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Yoga for pregnant women, pregnancy and childbirth

During pregnancy, the only kind of physical activity I had was walking. In some other classes, I did not see the need. However, at birth, I realized that the elasticity of muscles and tissues would be superfluous, and, as you know, it is provided by good physical training.

How to achieve this very elasticity, and generally physically prepare for childbirth as properly as possible? It turns out that there is an excellent means – yoga.

What is the use of yoga for pregnant women?

Yoga classes during pregnancy significantly improve the condition of women.

So, for future mummies:

– work of the nervous system is improving
– there are feelings of weakness, drowsiness, fatigue
– blood circulation between mother and baby increases
– decreases the risk of varicose veins

Thanks to yoga, the woman’s body is prepared for childbirth:

– strengthens the muscles of the back, pelvis, abdomen
– increases the elasticity of the ligaments and muscles, in particular, pelvic
– the work of the endocrine system is improving, which means that the amount of hormones in the body is maintained at the right level
– increases immunity
– unnecessary subcutaneous fat leaves and metabolism improves
– lungs work more efficiently, which provides an excellent supply of blood with oxygen

In addition, yoga teaches to better understand your body and properly relax, which is essential for a successful birth. Special breathing exercises can reduce pain during labor and control the attempts – to delay or increase them if necessary.

Exercises for future mothers

The following exercises can be recommended to future moms.


Bend your legs and knees apart in different directions, the entire weight should fall on the toes. Keep your heels close together, keep your palms in front of your chest. To maintain balance, you can use the support.

This position strengthens the legs and increases blood circulation in the pelvic region.


Put your legs at a distance of 50 cm from each other, transfer your weight to your heels and squat very slowly. The back should be flat. Hands join in front of the chest, and with elbows slightly spread your knees. In this position, you need to stay 30 seconds. Make sure the heels rest on the floor.

This exercise improves the elasticity of the pelvic ligaments and hips. It is recommended to do with contractions.

Get up on all fours, spread your knees wide. Foot together. Rest your palms on the floor, slightly bend your back and look forward. After 10 seconds, put your elbows on the floor and try to relax as much as possible. The internal muscles of the thighs must stretch. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Katuspadasana (cat pose)

Get on your knees, put your hands on the floor, so that they are under the shoulders, and your knees – under the hips, respectively. Inhale and raise your head and tailbone, while bending the lower back. As you exhale, lower your head and tailbone, arching your back.

This exercise makes the muscles more elastic, reduces the load on the spine.


Sit down, stretch your legs forward, connect your big toes, ankles, hips. Place your palms near the thighs, the fingers should be directed towards the legs. On an inhale, bend, so that the spine sags, and as you exhale, draw it in.

Thanks to this exercise, the leg muscles are stretched, the lower back is strengthened.

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