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Pregnancy and vision, pregnancy and childbirth

I had vision problems in the third grade. Diagnosis – myopia. Vision gradually deteriorated at school and at the institute, by the fifth year he stopped at quite serious minus seven diopters. The only operation that my eyes had to undergo was a laser correction using the LASIK method, performed four years ago.

Despite the fact that I see well after it and no longer need glasses or lenses, my diagnosis in the language of doctors still sounds like a high degree of myopia after surgical treatment.

As with such an operation, the laser burns only a thin layer of the cornea, and the eye itself is so short-sighted and remains, with all the ensuing consequences.

Therefore, both before and during pregnancy, the question of how the childbirth and childbirth will affect my eyesight, worried me almost more than everyone else.

Doubts and anxieties

Now I remember with a smile how many books were read during pregnancy and how much information was studied on the Internet.

First, I thought that once a pregnancy is a very large load for the body, the eyes must necessarily suffer, and my eyesight may begin to deteriorate again.

Secondly, I was very scared of the upcoming birth. I tried to determine for myself what I want. The arguments for natural childbirth were as follows:

– it will be easier for my body than cesarean section
– for a child it is better to be born naturally, because Caesar has more health problems
– my mother also had poor eyesight, but she gave birth to me herself, and this did not affect her eyes.

The only argument against it was the fear that during childbirth with the eyes irreparable could happen. It was precisely this that frightened me the stories of girls who agreed to a cesarean section only because they were afraid of losing their sight. It is better to go under the knife than to be disabled.

But no matter how long I pondered over the topic of concern to me, the decisive word remained with the doctors.

For the first time, I was referred from the antenatal clinic for a period of 12 weeks to an optometrist at the clinic. This is a standard procedure for all women who have registered for pregnancy, and not only for those who have vision problems. At this reception, the doctor examined me and said only that everything is normal and must definitely appear again at 30 weeks.

At the second reception, I was in for a surprise: in the same clinic, another doctor examined me and said that everything was fine. But she asked: Are you sure you need natural childbirth? The decision is yours, I was surprised. Yes, but I can tell you the direction to a cesarean, why suffer? And if you do not want, then you will have to be investigated further.

I flatly refused the proposed simple way in the form of a cesarean and received a referral for an eye retina examination at the city ophthalmological center. After all, it is the state of the retina that determines whether the birth will be dangerous to the eyes, since its detachment is possible.

So, in 31 weeks my third visit to the oculist took place. Having examined my eyes, an elderly male doctor strictly and firmly stated: You will give birth to yourself and wrote in conclusion: Physiological genera. His words instilled confidence in me and put a fat point in my doubts.

By the way, if on a similar examination it turns out that the retina is prone to detachment, then the doctor prescribes a procedure for laser coagulation. This is the story that happened to one of my friends. Her eyesight is not as bad as mine, but the state of the fundus of the medics has alerted. In such cases, the retina is laser-welded, and there are no contraindications to natural childbirth.

Responsible moment

I went to the maternity hospital beforehand. Not because health problems started: on the contrary, I felt fine, it was like a second breath before giving birth. And simply because the gynecologist insisted, since there was already 41 weeks of pregnancy. On the day when I was admitted to the hospital, the oculist examined me again, and said that everything was fine.

I will not hide that when the next day painful contractions began, and then attempts, I recalled several times the cesarean section suggested by the doctor in the clinic.

But now, when everything is already behind, I am very glad that I didn’t beat it and said no. Due to fear alone (and completely unreasonable), I could have subjected myself to such a serious operation. After all, I had no other indications for Cesarean.

My eyes suffered a little during childbirth, but it was a purely external effect. Several of the blood vessels in the eyes burst, and they seemed to be red somewhere else a week after giving birth. But soon everything returned to normal.

What you need to remember

Here are a few points that, in my opinion, should not be neglected:

1. Be sure to take vitamin complexes and keep a healthy diet, because the whole body needs supporting vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. What can we say about the myopic eye: nutrients are simply necessary for him like no other organ in such a crucial period.

Personally, even before pregnancy, I maintained my vision, several times a year taking a course of vitamin therapy. But ordinary vitamin complexes for pregnant women are not suitable, so I purchased special vitamins. As a result, carrying a child did not affect the eyes and did not impair vision at all.

2. You need to remain calm and completely trust the experts. It is the optometrist who decides whether the state of the eye allows natural childbirth or not. And this decision is made after a detailed examination.

Therefore, do not worry: no one will force you to give birth on your own if it is dangerous for your eyes. And if the examination showed that the eyes are in perfect order, then there is no need to fear for them during labor.

During the entire pregnancy, I visited the oculist as much as four times and agreed to all the proposed examinations, even paid at the ophthalmological center. Still, 3 hours of my time and 500 rubles from the family budget is not such a big expense, compared with invaluable health.

3. In order to relieve oneself during the labor, one has to learn how to breathe properly and try not to push into the head and eyes.

But with this, I just didn’t do everything so smoothly: apparently, I didn’t do everything correctly. To be honest, I hadn’t previously rehearsed my breathing and spent some effort in wrong directions. Hence the red eyes. But this, of course, is not fatal, as the redness gradually disappeared.

Compliance with these simple rules will help you keep your eyes full during pregnancy and after childbirth.

P.S. And in conclusion, another curious fact regarding vision. Genetics say that in most cases it is transmitted to the child through the paternal line. For example, one friend of a woman (her daughter is my age) told me her story, half in jest, half seriously.

She has very poor eyesight all her life, and when she decided to get pregnant, one hundred percent vision was one of the most important criteria for choosing a father for an unborn child. As a result, the girl, unlike her mother, has absolutely no problems with her eyes.

Here, apparently, it was not for nothing that I was never attracted to men with glasses. My husband has absolutely healthy eyes. And so I really hope that my son will get good vision from dad.

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