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Interview with Lyubov Tolkalina

Interview with Lyubov Tolkalina

Has your attitude and attitude to work changed since the birth of Masha?

Highly! Oh, that’s why, it turns out, a woman needs a breast! – I thought, when the milk came to me. Every organ, every part of the body, every cell suddenly found its true meaning, hitherto hidden.

Absolute dedication to the child and acute touch of the divine around. In my arsenal, as an actress, there were many shades of emotion, about the existence of which I had not previously suspected.

I began to offer more often in the movie the role of young mothers. The game of adult girls about surrogate motherhood. Escape, where I play the mother of a sick girl. Return of the Prodigal Pope, Let’s play – will appear next year. My role in the movie I successfully master. In relations with people, I became more tolerant and attentive.

In conflict situations, I consider my opponent as a grown up child, for whom my mother is also experiencing. If, when dealing with a girl, I find out that she is a mother, my attitude towards her changes instantly.

They say that there is no female friendship, there is nothing stronger than the friendship of mothers! Friendship, based on sincere interest, non-indulgence and mutual assistance.

Children generally unite people.

How was your pregnancy, birth?

When I found out that I was pregnant at the time of 14 weeks, I was very frightened and started to study my new condition. Once a week, I met a real midwife and she told me what happens to the fetus at this time of pregnancy.

She taught me how to behave in extreme situations, how to breathe, what to eat, and where to go. I still remember her words: You must clearly understand what you like, what makes you comfortable, and do just that. Even if all around this seems wrong.

Listen to him, child. And I listened and practiced … sports.

I was a very athletic pregnant girl with a belly, like a basketball. From the back, you could not even notice that I’m in position.

There are a lot of funny stories about street dating associated with this. The day before the birth I was engaged in aqua aerobics, came home – fell asleep, and in the morning I realized – the day has come that will radically change my life. And nothing depends on me.

I very precisely remember this sensation.

I am a supporter of breastfeeding. And this my belief has caused many troubles.

As it turned out, my daughter simply does not have lactobacilli. I did not know for a long time that mother’s milk could harm a child.

All this time, Masha did not gain weight, was tormented with her tummy and was covered with erythema. The pediatrician has developed for us a whole scheme of milk intake. It was a real meal.

From school she brought the teacher's phrase by speech and turned to me: Mom, my girl. Delight!

How do you spend leisure time with your child?

Oh, we have a whole list of favorite leisure places. Theater Magic lamp - unique puppet shows!

Theater Impromptu, where there is a small orchestra in the hall, artists on stage sing live. In the theater. Mossovet in the play Screw-turning my acquaintance Andrey Mezulis plays the Dragon, who kidnapped Ivan from Alena for his daughter.

Masha was very worried about her fate. Theater of cats Kuklachev, Darwin Museum - if the child is not afraid of stuffed animals. From this place, Masha began her passion for astronomy.

She knows the structure of the planet, that the Moon is a satellite of the Earth and why craters are on it. We look forward to the discovery of the Planetarium.

I like to go out together with Masha in my spare time. I consider it important that she learn the world, feeling my presence near.

To a vivid impression left in my memory a memory of me. I dream of a time when she will grow up and both of us will be very interested in walking, for example, in the Hermitage ...

Does Masha attend any educational institutions?

We had an experience of visiting a kindergarten, when Masha was about 3 years old. Negative. It turned out that life in a society of their own kind does not suit all children.

12 April 2014 11:29

Interesting interview. Read in one breath! Charming woman, talented actress, real Mom!

Something took into account for the upbringing of their kids! Thank you.

November 25, 2013 23:52

The article is live, the answers are frank and simple, as it should be. She liked me the first time, and after learning that she was with Egor, I thought how lucky my Kazakh brother was. Their life should be interesting, if only not in excess.

Let them not profukuyut life and love of her daughter.

Very interesting and poznovatelnaya article, like the actress herself

No wonder I like this, an actress and a person. Thank you. Interesting and cognitive articles

One of the best, in my opinion, interview.

18 September 2007


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