud, angry cry of the baby was heard, and shivers ran all over the body!

Still there were tremendous sensations when women from our chamber left with fights to give birth in other case, and then from windows showed the красноеньких to kids. We skipped lunch, resorted to their statement and dreamed that soon our little girl in a beautiful lace apparel will be handed a new daddy and all the happy and happy will go home.

I was discharged at 25 weeks, and everything was fine. But like a bolt from the blue the ultrasound burst in 32 weeks.

We went to him with my mother. Instead of the expected words: All is well we heard: A violation of uterine blood flow, a small fruit, breech presentation.

Inside, everything broke. We walked home silently, swallowing tears.

I was enveloped in such a fear for my baby that it is impossible to say. And here again the department of the pathology of the hospital, an extract and a comforting ultrasound in 34 weeks: Fetal weight - the lower limit is normal. Hooray, we grow!

My doctor decides that you should not take risks: I will not give birth myself, but I will have a cesarean, it's very difficult for me to become pregnant, and besides, the ultrasound data is not very good. At 36 weeks - control ultrasound, and again a small fruit.

The missing important hormone is administered as a drug and absorbed by the body as its own, returning the hormonal system of the woman to the normal balance of hormones necessary for conception and successful pregnancy.

However, it turned out that one substitution therapy in the case of Mary is not enough: according to the results of further observation, the girl was diagnosed with anovulatory menstrual cycle. The main event of the monthly hormonal cycle of a woman, on which the possibility of conception directly depends, is ovulation - the exit of a mature ovum from the ovary; it usually occurs in the middle of the cycle, on the 12-16th day from the first day of the last menstruation. Ovulation can be monitored by ultrasound or special tests that are sold in pharmacies.

In addition, a woman can independently determine the moment of ovulation with a daily baseline temperature measurement. For this it is necessary every morning, at the same time, before getting out of bed, to measure the temperature in the rectum and record the result for comparison.

When ovulation occurs, the basal temperature rises in relation to the previous indices and is kept on higher figures; this is due to hormonal activity and microtrauma of the ovary at the time of egg release.

Unfortunately, our heroine's schedule of basal temperature remained flat for several months in a row; the final examination confirmed: ovulation does not occur. Maria was prescribed drugs that stimulate ovulation, that is, accelerating the maturation and release of the egg.

The first experience of stimulation was ineffective: in a day designated for the final ultrasound study instead of ripening follicles - ovules ready for ovulation - only the cysts were found in the ovaries. A cyst is a cavity thin-walled formation inside an organ or tissue filled with a liquid.

Cysts in the ovary are of an infectious or hormonal nature, as was the author of the story. The attending physician recommended discontinuing the treatment to allow the body to recover from the hormonal assault, as further stimulation of the ovaries could lead to multiple rupture of the cysts and the risk of pelvioperitonitis - inflammation of the peritoneum of the pelvis.

After the necessary cyst for the restoration of the break, the cysts disappeared, and Maria was prescribed a repeated cycle of ovulation stimulation. This time the basal temperature charts were better: every month in the middle of the cycle, the temperature began to rise a little, which gave doctors and patient patient hope for the possibility of ovulation. In addition to the usual stimulating therapy, it was decided at the time of expected ovulation to introduce a drug that accelerates the rupture of the ripened follicle and the yield of the egg - an injection, which the narrator mentions.

As a result, the most important function of the kidneys is filtration. It is with a violation of the filtration capacity of the kidneys and the main clinical manifestations of gestosis are associated. This type of toxicosis is characterized by the appearance of three characteristic features:

  • edema;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • protein loss in the urine.

All manifestations of gestosis are caused by a malfunction of the kidney filter. The bulk of the fluid remains in the bloodstream, which significantly increases the pressure of blood on the walls of blood vessels, increases the permeability of the vascular wall. As a result, some of the fluid leaves the bloodstream into the surrounding tissue.

So the edema is formed. If you do not prescribe treatment in time, the future mother will begin to lose protein and raise blood pressure.

These changes directly affect the well-being and development of the fetus: against a background of violation of the placental blood flow and a decrease in the protein in the blood, the baby begins to lack nutrition and oxygen. In addition, against the background of gestosis often increases the tone of the uterus, as it was in Mary, which is associated with a risk of abortion.

Fortunately, our heroine was hospitalized in time to the department of pathology of the hospital and had a full-fledged therapy, so in a week she and her baby were not threatened; At the end of 25 weeks of pregnancy, Maria was discharged home.

The most common cause of placental insufficiency is gestosis; probably, this pathology, the symptoms of which already appeared in Maria at the 24th week of pregnancy, and led to a violation of the placental blood flow. One of the manifestations of this condition is a persistent increase in blood pressure in the blood vessels, which, of course, very quickly affects the level of placental blood flow.

Maria was prescribed a therapy aimed at improving placental blood flow. The drugs used in placental insufficiency include agents that accelerate blood flow in the vessels of the placenta, the rheological properties of blood, the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus; Examples of such drugs are Kurantil and Actovegin.

Despite the ongoing therapy, the situation did not change: according to repeated ultrasound studies, the blood flow in the placenta remained inadequate and the baby continued to lag far behind in weight gain. In addition, until the last weeks of pregnancy, the fetus remained in the breech presentation: the so-called variant of pelvic presentation, in which the head, and the glutes of the fetus, is located before the entrance to the birth canal.

Therefore, at 38 weeks, a decision was made on planned delivery by cesarean section. In this case, the operation was carried out on the basis of a set of relative indications:

  • complicated obstetric-gynecological history - violation of the hormonal background, underdevelopment of the uterus (infantile womb), infertility, two courses of medicamentous stimulation of ovulation;
  • gestosis in the second trimester of pregnancy;
  • fetoplacental insufficiency with a significant violation of placental blood flow and hypotrophy - low body weight of the fetus;
  • breech presentation.

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