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Interview with Anna Sedokova

An interview with Anna Sedokova: “I really wanted this time in my life everything was right”

Anna’s career was developing successfully, but the way to personal happiness turned out to be thorny. But today she is happy in the role of the beloved wife and mother of two daughters.

Anna Sedokova – a successful singer, actress, TV presenter, and more recently – also a writer. Any project with the participation of this charming and talented singer immediately becomes popular.

  • How did you meet your husband?

I will tell you a secret: first I invented it myself. I wrote the book The Art of Seduction, in which I shared with my readers my knowledge in the field of male psychology. And one of the first chapters of the book is called Who is he? .

After all, meeting a loved one is much easier when you understand what it should be like. It is necessary to take a sheet of paper and a pencil and write a list of all its qualities. And you need to do this as much as possible – do not just write: Beautiful, smart, rich.

In the list of qualities should be not less than 20 points: for example, height 175-185 cm, age 25-30 years old, good mother, was not married. And as soon as you understand what you need, this person will appear in your life.

This method really works – you just need to believe that everything will be just like that. So I wrote such a list, put it in my favorite book and went to study in the gym.

And there I met him – exactly as I described it.

After a week of our meetings, it became clear to us that we love each other. But we had to go through many tests to prove the fate that we deserve the right to be happy.

We overcame thousands of kilometers and dozens of our complexes, abandoned things that were no longer so necessary, and finally accepted each other as we are.

  • The decision to give birth to a child became conscious or all happened by chance?

I really wanted this time in my life everything was right. We met for about a year, and then Max suggested to me. After a while we realized that we were ready to have a second child.

But one desire for this is not enough – only in heaven decide when to appear a small miracle. We tried, but it did not happen right away.

It was a very welcome event.

  • How did you feel when you found out that you were expecting a child?

Huge joy. I realized that it was time for change, that now everything has changed, life has become more serious.

After all, it’s one thing to dream, and the other is to see two strips on the test and understand that there is already no road to retreat. It’s amazing that everything happened on the set of the film Pregnant. This picture with a symbolic name and, as it turned out, a magical action.

  • Will your husband be present at birth?

So far, he did not express such a desire. I think it will be more difficult for him to be with me in the family than outside. Of course, I would like him to hold my hand during the birth of the baby, but even more I want to spend happily all our future life.

So I will not put pressure on him - he will decide everything himself.

  • Do you buy a dowry for a baby in advance?

Now we only have diapers donated by our beloved grandmother - I do not dare to do anything else. Although in America there is one good tradition, which I still thought about. For some time before the birth of the child, the family invites all their friends to the Baby Shower.

All friends bring gifts to the future baby. So we are thinking about adopting this custom.

  • Have you decided how you will return to your former physical condition after the birth?

After the birth of the baby, I plan to limit myself in floury, spicy, salty, not to eat 4 hours before sleep. If possible, I'll start going to the gym.

I know that with a skilful combination of exercise and proper nutrition, you can achieve results very quickly.

I understand that I have recovered, but all these extra pounds are needed for the birth of a healthy baby. It's too early to decide how I will get rid of them; as Scarlett said About rsquo; Hara, I'll think about it tomorrow. And today I only weigh myself with the doctor.

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