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Unexpected pregnancy or gift of fate, pregnancy and childbirth

Any woman from early childhood is preparing to become a mother. While still a little girl, learning the female craft of playing mothers’s daughters, imitates adult women and learns to take care of younger comrades.

Each of us, many times represents what it will be like when it first finds out what will become a mother? Of course, there are enough happy moments in life that we will always be ready for this event as never before.

Since my childhood, I was confident that everything will be as planned. First I will make a career, then I will marry and only later I will become a mother. At the same time, for some reason she dreamed that I would trust the raising of children, then to grandmothers, then nannies. But with growing up I began to understand how motherhood is a great happiness. That this happiness cannot be shifted to anyone else.

This is a huge responsibility for the fate and life of your own dear little man. That only your task is to transfer all the necessary knowledge and skills to this still small and defenseless creature. But the most important thing is to give love!

Finally, in my destiny, there was a moment when the whole theory and dreams about the unborn child turned into reality. More recently and extremely unexpectedly, at the most difficult moment of my life, I learned that I would soon become a mother.

Sometimes we can’t decide

Like any woman, I have always dreamed of this unforgettable moment when you first learn that you will become a mother. By the age of twenty five, I already knew everything about pregnancy and motherhood. And, it seems, I always felt my readiness for this vital turn.

But always postponed this event. It’s not time yet! I told myself every time I faced this question closely. Much was in the first place and the work and career, and some other temporary difficulties. That was not a worthy man nearby, most likely she herself was not ready to find the same, beloved and real man.

And finally, he is near, but as always there were any excuses. Many more experienced women always laughed at my conclusions and repeated: “There is absolutely no absolutely ready for this event!” Not counting those who already had children or those who have been waiting for this moment for many years.

Many who saw the long-awaited two strips on the test, the reactions were different. Of course, this is primarily happiness, but also shock! The shock that your life will no longer be the same as before, that you no longer belong to yourself. But the main shock is that now a new life is emerging inside you and now you are responsible for it, like no other.

And, very often, such happiness occurs at the most inopportune moment, when difficult times or outstanding events shake your life. It happened to me.

As a couple of weeks, I learned that my dad had cancer, was very worried about this, there was terrible stress and panic somewhere. It was at that moment that I felt that something was wrong with the body. There was a delay in menstruation, but it all blamed on what happened to my father.

Not all tests are equally useful.

It seemed that in this situation there could be no talk of children, but then the Lord decided everything for us. One small misfire and the first time, as it turned out, everything worked out. About three weeks ago, they could not even imagine such a turn of fate. We quietly lived for ourselves, the usual sequence of events, without even suspecting that a new life was already developing inside me.

And so, a few days ago, when there was already more than 15 days delay, I still decided to do a pregnancy test, but it was not there. Having come to the pharmacy, I bought the simplest one, I heard from many that if a woman is pregnant, she will show any test and there is no point in overpaying money.

Having done everything according to the instructions, I saw that there was no pregnancy, the test showed one strip. But inside myself, I intuitively already felt some changes, and with my mind I blamed everything on stress. I pulled the lower abdomen, as in menstruation, ran to the toilet, drank water constantly and wanted to sleep, and constantly.

But the most important thing was that in the first week of pregnancy there was some kind of terrible upswing: I was lifting weights, dumping beds with flowers, dragging a 12 kg child of my sister in my arms. And all this, despite the fact that the illness of the father constantly gnawed at the soul, but we waited for repeated results and referrals to the best clinic in Moscow.

From the second week the forces were already smaller, but the feeling of happiness was very great! I didn’t understand what was happening to me, but my wise sister said that, most likely, I’m pregnant and need to do another test. But I had a lot of excuses, and apparently because of not being ready for this situation.

Maybe it’s still a disease or inflammation? – I worried about myself. The sister said that she had to redo about 5 test pieces. And only electronic, everything showed as it is. I listened to her advice and bought an electronic one.

I did everything according to the instructions, it turns out I really am pregnant! The electronic test, approximately showed a period of 2-3 weeks, everything was accurate. Upon learning the results, I cried for about fifteen minutes, of course, from happiness and surprise, and from the fact that now my life will change.

Adoption of a new life

And now, finally, I will become a mother despite all the circumstances. And there can be no more if, or not time, that hour has already arrived. Feelings are not transmitted, I often imagined all this and always thought that I was ready, but until you know the result, it is simply impossible to prepare for the sensations!

Immediately told her husband, he also did not expect, but, of course, was delighted. At some point, part of the soul, he understood that it was necessary to act otherwise it was possible, he would never decide on a child. Yes, and for all needed an incentive. After all, a child for a man, not to mention a woman, is the best incentive to achieve many necessary things.

The husband, although he denied the fact of a possible pregnancy, but just as I felt that change was coming and they were only positive for any couple. For relationships, this is the next step in development, creating a whole family. At a certain point in life, we simply understand that for ourselves, there is little to be wanted and life becomes, filled with egoism.

And when people realize that they are one thing they want to transform their love and give it to someone else to the third. This also applies to natural animal instincts; at a certain point, when a woman is fully ready, she simply cannot hide her gusts of energy and desire for motherhood, no matter how her mind resists.

And no matter what events happen in our life, if fate gives us something, it means that this is the time. It is necessary to take this gift, otherwise as the good proverb says: An unaccepted gift can become a curse !.

We rejoice at this gift of fate and sincerely believe that our dad will soon recover too, because this is the first and long-awaited his grandson. The bad never comes one, after it surely happens, something very good, remember this! And all the gifts of fate, you need to take with gratitude and love!

What were your examples of such a gift of fate? Maybe among them there are very interesting and informative stories?

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