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8 week of pregnancy – how the child develops, and what does the expectant mother feel?

8 week of pregnancy; how does the child develop, and what does the expectant mother feel?

8 midwifery pregnancy week is the middle of the first trimester. During this period, the woman gradually begins to get used to her new position. However this; just the beginning of a long journey.

8 weeks of pregnancy; development of the fetus, photo: how develops and what does the baby feel?

At week 8, all the most important organs of the child have already been formed, and continue to develop at a rapid pace.

The size of the fetus is 14-20 mm, weighs the future baby 3 grams.

Now it can be compared with grapes.

8 week of pregnancy - how the child develops, and what does the expectant mother feel?

What was formed, what is happening, what does the child look like on the 8th obstetric week?

The baby begins to straighten and lengthen the trunk. The handles are still longer than the legs.

The facial features become more distinct. The nose begins to form, the upper lip. Muscle tissue is formed in the mouth, this; future masticatory muscles and salivary glands. There are taste buds on the tongue.

Fingers on the hands are already completely divided, they form sweat glands.

The olfactory reflexes begin to develop in the nose.

Eyelashes and eyelids appear.

The basal temperature practically does not change during the entire pregnancy.

Allocations during this period should be moderate, transparent; either light-white.

Chest and abdomen of a woman at week 8 of obstetric pregnancy

If until this moment the woman had no changes in the breast, then after 8 weeks she will necessarily increase in size. In addition to this, the heaviness will be felt, blue veins can appear.

Women with large breasts need to carefully monitor her condition. Due to the rapid growth on the skin may appear stretch marks.

At this time the tummy is not visible. But others can be noticeable a small increase in weight. On average, by this time the woman is getting heavier for 2 kg.

Very thin women can observe a slight roundness in the lower abdomen.

What can and can not be done to a woman at the 8th week of obstetric pregnancy?

At 8 midwifery week, as well as throughout pregnancy, a woman needs to adhere to certain rules:

  • Reduce physical activity by a third. Spend more time relaxing. Since a woman spends huge resources on making a child develop, you need to sleep for an hour or two longer than usual.
  • In the first trimester, a woman needs to be careful always and everywhere. Accidental fall or reckless sudden movement can be dangerous. For this reason you can not skate, ski. Avoid slippery surfaces, wet floors, etc.
  • Do not lift or move weights. But you need to remember that moderate and constant exercise will help to give birth to a baby faster and easier.
  • Take medication without consulting a doctor. Use of anesthesia during pregnancy is prohibited.
  • You need to eat small meals, giving preference to natural products. With every week, the risk of iron deficiency anemia increases. To prevent it you can use as much as possible products containing iron and vitamin supplements prescribed by a doctor.
  • For the prevention of varicose veins preferably abandon tight clothing and high heels.

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