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All about pregnancy planning on the site

Pregnancy planning

Every woman of reproductive age who dreams of becoming a mother should realize that the very process of conception, pregnancy and childbirth directly depends on her health and the reserve forces of the body.

For pregnancy to flow well and result in the birth of a healthy child, it must be planned. Fortunately, more and more married couples are coming to understand the importance of this process. What is the planning of pregnancy or pregravid preparation?

First of all, remember – in this process not only you are interested, but your doctor, the head of the women’s consultation, the head physician and even the leadership of the whole country. Your health and the health of your baby is a priority task of the state. Your request for advice to a specialist will not be left without attention.

Just contact a gynecologist at your place of residence or a reproductive specialist if there is one in your locality.

The first thing that a doctor will start with is a survey. Do not hide anything from the doctor. He must necessarily have information about the formation of menstrual function, transferred gynecological and somatic diseases, interruptions of pregnancies. Also, report information about the presence in the family of hereditary diseases, living and working conditions, especially if there is an impact of occupational hazards.

The next stage is laboratory and instrumental methods of examination.

General blood and urine tests, an electrocardiogram, a biochemical blood test will assess the general condition of the body, the work of the main organs (heart, liver, kidneys, bone marrow). A smear on the flora, bacussing from the vagina and a cytological smear will help to eliminate the nonspecific inflammatory processes of the vagina and the pathology of the cervix. Examination for sexually transmitted infections before pregnancy will, in case of their detection, be treated in time and reduce harmful effects on the fetus. General gynecological examination and ultrasound of pelvic organs are also a mandatory stage of preparation.

Hello! We are planning a pregnancy with the husband. I wanted to clarify about the vitamins, which I take. Since November 2013. I drink folic acid 1 tablet a day, 2 tablets (dosage 100) iodomarin. Then there was a short break in winter (two months). Then she continued from April. Now I started taking pentovit (2 tablets 3 times a day), and I take linseed oil one tablespoon once a day, about a week already. Do I do the right thing. Or it may be worthwhile to exclude something in order to avoid harm to one's body. And more .. 2 years ago there was an interruption of pregnancy of twins at 6 months, the reason is cytomegalovirus. What to do in this case now and how to avoid an unsuccessful pregnancy. Thank you!

Hope, but tell me please, does cytomegalovirus somehow affect pregnancy? We are just planning with my husband and I have given this problem a recent analysis. I'm shocked!

I ask to comment on whether it is possible to plan pregnancy in this cycle and in general without surgery.

Monthly started on 04.10.14. Was on uzi on day 6 of the cycle (in the conclusion of diffuse changes in the endometrium, the polyp of the cavity can not be excluded). The gynecologist said to pass all the analysis and prepare for hysteroscopy. Here came the next monthly 28.10.14. Has decided to descend or go on uzi here: Was on uzi 3.11.14г. (uzi it is made on 7 day of a cycle) to me of 28 years the Body of a uterus-in a usual position, is not increased. Dimensions: thickness 42mm, length 53mm, width 48mm. The form is usual. The structure of the myometrium is diffusely inhomogeneous. Endometriya-thickness of 7.2 mm. The structure is not changed, the contours of the endometrium on the border with the inner muscle layer are clear, calcifications are not noted. Cavity of the uterus; not expanded, not deformed. Cervix ; the form is normal, the structure is changed due to single cystic inclusions up to 3 mm. The cervical canal is not enlarged. Right ovary; Dimensions: 29 * 20 * 23 mm, the volume of 6.98 ml. not enlarged, normal form, structure unchanged, dominant follicle diameter 14mm Left ovary; Dimensions: 31 * 17 * 18mm, volume 4.96ml., Not enlarged, the shape is normal, the structure is not changed. The fluid in the anterior space is not detected. CONCLUSION: US signs:. fidduznyh changes in myometrium. endocervical cyst. Advised a gynecologist. I ask to comment on whether it is possible to plan pregnancy in this cycle and in general without surgery. Thanks for the answer. I really want a child.

Hello! I have acute pyelonephritis since childhood, I was recently protected, I made tests negative, monthly were, but strange 6 days are normal, and at 7 black (dark brown), monthly ones always go in different ways, so I can not track them, the first days after p at me the temperature was 35.3 ° C-36 and did not rise any more, but now I can not bring down the temperature always about 37, my abdomen and kidneys ache, I read on the Internet, that the monthly can be spotting blood, and with pyelonephritis tests do not show monthly were on the 17th, but a month has passed since the day na, Can I be pregnant? Hchg I can not do it yet

Hello! In pregnancy, which arose on the background of pyelonephritis, the test shows it. You have a menstrual cycle, which has arisen a long time, and that's why they run monthly. You need to be examined by a gynecologist in this regard. Regarding temperature; consult a therapist for a follow-up. At us on a site there is a special section where consultations of the doctor are spent, ask questions please there.

Hello! I would like to know, the monthly was last time on July 14, the sexual intercourse occurred on August 5, is there any chance of getting pregnant?

Hello! The probability of getting pregnant with you is very high, if your ovulatory cycle, passable fallopian tubes and the fertilizing capacity of spermatozoa in a man is great. On this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient - the consultation section. After asking the question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question early is much higher.

Hello! in addition to the coagulogram, you need to donate blood to the APS markers, and also make an appointment for a consultation with a geneticist.

I took OK 10 months. All was good.

Since November 2015 has finished the reception. Failures in the cycle began.

In April, ultrasound showed that there is no ovulation.

Since the summer, my husband and I are trying to get pregnant.

Since 05.06. I accept Normotsikl, folic acid, vitamin E.

The last monthly was 05.06. To date, the delay is already about 10 days.

The pregnancy test is negative. Normotsikl all very praise, and all of it immediately helps to establish a cycle, but for me on the contrary, the delay has increased. Because of what it can be?

Hello! Individual reaction to any drug is unpredictable, you can not balance yourself with others. It is necessary to make an ultrasound of the OMT, it is possible that a cyst was formed on the ovary, which provoked a delay.

Thanks for the answer!

Already signed up for ultrasound.

Good afternoon. My story, around 1999, was a pregnancy of 7 months, was interrupted, in 2002, abortion according to indications, in 2009, an ectopic tube pregnancy was performed laparoscopy, removed the right tube, was observed in the Paracelsus MC at Vikulova, now observed in the UCM, in May 2016 revealed Hydrosalpinx to the left, sent to remove the left fallopian tube for laparoscopy and found polyps in the uterus made on May 10, 2016, a double operation with hysteroscopy, the first IVF program for a mini-program on a short protocol (the first attempt), I (pills) took only 2 cells, one grew to 6 cells, for the 3rd day I was implanted with an embryo, support for the suppositories of Utrozestan at 300 in the morning and in the evening, Duphaston tablets at 1t per day, Proginova tablets 1t per day, she took hormones 2 times while waiting for implantation on Estradiol, progesterone, blood test, everything is fine, pregnancy tests are negative, on day 9 after hCG injection = 5.3 on day 14 = 8.2 on day 18 1.20 (total of the first attempts to spill-the doctor's opinion a genetic mutation but embryo implantation was) PGD embryo was not. I applied for the state quota for compulsory medical insurance on 14.06.2016, my number 2928 stood on line, on September 13, 2016 №2248. I plan to recruit cells for mini stimulation to the state quota, and there again try.

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