Главная 7 Pregnancy 7 Kinds of gymnastics for pregnant women: medical gymnastics, morning, respiratory, aqua aerobics

Kinds of gymnastics for pregnant women: medical gymnastics, morning, respiratory, aqua aerobics

Types of gymnastics for pregnant women

Before you start doing gymnastics, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the topic. Consider all options, assess your physical shape, think about what gymnastics you like best, analyze your daily routine and, of course, always consult a doctor.

The future mother has quite a large selection of different types of exercises – aqua aerobics, exercises with the ball, breathing exercises … and you will not list everything! You can do it both in a group, under the guidance of an instructor, or on your own – just perform home gymnastics lessons for pregnant women, downloaded from the Internet, or items from the paid course that you were recommended (friend, friend, mom … but best of all, your gynecologist!).

As attractive as the lessons under the guidance of the instructor, but they are not always convenient for a working woman, then the time does not fit, then go far, then there is simply no money for paid classes. It is much easier to study at home, on your territory, at a convenient time.

What should I pay special attention to in self-study?

Let us dwell only on the most important points.

  • Make sure you can do gymnastics.
  • Choose for yourself the optimal time of the day and try to stick to this schedule.

  • About medical gymnastics is worth telling a little more.

    Exercise exercises you should not, in any case, appoint yourself - even if it seems that you need them. Be engaged in amateur performance - especially in such a serious matter! Is absolutely unacceptable. After all, it's about the life of your child - remember that the necessary exercises you can appoint only a doctor.

    And it is better, if you deal with them, you will be in special groups under the supervision of an instructor.

    However, therapeutic gymnastics is prescribed not only to women who have health problems. The exercise therapy is capable of:

    • accelerate the process of adaptation of the body to pregnancy;
    • improve the blood circulation of a woman, preventing fetal hypoxia;
    • relieve pain in the back and lower back;
    • improve bowel function;
    • reduce early toxicosis and late gestosis;
    • prevent varicose veins.

    Separately there is a therapeutic gymnastics for pregnant women with pelvic presentation of the fetus. There are special exercises that allow in some cases to turn the child from the breech presentation.

    For example, you can several times a day, on an empty stomach, lie down on the floor for 5-10 minutes, putting a pillow or roller under your waist. Your position should be such that the thighs are above the head by about 30-35 cm.

    Gymnastics in the knee-elbow position is often used in complexes of exercise therapy. By the way, all doctors recommend pregnant women to take this position at least 5 minutes twice a day, and from the second trimester - even for 20-30 minutes.

    Even better, if you include the elements of this gymnastics in daily activities.

    Knee-elbow position is very simple: stand on all fours, hands - from elbows to brushes - put on the rug, lower the shoulders and head below the buttocks. For convenience, place a pillow or roller under your chest.

    In this situation, for long periods of pregnancy:

    • the uterus ceases to put pressure on the kidneys and lower intestine, preventing the appearance of edema and hemorrhoids;
    • the load is removed from the spine and abdominal cavity;
    • breathing is easier, overall well-being improves;
    • the uterus does not transmit large blood vessels, so the woman's fetus and organs are better supplied with blood and oxygen.

    Exercises of the knee-elbow gymnastics can also help the child to take the right position.

    For therapeutic purposes, the knee-elbow gymnastics complex will be prescribed to you by a doctor or instructor for exercise therapy, and in daily gymnastics you can include, for example, the following exercises.

    Starting position: knee-elbow position. 1. Pull and lift one leg.

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