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A complete list of tests when planning pregnancy for moms and dads

List of tests (for women and men) in planning pregnancy

The birth of a child is one of the most significant events in life. And many couples are preparing for it in advance. If future parents take care of family planning and will pass a number of tests, the probability of successful pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child will increase several fold.


It’s no secret that many born children were not planned by their parents. However, every year the number of couples who seriously approach the conception of a child is increasing. The better the potential parents are prepared, the greater the chances that the expectant mother will be more likely to suffer pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. In order to determine how much future parents are ready to conceive, it is necessary to pass a number of tests and pay a visit to several doctors.

What tests should I give to a woman before pregnancy?

Family planning for a woman begins with a visit to the gynecologist’s office. You will help a doctor, if you remember all your illnesses and count the duration of the menstrual cycle before taking it. Do not forget to grab a medical card. The information provided will help the doctor to compile a complete picture of the survey.

  • The gynecologist – consultation of the gynecologist is very important, it is the profiling doctor who will lead the entire pregnancy.
  • A dentist – timely examination of the oral cavity and treatment of sick teeth will relieve the risk of a dangerous infection.
  • Otolaryngologist. Diseases of the ENT organs are also dangerous and even in chronic form will be a constant source of infection.
  • Cardiologist. An additional burden on the cardiovascular system of a woman during pregnancy and childbirth can be harmful if there are diseases or pathologies in this area.
  • Allergist.
  • a smear from the vagina to the flora;
  • general, biochemical blood test;
  • general urine analysis;
  • scraping from the cervix for a PCR study;
  • cytology of scraping;
  • thyroid hormones;
  • Ultrasound of the breast and thyroid gland, organs of the small pelvis, to exclude the presence of pathology;
  • the presence of antibodies to toxoplasmosis, the virus of herpes, rubella, cytomegalovirus, human papillomavirus;
  • antibodies to HIV, syphilis, gonococci, mycoplasma, gardnerella;
  • antibodies to E. coli, staphylococci;
  • blood clotting assay;
  • analysis for hepatitis B and C;
  • HIV testing;
  • analysis for syphilis;
  • PCR for hidden infections;
  • colposcopy;
  • PCR-study of scraping, produced from the cervix uteri – for the presence of causative agents of herpes, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis;
  • a study of the level of thyroid hormone TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone of the pituitary gland, regulating the function of the thyroid gland), T3 (thyroxine), and T4 (triiodothyronine).

8. Preparation for the conception of the child will be incomplete without the study of a potential future mother on the factors of miscarriage. To do this, it takes tests that determine the content of antibodies to cardiolipin, chorionic gonadotropin, phospholipids and identify a lupus anticoagulant.

9. A comprehensive examination is completed by a visit to the ENT doctor, dentist and therapist. The ENT doctor will determine if you suffer from chronic diseases of the throat, nose and ear. It is impossible to admit, that heavily transferred by mum ORZ and ARVI did not violate the development of the nervous system of the fetus.

During pregnancy, it is difficult to perform a full-fledged treatment of teeth, and at the same time, infections in the oral cavity provoke inflammatory processes. Therefore, it is necessary to solve dental problems ideally before the woman is in a position.

General tests of urine and blood need to be shown to the therapist. Based on the research and examination, the expert will make a conclusion about your state of health. Perhaps you will be assigned an additional diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The woman is to bear the future child. Nevertheless, half of the genetic material obtained by the baby belongs to the man. Not all husbands like to visit doctors, so the wife can reassure her husband that passing tests and visiting a clinic by a man is much faster and easier.

Useful list, thank you! Now many laboratories offer ready-made complexes, to prepare for pregnancy, my husband and I were given such things in Helix, but all ravo; here such articles are very useful, for understanding, on what else it is necessary to pay attention.

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