Главная 7 Pregnancy 7 Maria Butyrskaya: We do not drink juice until we read it!

Maria Butyrskaya: We do not drink juice until we read it!

Maria Butyrskaya: We do not drink juice until we read it!

Maria Butyrskaya is a famous sportswoman. The first Russian world champion in women’s singles skating, three-time European champion and six-time champion of Russia in figure skating.

The last few years, Maria Butyrskaya successfully combines the work of the coach with the upbringing of the 7-year-old son Vladislav and the 5-year-old daughter of Alexandra.

Maria, did you change your attitude to work after the birth of children?

No. At least, I did not regret my athletes in the children’s figure skating school … But in life everything has really changed. Now for me, children and work are equal.

I always took a responsible attitude to the work and I am glad that while there is an opportunity to combine it with the family.

How did your pregnancies flow?

The first pregnancy I literally ran through, the second was not so easy – doctors posed a threat of miscarriage. I even lay on the preservation … And I was tormented by heartburn.

But overall the state of health was normal.

Both times I had a cesarean section. The first was forced: 14 hours in the rodblock nothing happened to me, as a result the doctor offered cesarean, I agreed, and after 15 minutes Vladislav appeared.

Do you remember your feelings when you first saw the kids?

I remember, I was very worried about my daughter … I wanted her to be born beautiful, because it’s important for a girl. I was afraid that she would not be born attractive enough.

Now even funny about it remember!

How did the spouse help you at the first, most difficult time after childbirth?

The birth of our son coincided with the release of Vadim (husband of Maria – hockey player Vadim Khomitsky – Authors), and he helped me a lot. For example, on an equal basis with me I got up to the child at night and quickly learned to do absolutely everything – I changed diapers, walked with my son and especially loved to bathe him in the bath … And when my daughter was born, we found a nanny through friends. But, despite this, both the son and daughter go to the kindergarten.

We chose the one closest to the house. And although the children went to the kindergarten, when they were only 1 year and 9 months old, they easily adapted there.

How long have you been breastfeeding?

I fed very little. In both cases – only one month.

Then the milk just went away.

Was it easy to restore the shape after giving birth?

Well, there were problems with that … And there were more of them with their son, although the excess weight was the same in both cases. As a result, I was losing weight for 7-8 months.

And there are a lot of horses!

Do you indulge your children?

We spoil and entertain children: we go to theaters, exhibitions, parks, restaurants. They traveled with us from the diapers with us and even swam with fur seals.

Maria, what would you like to wish young mothers?

First of all, I would like to wish all mothers patience. I know how our kids can take us.

Sometimes we break. So let your children be your friends!

And every mother should raise a child so that she not only was not ashamed of him, but on the contrary, that she could be proud of her baby!

Maria Butyrskaya was interviewed by Oksana Bartsits

Photo source: ITAR-TASS

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