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Pregnancy does not occur, pregnancy and childbirth

Recently, Alimero had a heated discussion on the topic of abortion. The active majority won and the site was decided to leave the child in 99.99% of cases. Here are just some of these difficult choices just dream.

Surely, many have stories from the lives of friends or relatives who would face the opposite problem – the absence of this pregnancy.

Agree, sometimes you want to speculate on the topic honestly and dishonestly: when an absolutely normal family, which can give their children both love and material wealth, cannot get hold of these children, and some aunt who does not dry out for days runs on the last money for abortion …

Pregnancy does not occur – what is it? Sentence? Or is it just that our time has not come, have we prepared a little or poorly, or sorry, didn’t try hard? Since we are all individual, we individually relate to this concept.

Take for example me. When I got married, I was already many years old (childbearing for sure – 21), but I did not want a child (I understand only now) and otmazyvala unstable financial situation. In general, for three years I carefully drank the pill.

One fine night, returning from my beloved and well-paid job and going into an empty apartment, I realized that something in my life was wrong and that someone was not enough to be happy.

I am a man of the system, we can say the matrix. Before maternity leave, she worked in a large organization that is built on millions of different instructions, explanations and amendments.

Plan A

So I began to carefully plan my pregnancy in order to reduce the risk of the unpleasant consequences that the World Wide Web is teeming with. For many people, it is not clear – to get pregnant, you need only … well, a little.

And for me, the absence of conception happened in the first month, as I stopped drinking birth control pills. And then I started preparing for pregnancy. Below, I’ll give you point by point what I did, although it was all at the same time:

  1. Visited a gynecologist
  2. Visited the gynecologist endocrinologist (because saw contraceptive pills)
  3. Passed all sorts of tests for everything that prevents a mild pregnancy (part and the husband suffered)
  4. I started drinking vitamins (for the first time in my life)
  5. I started to eat and feed my dear husband (what if he, too, would have to participate J)
  6. Resumed sports
  7. My husband and I are more likely to be in nature
  8. Tried to tidy up the nervous system and not think about the polar bear (that is, about pregnancy), relax
  9. And I also started going to church

Point 8 for all comers is the most difficult, and in fact it influences the fertilization process very, very much. This complex mechanism plays an important role a huge amount of hormones, including those that are produced under the influence of the brain. Tense, concerned about ovulation, or fertilization at the most inopportune moment? Wait for the next month!

By the way, a visit to the doctors (naturally checked) helped me get rid of minor, but still troubles: along the way, I corrected a slight hormonal disorder that would not affect the fact of conception, but my nerves would have patched, to detect antibodies to some virus.

It was only after the doctor’s mark that I proceeded specifically to the necessary actions. I was very lucky and I got pregnant almost immediately, without using the prepared plan B.
Plan b

As a rule, in the absence of pregnancy, the woman takes all the blame on herself, although I read somewhere that nowadays we need to approach this issue comprehensively.

My plan was as follows: continuing to use vitamins and leading a healthy lifestyle, to do a more detailed examination of his and her husband’s body. These are tests for the patency of pipes, and spermogram, and checking for ph-environments (the essence of which is that sometimes the female environment perceives male spermatozoa as enemies of the people and destroys them on the spot).

So I was sure that the baby would be necessary, I didn’t know just what I needed to go through. As one close friend of mine says: Nowadays, with the level of medicine, only a woman without a womb cannot become pregnant, and even then it is a matter of time.

The last option, for especially desperate, may be the well-known IVF. I already had three familiar families used it, some of them not the first time, but still became happy parents.

The result of my planning was an easy pregnancy and the same easy appearance of a healthy baby. Of course, I can not consider it completely my merit, but still I attribute the share of this problem-free literacy to the planning of the child. Thus, my torment lasted only about a year.

In addition to such, it is enough, narrow-minded auxiliary manipulations, use:

  1. Temporary abstinence (to increase sperm concentration)
  2. Foliculometry – to send this concentration at the right time at the right direction
  3. Potential parents are engaged in … embroidery. Sold special pictures, called Almost perfect. There is a belief that after making such pictures, pregnancy will surely come in the near future. Personally, however, did not try.

They say that in the war all means are good, and in the desire to have a baby – you need not to give up, but go to your goal until victory. I wish good luck to all who are just planning this wonderful event, because to be a mother is the greatest happiness in the world.

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