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When to go to the hospital, pregnancy and childbirth

Skipping childbirth is one of the most common pregnant fears. And they are set by both beginners and experienced moms.

Approximate date of delivery

Doctors call each mother a specific date – the so-called PDR. But children are such creatures who do not like to be born on schedule.

Normally, pregnancy lasts from 38 to 42 weeks, that is, 2 weeks in plus or minus from the preliminary date of birth. This is something from which you can start in the first place.

By this time, you should already have collected the bags in the maternity hospital, prepared all the documents (passport, exchange card, medical policy, birth certificate, contract with the maternity hospital (if any)).

Houses in a certain place should be money for a taxi, so that in the event that you are not worried and could easily call the car. To drive a car at this time is strictly prohibited, even if Schumacher is a boy who first sat behind the wheel compared to you.

The cell phone should be charged, have a positive balance, and, of course, you should be at home, not on holiday in Bali.

In general, everything should be ready to start: go right away.

Signs of upcoming childbirth

A few weeks before the birth, the baby changes its position, head down. Due to this, the stomach is lowered, changes its shape. Mom gets easier to breathe, It is quite noticeable and is the first bell. However, not all, so rely only on this feature is not worth it.

1-5 days before delivery, the so-called cork departs – a turbid, viscous liquid.

There may be so-called training contractions, not accompanied by opening of the uterus. They differ in the varying interval between attacks, pass when walking, taking a warm shower and in general changing the position of the body.

Signs that you give birth in the next few hours and quite have time to get to the hospital on your own are:

– The appearance of back pain;
– contractions of less than 1 minute in length and at intervals of more than 7 minutes;
– small bloody discharge. If the discharge is abundant – call a doctor!

If bouts of contractions appear after the same amount of time in less than 7 minutes, it becomes shorter and the contractions themselves become longer, then it’s time to run to the hospital, located as close as possible to your location.

If your water is gone (it’s just not possible to miss this moment, because it’s about a glass of liquid by volume), go to the maternity hospital, regardless of other signs – this is vital.

In the end, I would like to add: if you are sure that you are giving birth, and doctors with a sour mine tell you early – pull yourself together. Let them consider you a hysterical, psychotic and in general, sorry, a fool, but God protects you.

I am still grateful to the young midwife of our hospital, who was not afraid to go against graduates and accepted me. It turned out that I began to feel contractions with my sick kidneys almost 24 hours before giving birth – but no one believed me, because the uterus was at rest and was not even about to open.

Natasha (that was the name of the midwife) sat with me, angry and aggressive from lack of sleep and abuse with the firstborn doctors, and considered my unfixed equipment to fight just from the words.

How they shouted at her when she did lead me into the prenatal one! Threatened with dismissal and that in general where she climbs.

But in many respects thanks to this kind and sympathetic girl, my child is alive and well. After all, the equipment did not record contractions almost to the very end, and the opening of the uterus had to be facilitated by medical means.

So, the doctors, of course, they are doctors, but nobody has yet canceled the intuition.

How lucky you are with the midwife! That is really a person who works by vocation and feels the inner sense that needs to be done. And in general, understanding, attentive specialist at such a moment oh how necessary!

And before the birth I was firmly convinced: the DA was nonsense, and if the child did not ask earlier or day-to-day, I would stay at home for at least 2 weeks. Moreover, I myself was born to my mother 2 weeks later.

I was given the direction to surrender to the hospital already on the 40th week. Although everything was fine with my health, and I didn’t want to go to bed before — I really don’t like hospitals.

At the beginning of the 41st week, the doctor became more persistent in persuading me, and I agreed. I went to the maternity hospital, the day had lain, and at night the contractions began. It seems to me that the situation worked out – our department was just under the postpartum, where babies were screaming all the time, and it was envious of me 🙂 I listened and persuaded my son to appear faster, and at night he began to ask for the light.

As a result, after his examination, it turned out that he had hypoxia for some time before giving birth, and as the pediatrician said he should have asked earlier. Therefore, I later blamed myself a bit, that I had to go to the hospital earlier – maybe I would give birth as soon as possible. I’m not talking about training bouts that started a week – I was silent about them to the doctors, again because of the fear that I would be sent to the hospital long before the birth.

In general, I personally met there a girl who gave birth in 30 minutes. So much it took all together from the beginning of labor before the appearance of the baby, although this was the first birth. And thank God, she laid down in advance at the maternity hospital, and the birth managed to take in her and do everything she needed.

So now, considering everything I saw, I decided that with the second child I would go to the hospital on the day of the PDR, or even earlier, if the doctor insisted. The first birth took me 12 hours, and theoretically I would certainly have managed to get to the hospital. But they say that the second birth goes faster than the first, so I want to hedge.

How lucky you are with the midwife! That is really a person who works by vocation and feels the inner sense that needs to be done. And in general, understanding, attentive specialist at such a moment oh how necessary!
You are right – I was incredibly lucky with her. I will always be grateful to her. After all, while she helped me, the doctor who led me throughout the pregnancy and was on duty that night, simply left the hospital – went for coffee. In general, I remember childbirth with anger because of the staff – I was forced to think not about the child and not about breathing, but about swearing with the doctors. The enemy does not wish. For example, when the attempts began and I asked to call the doctor (I felt that I was about to) – they refused to tell me, they say early, after about two hours. In the end, I almost had a baby in the floor. It is very scary to swear at such a time with people who should help you.

In general, I personally met there a girl who gave birth in 30 minutes
in 30 minutes? Here is a record! Our girl gave birth in 3 hours – this is the fastest. And it turned out that in the prenatal she met with her mother and they gave birth together. Maybe that’s why they gave birth so quickly and easily.

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