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Pregnant woman: leper at work, pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnant women are always in a special position. They are protected by relatives and friends, they are given up a place in public transport, they are given free medicines and vitamins in the consultation, the state takes care of them (at least, he assures of this).

And, it would seem, the life of a pregnant woman is cloudless and easy, since everyone around her takes into account her special situation and goes forward. It remains only to enjoy the waiting, take tests, undergo ultrasound, go to the antenatal clinic and look after the wheelchairs.
But no! In this multitude of those who understand, the one to whom your special position is like a bone in the throat is always sought. He does not care that the government has declared the year of the family, and in the country – the demographic crisis. He bends his line and takes care of his interests. Who is this selfish comrade? Your head!

Indeed, today there is such a situation that pregnant women at work are like lepers. They do not want to take the staff, even despite the impressive work experience and high level of qualification. This, of course, is not about government structures. It’s all by the rules. Timely maternity, white wages … But even they are unlikely to want to see in their staff a woman who is going to become a mother. Extra problems.

It’s not worth talking about private companies. They often tend to ruthless attitude towards pregnant women.

Five years without decree

A couple of weeks ago, I met one of my friends. He is expecting a second child. And again in her life began working persecution. It is difficult to call the current situation otherwise.

We worked with her in the same company in that distant year, when I was still a young wife, and I only knew about motherhood by hearsay. When I arranged this weekly edition for an interview with the head teacher, I was asked one question that I had not expected, whether I was going to become a mother anytime soon.

Since at that moment it was not my plan, I honestly replied that I was not going to. After that, the director practically killed me with a condition: five years without a decree. I really wanted to work and without a second thought said that 5 years are such trifles, and I am ready to work faithfully and for the good of the newspaper, without even thinking about the joys of motherhood.

In fact, of course, I was cunning. I wanted to become a mother much earlier, in a couple of years. But so is the man. We love to solve problems as they arise.

Already after I learned that this condition concerned not only me, but all the representatives of the weaker sex, who were arranged in our office. In this case, absolutely everyone assured that children do not plan.

Unkept promise

And now, about a year after my employment, I learned that I was expecting a child. How to proceed? Of course, hide to the last. The fact is that by that moment I understood approximately what threatens those who disobeyed. Our staff turnover was terrible. Managers changed monthly.

And what is most interesting: at the same time, two more of my colleagues became pregnant with me. With one (exactly that friend, who is already waiting for the second), the difference in terms with us was one day! On the other – about a month.

We all honestly concealed our position. However, after a few months, my colleagues were declassified. It was then that the persecution began. They were punished for disobedience to the ruble. The director mercilessly cut their black wages, fined them, and constantly called them to the carpet.
I was lucky a little more. Features of the structure allowed to hide the pregnancy until the very decree. I wore the same clothes, did not even get better. Visits to the consultation timed to the working meeting.

But I understood perfectly well that sooner or later the director would understand everything. The situation worsened at the moment when they offered me to lead one important project, promised to raise the salary. I was stumped. I could not refuse but agree … So, let everyone down, the director, the whole organization.

Honestly, I was confused. The director, noticing my confusion and having already sad experience with two of her employees, again started talking about the decree. I listened, nodded, thought about her. And the decision was made at the moment when the boss began to talk about contraception. It was too much.

I agreed to lead the project. A month later, waiting for a salary, she quit. By the way, if I had not waited for her, I would have received only white pennies. So did with all those who quit. We broke up with the boss is not friends.

How to fight? And is it worth it?

Then I thought about the situation for a long time. I was ashamed. I summed it up, so hide it. But at that moment I thought, first of all, about my child, not even about myself. My hassle would hardly have had a positive effect on him.

There was a great example before my eyes – two declassified colleagues who turned for our director into those very lepers, on whom they should tear their anger, which can be humiliated, offended, realizing that they will not disappear, will be afraid to remain without maternity pay.

And behave the director in a human way? I would not leave, lead a project. Probably would have continued his news on maternity leave, since I had someone to leave the child with. But somehow it did not work out.

The trouble is that such leaders are not uncommon. So my colleague is again going through everything that went through three years ago. True, in a completely different office. It turns out that organizations are changing, and the attitude towards pregnant women remains unchanged?

Where are those humane leaders who are sincerely happy for their employees? Do they exist at all? Really, a woman has no right to fulfill her main purpose? Surely, she has to choose between career achievements and the happiness of motherhood?

And what to do in this situation? Of course, you can turn to the most different instances, start a fight for your rights. But does a pregnant woman need it? Personally, I did not want to do such unpleasant things, to experience the extra negative.

I agree, the position is wrong. By our behavior, we ourselves untie the hands of such directors. Feeling impunity, they continue to bend their line. And the situation does not change, and everything remains in its place, and already other future moms become the lepers we were at one time.

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