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Green discharge during pregnancy

Greenish discharge during pregnancy

At the physiological level, all women from time to time are characterized by secretions from the genitals. They are produced by the cervix, after which epithelial cells are added there. Such a secretion helps to keep the vagina hydrated and protected from all sorts of infections. And it seems wonderful, especially in pregnancy. When taking care of your health and the future baby takes first place.

It should be noted that the discharge is colorless, without an unpleasant odor, can be considered the norm. But very different meaning is the green discharge during pregnancy.

Green discharge during pregnancy

Abundant secretion of such secrets for pregnant women is normal. Moreover, it is proportional to the increase in the period of pregnancy and serves to help the body.

The situation with green emissions is different. This shows the future mother about the problems with the body and the need to improve their health.

It is during the gestation period that a woman is most vulnerable not only in psychological, but also in physical terms. Because of the increased activation of the microflora inside the genitals become more vulnerable to infections. This happens because of a decrease in immunity with a simultaneous restructuring of the hormonal system.

Thus, the body informs the woman of the damage to the mucous membranes of the genital organs, as a possible consequence of sexual diseases, or the green mucus may simply be a malfunction in the hormonal system of the woman. To exclude the worst scenarios, it is better to follow yourself in advance to exclude symptoms that are anxious bells of the problem.

Green discharge during pregnancy

Most often, health problems are displayed in stock:

  • itching;
  • redness of the outer genital tract
  • burning;
  • frequent urination;
  • the smell of fish;
  • excretions with pieces or blisters;
  • increase in temperature;
  • pain in the lower abdomen.

It is these symptoms that accompany the green color that indicate a problem in the body.

It should be noted that any pathological manifestations can negatively affect the health of the fetus. Including infecting him with sexual disease, if it was the cause.

One of the safest causes is thrush, which often appears in pregnant women due to dysbiosis. It is accompanied by irritation of the walls of the vagina, itching. It can be cured without medication, if you use the local folk therapy competently, given the undesirability of their use during pregnancy.

Frequent urination to the toilet and a rise in temperature in conjunction with green secretions will tell about the presence of an infection of the genitourinary system. In the early stages, this often serves as a signal about the presence of an active infection. It can be both chlamydia and E. coli.

Green discharge during pregnancy

Sex diseases are an occasion for the greatest concern. Especially it concerns:

Irritation is not observed, so it is very difficult to identify it. Allocations are green and meager. You can detect it only when you pass the test. The danger consists in climbing the infection up and damaging the fetal membranes.

  • Chlamydia.

    Inflammation occurs sluggishly, because of what symptoms can appear and disappear. If you do not diagnose it in time, a fetal mutation and further ugliness may occur, termination of pregnancy at any time due to the death of the child inside.

  • Gonorrhea.

    In addition to the white-green color of purulent discharge, there are frequent urge to urinate. Then, irritation of the genitals, swelling and pain may appear.

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