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To give birth or not to give birth now decides not a woman, pregnancy and childbirth

Another fantastic bill is considered by our State Duma (ie, Russian). Fantastic not because of the UFO, but because only such ideas could come to mind. The purpose of the bill is to increase the birth rate in the country and reduce the number of abortions. The remedy is to forbid the woman to make a decision herself.

I will not give the full text of the law. Who wants, he is looking for himself – № №556902-5. I just give the basic, in my opinion, the situation.

1. The written consent of the husband

From now on (if accepted) without the written consent of the husband (that is, the father of the child), the woman will not be able to have an abortion. Can you imagine what a space for blackmail, threats, etc.? We got married, the relationship did not work out, God forbid, got pregnant (anything can happen) – everything, Khan. Prison husband forever.

2. Permission of parents

If we are talking about a minor girl, then she will need the written consent of the parents. On the one hand there is a more sane option, on the other – from the fire and into the fire. Are all parents able to understand their children in such a complex issue?

3. Banning the sale of “drugs for medical abortion” without a doctor’s prescription

We are talking about the so-called emergency contraception – funds that act in the first few days (about 5) after intercourse. Those. cause miscarriage, if there had time to something to start. Do many women have time to reach their doctor during this time? We have, for example, a record almost 2 weeks ahead.

4. The doctor has the right not to have an abortion.

That is, he wanted to, and give birth to you, lady, and all. Or look for another doctor. And he, too, can refuse. Why does he need this? Is that his problem? And in general, it is necessary to raise fertility!

5. Psychological torture

If a woman decides to have an abortion, she will need to get a consultation from a psychotherapist, where she will be forced to accept the fact that she intentionally wants to take the life of a person. Virtually murder! She will also be told in every way the negative effects of abortion. At the same time, she can get permission for an abortion not earlier than in a week. That’s where the logic? After all, the earliest abortion, as a rule, entails the least consequences.


Such a system of measures will exacerbate the already not too strong position of women in society. If she, God forbid, got pregnant, she immediately falls into bondage – husband, parents, state. And if rape? She will rub a psychologist, that it is necessary to increase the birth rate?

Fertility will not increase – increase mortality. Because those who need an abortion will do it in any way – trying to cause a miscarriage or lying on the table of a criminal doctor. In either of two situations, the possible outcome is scary to imagine.

My opinion

I recently wrote that in general I treat abortions negatively. In general, this means that there are exceptions. It so happens that there is no other way. But this decision should be made by the woman, not the parents, the husband, the state. If the family is normal, then she will discuss it with her husband anyway. And if not? Got hooked!

Tell me, what will grow out of such a child and into whom will the mother turn? And tell me, where are the duties of the husband, parents and the state for the care, maintenance and upbringing of this very child? Alimony? Benefits? It’s funny, by golly. Those. they decide, and the mother clears it up again. How lovely! They also say that it is my fault.

Of course, it is necessary to fight for an increase in the birth rate and against abortion, but not in such barbaric ways! Raise benefits, create conditions for future and new mothers, for their young children (well, at least set up kindergartens, and there will be more contribution!), For the birth of new families. Create conditions for a woman, and she will give birth, and with joy! But.

I think that is not such a bad law!

1) the fact that the husband must give a written consent to an abortion is correct. This is exactly the same as his child as his mother! And if, after an abortion, she is no longer able to give birth to a child, then she will tear the hair on her head when he leaves! If they were married, family, it means that all decisions must be made together! And he will be able to provide it or not, forgive me, the peasant must choose a hard worker who will definitely pull the family. If people got married, then a man would sooner or later want children, it means he had to think what he would feed the child, etc.

2) Are all parents able to understand their children in such a complex issue? Well, how to say … parents would rather take a decision more correct than a 15 or 16-year-old daughter who has flown in.

3) Any funds of this kind really need to issue, only with a doctor’s prescription. How can a girl know what medicines her body can use? and which are not.
Another question is that such rules should be created fast gynecological department, where the girl could immediately get advice from a specialist without waiting for admission in a week or 2.

4) Well, firstly, I myself am a doctor. And just because the doctor did not want to, he could not refuse the patient. Another issue is that abortion, like any intervention in the body has a bunch of contraindications.

5) throughout the world, such a law has long been adopted, and rightly so, because many women rush to have an abortion without knowing that later they can only live their whole lives and think about how she hates herself for it.

The whole problem of such laws is not that they are bad. For me, everything is very literate and civilized. Only this civilization must be introduced not only into laws, but also into society. First of all, bring up in girls and boys responsibility, a sense of shame and duty! Secondly, to create all conditions for women (as I spoke about urgent gynecological consultation).

And the whole problem is that living with a man, sleeping with him and loving his woman is much more! And as a girl begins to carry a child from her heart from love, she is immediately separated from him and decides everything herself! Oh, decide too! either you are one and decide everything together, or then immediately disperse! They got used to doing everything themselves and would stop the horse at a gallop and enter the burning hut, and then complain that the peasants had died out! But what kind of man wants to wear such a woman? I decided everything myself, I did everything myself, well, live alone!
Women, stay women! Take care of yourself and your future children! Do not forget about those whom God punished infertility! Right now it does not seem scary, but when you see such women in 40-45, then your heart breaks!

All the above is fine and both points of view have the right to life, but how to be if a man does not want a child, and a woman wants. In this case, the man falls into bondage. In this case, a man should take part in raising a child who means nothing to him. At least according to the laws of Ukraine. Even if you have no income, then you are forced to find a job, and if you refuse to work, you are imprisoned and the money earned in prison work is transferred to the mother.

But this is so, a lyrical introduction. I am 30 years old, at 20 I married a girl with a one year old child at 25 she became pregnant. I was against abortion, but she insisted on her and made it without explaining the reasons. We lived another year, I talked to her and we decided that we still need a common child. I think everyone understands that everyone wants to have her child, I treat her child beautifully – she is a beautiful and intelligent girl and calls me dad, otherwise she would not live with me. After half a year of unsuccessful attempts, she states that she was at the gynecologist and he said that she could not give birth after an abortion. I put up with it, the child is there, even if not mine, but I consider him a relative.

Beautiful story is not it? However, after about three months I find contraceptives. She certainly claims that it is not her, that this friend has forgotten, and so on. However, she refuses to go to the gynecologist with me. That is, everything is clear.

Of course I left her. You say a scoundrel, threw a woman with a child, and so forth. And the fact that she consciously and giving herself this report deprived me of the right to be a father like this?

Poor unhappy women. In fact, sophisticated egoistki, I have a child and he let it rejoice. He does not want a child? But I will leave it and let him pay the elements, but not pay – I will plant. Oh, he wants a child, but no, I’m a woman and my body, I will go and have an abortion and no one will forbid me!

By the way, her daughter often happens to me and calls her dad, we live not far from each other, I have not stopped loving her and help her in everything, I just consider her a loved one. I don’t want to see my ex-wife, I don’t cry for the elements either, since the fatherhood was not formalized.

And again talk in favor of the poor.

1. Do not compare the Spanish mentality and ours.
2. Look first at the laws on children’s and family issues.
3. Are you absolutely sure that those single mothers have never had an abortion?
4. And we do not have single moms? Are there only families and those who have an abortion?

well what kind of people, by golly, some kind of kindergarten.
If you do not know that people are changing, this does not mean that this does not happen. Yes, it was all chocolate, and then it became all bad, and the first father screwed nafig. And why should a woman’s life depend on him? Responsibility, for a moment, are both, and not just a woman. But it turns out, a woman became pregnant – to blame, a woman decided to have an abortion – to blame, a man left her – to blame. So long as we have such women, we will have such men. If the woman herself always justifies them and in everything, and considers herself guilty. Why on earth would they think of others and show responsibility?

And the law is wrong in the root! His main goal is to ban abortions. Not to create conditions for a normal family, not to raise awareness in people, but simply stupidly can not be said! To give to the paw, to send criminal abortions.

In Spain, by the way, is there such a law or a similar one? About that and speech. But the position of women in the family is clearly regulated so that her husband does not offend, for example. Yes, yes, for me, Spain is not an empty sound, and I also know a lot about this topic.

so given their irresponsibility, etc. dear women, make decisions independently and reasonably manage your life and future child.
so that is exactly what the law forbids! make a decision by yourself. And you say that it is correct! You either put on your pants or remove the cross, as they say. And somehow not comme il faut turns out.

Not all women justify a man, but then still remain guilty, because men are justified by SOCIETY! And you are one of them, judging by the first comment.
And I can’t understand why you are so attached to an abortion when your husband left. Do you really think that abortions are done only when a man suddenly has been screwed? Act, for a moment, generally about something else.
And – for the umpteenth time – the only 100% method of protection is not to have sex. And I don’t understand where we have so many naive women, they’re not planning on looking for and I didn’t have to do abortions. Where does this blindfold come from? Once again – situations are different! And if you don’t have them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist at all. It is like: in space was not, then it is not. Nonsense some!
And the law puts a woman in a position – not to trust anyone, not to let anyone near you, for God forbid. A woman is guilty only of the fact that nature has it for her to bear and give birth. And the rest of it hung society. An idiotic society that loves to judge others and thinks of itself as the Ultimate Truth.

and about the beautiful life … I live not in pictures, but in normal life, like everyone else with all the household problems and joys … and the social environment is full of male aggression and violence … there are no orphanages, which is good news …
Frank nonsense, sorry!
Children’s homes are! If you have not encountered them specifically in your city – this does not mean that they are not there. And if you live this way, and your friends live this way, it does not mean that everyone has such a situation.

By golly, the discussion stops making sense. I do not understand frankly such a limited thinking I have like this, it means it should be (or is) for everyone.

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