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All about ovulation: symptoms, mechanism, methods of identification

All about ovulation

Every girl in childhood, playing with dolls, subconsciously understands that in the future she will have a husband and children. Years go by – the script is being executed.

She, a young attractive girl, is getting married. It seems that pretty babies are about to fill the house with a ringing laugh. But time passes, and the test does not show two strips.

All the folk remedies for conception have been tried. It is time to analyze the problem in detail – find the cause of the occurrence and eliminate it.

First you need to understand how pregnancy comes. The main point in the mechanism of conception can be called ovulation – the process of release of the ovum from the ovary.

Developing in one of the ovaries in the first half of the cycle, the egg leaves about 14 days. In the second half of the cycle, moving through the fallopian tubes, it can meet the sperm, and then conception will occur.

Otherwise, the next menstruation will begin. Thus, ovulation plays a key role in the ability to become pregnant.

In other words, if there is no healthy egg (ovulation has not occurred), then the spermatozoon has nothing to fertilize.

A healthy woman has cycles without ovulation, and this is considered normal. Up to 30 years within a year 2-3 cycles are possible without ovulation.

With age, their number increases.

To understand whether ovulation occurs in the body, a woman should analyze the menstrual cycle. If it is constant – 20-40 days, then ovulation occurs.

An alarming sign is considered when the cycle is unstable, menstruation is rare. It is also worthwhile to be alerted if the cycle fits within the framework of the norm, but changes with each month.

For example, in one month he was 27 days, in another – 40, in the third – 30.

The reason for unconditional reference to the doctor is the absence of ovulation. The symptoms of infertility include this problem.

And every fourth case, when pregnancy does not occur, comes precisely because of the absence of ovulation.

Ovulation may not occur for a number of reasons. Guilt can be a problem with the thyroid gland, the level of hormones – increase in FSH and a decrease in estradiol. Difficulties with weight, such as obesity and lack of weight, can equally provoke the absence of ovulation.

One of the most common causes can be called PCOS – a syndrome of polycystic ovaries. It should be noted that excessive physical exertion and stress can also lead to unfortunate consequences.

The formula of ovulation

It can last from a few hours to 2-3 days.

Ovulation allows a woman to become a mother, and her beloved man is a father. Seeing your sequel in the child is true happiness. And no matter what means to get pregnant, had to use.

A careful attitude to women's health, timely diagnosis and productive treatment make it possible to realize the dream of millions of families about becoming parents. Ovulation is the key to the feminine essence.

Having it, knowing the rules of use, supporting it in working order, it is possible to plan the child with success!

Thanks to this, experts come to us and give answers to our questions!

And still, you can ask your question below. Such as you or the experts will answer.

To all healthy kids!

Ps. Boys are also concerned! Just girls here more 😉

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