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Hygiene of pregnant women

Hygiene of pregnant women – what to look for?

10 lunar or obstetric months, 40 weeks or 280 days – this is the average duration of pregnancy. This time is enough for the fetus to have its organs and systems formed and ready to perform functions outside the mother’s tummy. It is enough for him and his mother to prepare for childbirth and motherhood.

Truth is banal – these 40 weeks, the future mother should live with all the recommendations of the doctor, in order to maintain their health and give birth to a full-term healthy baby.

Observance of hygiene in all its diversity is the most important task of a pregnant woman, whose body is subjected to additional stress. Hygiene of work and leisure, food hygiene, personal hygiene – are of great importance for the normal course of pregnancy, childbirth, sufficient lactation in the future.

Since the times of going to kindergarten we know how often it is necessary to wash hands, and how important nail care is – they are the main store of bacteria. Therefore, we shall omit the discussion of this question.

Sanitation of the oral cavity should be done at the stage of preparation for pregnancy, or in the first months of pregnancy. Dental caries is the source of infection for the entire body. And the reduced immunity of a pregnant woman in combination with carious teeth can turn into a serious infection in any organ.

At least twice a week you need to take a shower, the rest of the days you can wipe yourself with water at room temperature with a towel soaked in it. To wash external genitals it is necessary twice a day with warm water without soap. Soap foam removes from the surface a useful flora, overdrying the mucous, making it vulnerable to bacteria and easily traumatized.

The bath can lead to an increase in the temperature in the pelvic area and then to the termination of pregnancy, so it should be abandoned for a fairly long period.

Do not ignore the mammary glands, they require preparation for the further feeding of the baby, in order to minimize the formation of cracks in the nipples, mastitis. Responsible should be to choose a bra, a comfortable model with wide straps, of natural fabrics can be found in almost any store. It is possible that for pregnancy will have to buy this wardrobe several times, taking into account the growing, pouring with each month breast. The correct size is important for breast retention, prevention of stretch marks and mastitis.

In the last weeks of pregnancy, you should purchase the most convenient model for you by the size larger, as soon as milk production begins, it will be just right.

The mammary glands, as well as the nipples, must be washed daily with warm water and soap, after which it should be wiped with a hard towel, making circular massage movements. Approximately 2 months before childbirth, nipples are actively being prepared for feeding – slices of stiff linen cloth are inserted into the bra in the nipple area, so that the skin becomes coarse and less prone to injury. With flat nipples, you can prepare them as follows: grease with vaseline oil, then grab with your thumb and forefinger and delay for 3-4 minutes. A couple of times a day for the chest recommended air baths for 10-15 minutes.

Special cream from stretch marks for greater efficiency should be applied, starting from 3-4 months of pregnancy, on moist skin, twice a day.

Take for a rule already now to take air and sun baths, after giving birth to this process, attach your baby, and will receive mutual pleasure and benefit. Air temperature with air baths within 20-25 degrees, the duration gradually increases from 5 to 30 minutes. The exposure to direct sunlight is allowed for a short period. If pregnancy proceeds without complications, and the pond is open for bathing, it is allowed to bathe in warm water for several minutes. After bathing, a wet swimsuit should be removed immediately.

Walking in the fresh air is simply vital for pregnant women. Do not be lazy to get extra oxygen, especially in the morning and before bedtime. With the onset of pregnancy, the need for a woman in oxygen increases by one-third of previous norms, and lying on the couch to make up for it will not work. Take a walk in any weather, at any time of the year!

The use of proper nutrition is one of the most favorite and zamylennye issues of all authors, so it will not go deep into it. On our site you can find detailed articles indicating useful and harmful products, caloric content of food and so on.

When choosing clothes, the future mother should be guided by the basic rule – clothes should bring a feeling of comfort!

Preference should be given to natural fabrics, all in contact with the body, especially underwear should be made from cotton fabrics. Seductive sensations in the chest, abdomen and lower extremities are unacceptable. If there is a burning sensation in the legs, fatigue, heaviness in the evening, or even in the morning, inform the doctor, these may be the first signs of varicose veins of the lower extremities, the doctor will help pick up compression stockings or stockings, determine the required level of compression.

Pay special attention to the bandage, it will relieve the spine, keep the baby from premature advancement to the exit, help to reduce the number of stretch marks. Forget about thongs – during pregnancy they promote the spread of germs from the anal area to the vulva area, increasing the risk of inflammation. Shoes should be comfortable and stable, on a wide heel up to 3 cm.

Reasonable physical activity during a normal pregnancy is not limited. As a rule, inadequate hypodynamia affects the condition of a pregnant woman (conscious decrease in movement), which leads to excessive weight gain, a decrease in muscle tone, constipation, and weakness in labor. The mode of work should be customary for a pregnant woman, and consist of periods of work and leisure. Restrictions are imposed only on lifting of weights, sharp movements and heavy psychoemotional overstrain.

Pregnant women with a 4-month period may be exempt from night shifts, overtime work, business trips. And from work with harmful production factors and lifting of gravity from the moment of establishing the fact of pregnancy.

Full rest includes 8-hour night sleep and daytime rest, lasting not less than 1.5 hours.

Sex is forbidden in the first three months of pregnancy and 2 months before the expected delivery. Restrictions can reduce the risk of infection, miscarriage and premature birth of labor.

A complete ban is imposed on alcohol and smoking. The placenta is not able to protect the baby from either wine alcohol or from toxic products of tobacco smoke. In the early stages, the violation of prohibitions leads to the development of vices and the interruption of pregnancy, late, to a delay in intrauterine development of the fetus and premature birth.

Limit visits to places of large crowds, especially in winter. Observance of simple rules, hidden under the concept of hygiene, will contribute to the favorable outcome of each pregnancy.

Hygiene of pregnant women

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