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Interview with Natalia Lesnikovskaya

Interview with Natalia Lesnikovskaya

Actress of theater and cinema Natalia Lesnikovskaya by right can call herself a successful woman: her beloved husband, work, a lot of interesting and popular film and theater projects.

And now Natalia is busy in one of the most important and important roles in her life – the role of the future mother.

Natalia, how did you meet your husband?

Our acquaintance took place in a modern style: we met on the Internet several years ago. We both are fond of winter sports – snowboarding and downhill skiing – and began their communication in one of the thematic forums.

A year later a stormy virtual friendship, we realized that it’s time to translate the acquaintance into real life, saw each other, liked each other and began to meet.

The decision to give birth to a child became conscious or all happened by chance?

Everything happened spontaneously. We met about six months ago when I found out about my pregnancy.

Since we are both old enough and conscious people (Ivan – 29, and I’m 28 years old), the decision to give birth was given to us easily and without extra thought. We also reacted to the campaign in the registry office.

The wedding was already played with the tummy. Long thought how to mark this significant day.

We did not want anything traditional, with caravans and ransoms, and we decided that our wedding would be in the spirit of a hippie under the motto of Peace and Love around the world.

What feelings did you experience when you learned that you are expecting a child and how did your husband react to this message?

Undoubtedly, despite the unplanned events, the feelings were the brightest and happiest. I’m very fond of children and I always knew that someday they would come.

When I realized that I had a delay, I first did the test, and then went to the gynecologist, who was observed in the women’s consultation. And after the information was confirmed, she said about Vanya’s pregnancy.

He was happy too. For both of us, this is the first child, and Vanya immediately said that he does not care if the boy or girl is – the main thing is that this will be our baby.

How did you tell about your pregnancy?

Friends said only after 5 months – still wanted to first experience dangerous and important for the development of the baby timing, and then already share with all his happiness. And my parents were told almost immediately. They were insanely happy, because my husband and I are typical modern residents of the megalopolis: in the first place – a career, and parents have already, frankly, waited for grandchildren.

Now both future grandmothers are actively replenishing the wardrobe of the baby.

Tell me, how is the pregnancy going?

You already have a preliminary program, how will you return to your previous physical condition?

I do not have excess weight yet, I have gained the norm, but I know that in the last months of pregnancy many actively gain weight. Of course, I will be engaged in physical education, fitness and try to adhere to a healthy diet.

In addition, I bought all kinds of creams and ointments from stretch marks; I hope that this will help to avoid various problems with the skin condition. Now I'm thinking about buying a bandage.

While I quite feel comfortable without it. But in the near future I plan to consult on this issue with a doctor.

When do you plan to return to work after the birth?

I do not think that with the birth of a baby, you must irrevocably quit your job. I do not want to be a mother who does not let the child out of the hands before his majority.

Here we need a golden mean. I think everything will be clear when the baby is born.

But, of course, my work should not hurt the child, so at least the first three months I will devote exclusively to my son.

We plan that at first my mom will either help me, or if my mother for some reason can not, we'll take a nanny.

We have already started searching, there are some nuances. We searched only through acquaintances, after all it is better, when the nurse is advised by familiar close people and when she already proved in practice the expert.

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