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Weight gain during pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth

Many women worry about how pregnancy will affect their weight. I remember, I didn’t really think about it, I really wanted a baby too. And weight? Well weight, if anything, throw off.

By the way, maybe the body felt my calm about the increase, or maybe it’s just such a heredity, but pregnancy did not bring me extra pounds. More precisely, during this period I gained weight, but very small – only 8 kg. And they disappeared in the 5 days that I spent in the hospital after the birth of a daughter. So I came home with my good pregnant weight.

Of course, having listened to the stories of familiar mummies, I realized that my story is rather an exception to the rule. Mostly during pregnancy, women gain at least 10 kg, and this is at best. Often there are all 20, and even 30 kg.

What to do? Waiting for the baby to deprive themselves of goodies or not to pay all attention to it? I think it is much easier to answer the question, if you understand why weight gains during pregnancy.

Weight gain distribution

I want to give the average values ​​by which you realize that not all kilograms during pregnancy are superfluous.

child – 3375 g
placenta – 450 g
uterus – 900 g
amniotic fluid – 900 g
chest – 450 g
blood – 1125 g
fat – 2250 g
tissue fluid – 2700 g

Total is 12 150 kg.

I wonder why I only had 8 kg? What did I lack in the body from this list?

Weight gain rules

According to doctors, during pregnancy it is considered normal to gain from 9 to 15 kg, because the body is different for everyone, and not all children have 3300 g each, there are also 5-kilogram heroes (or heroes!).

It is noteworthy that thin women usually gain more than a pompous one. The latter may not even get better at all.

It is impossible not to notice the value of nutrition in weight gain. If the basis of your diet is high calorie foods, is it any wonder that you will recruit more than others?

I remember one of my friends kept a strict diet all the time, and when I got pregnant, I decided to relax and began to devour cakes and pastries in unimaginable quantities.

So what? Why watch out for a figure, if, firstly, it will increase in volume in any case, and secondly, a pregnant woman will not surprise and frighten anyone, even more likely the other way around. In general, she gained 35 kg, and after giving birth, literally in 3 months she returned to the previous volumes. And now dieting again.

Medical control

But whatever happens with your weight – it is always watched by a gynecologist. Every 2 weeks he weighs and records the result.

By the way, for many pregnant women, the most terrible is going to a doctor. Of course, you say, who loves gynecologists. This is ordinary women think so, and pregnant women are much more intimidating how the doctor will react to weight gain.

For some reason, doctors consider it their duty to say that you need to eat less, not to recruit so much. But after I (with my 8 kg for the entire pregnancy!) The doctor gave me a big increase, I realized that it was at their level of the machine: pregnant – it means you need to point out the excess weight. And so is the last or not – this is the tenth thing. With mathematics, you see, not all have a friendship.

And what was your weight gain during pregnancy? And quickly disappeared after the birth of a child?

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