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Pregnancy and nutrition, pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy is a very extraordinary period in the life of every woman. This is a new level to which it passes at that momentous moment when fertilization takes place! (Forgive me for so much detailed information, but this is indeed very important).

Pregnancy – approach with all seriousness

Everything immediately changes radically, and life before this seems to make a 180-degree turn. Now you are not you, now you are a future mother, with many obligations and norms of behavior. And in the list number one that you need to memorize firmly the most important points: no stress, fresh air and proper nutrition.

And there is no other way, because you are now responsible for your future baby, for his health – physical and mental.

And therefore, from the moment when the joyful news has become a little familiar, having thrown a very pleasant burden of responsibility on itself, we must begin to understand all the necessary intricacies. What is, what to think and what to do.

About the benefits of proper nutrition

You can start from nutrition, as one of the very important points. The quality of the products, the composition is the building material for the little organism inside you. And how much the foundation will be strong and strong depends, of course, on the mother.

In the antenatal clinic, for example, by entering for the first time and registering, the gynecologist immediately writes a list of vitamins that need to be entered into your daily diet.

I had the same, but the continuation was a bit different. Since I am a very bright opponent of all sorts of chemical vitamins and supplements, my choice fell on the gifts of nature.

By the way, there is an opinion that vegetables and fruits do not contain sufficient amounts of necessary vitamins and minerals and it is impossible to do without packaging from a pharmacy. I questioned this statement and headed for one hundred percent natural and natural food.

One simple story

Once I read a chapter in the book Juice Treatment about a woman who was pregnant, fed on exclusively natural products, excluding even food cooked on fire, as a result a child with curls and very good health was born.

This story inspired me a lot! Indeed, if you follow the simple natural way, how can the results be different?

Our environment, food with the addition of flavors and flavorings do not help us carry a healthy child, they only select our strength.

That is why, armed with general principles, I walked my way at 9 months, listening to my body and its desires. I will not tell anything new, but experience, even known, is always useful. And, of course, the more you know, the more confident you will feel.

Useful information in nominal quantities

But first, some information. Since knowledge has not hurt anyone, a small excursion into vitamins and other necessary substances will help you consciously use healthy food.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the body is in dire need of protein intake, because it is a building block for the cells and tissues of the fetus. This does not mean that immediately you need to start actively eating meat in large quantities.

You need to pay attention to the fact that in the diet there are products that will become different sources of this important element. Lean meat, fish, cottage cheese, dairy products, eggs, beans and nuts.

If the intake of these products in the body is insufficient, then there is a risk of developing anemia and reducing the resistance to infectious diseases.

Carbohydrates are very important, their amount should be much more (3 times) than proteins and fats. The main source of these elements are foods rich in fiber – whole-grain bread, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Fats, as an active source of energy reserves and fat-soluble vitamins A, F, K, D, must be present in the diet. It should be noted that their composition should include unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

For these purposes, perfect fit sunflower, olive or corn oil. But animal fats need to be used very carefully and significantly less.

Also in this important period, the expectant mother is in need of vitamins and minerals, and an insufficient amount of them can lead to complications of the current pregnancy.

If the body does not have enough vitamins C and group B, there is a huge risk of deterioration of liver function in the expectant mother and inadequate development of the child’s nervous system.

Vitamin E is a guarantee of fetal growth, if the body does not receive it, there is a high probability of premature birth. A lack of vitamin A in early pregnancy can significantly affect the development of the placenta, which is very important for the baby.

Vitamin D affects the development of the bone skeleton, respectively, if its amount in the body is smaller, the risk of developing rickets in born children also increases.

If you actively eat fruits and vegetables according to the season, then you will not suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals, since everything you need will be supplied to your body in a fresh, natural and full form.

Bank of sour tomatoes

I would also like to note the point when during pregnancy there are unusual taste wishes – pickled tomatoes, herring, chocolate or parsley. Of course, each of them is individually, since then the children will be completely different.

And here I will take the responsibility to advise to reduce the ardor, since the uncontrolled eating of such desirable delicacies is in fact a very short-term pleasure. Swallowed and everything, then again the soul in search.

And the payback may then be the most unpleasant (swelling, heartburn ..), and the human body is not a trash can. Therefore, awareness here, of course, will only benefit.

My nutritional experience

My pregnancy passed under the auspices of a healthy diet, organic foods and some chocolate (I am also a person with weaknesses).

I paid special attention to the carrot juice, which I prepared for the two of us every morning. Sometimes, for a change of taste, I added an apple or beet to saturate the body with iron.

Further, if desired, there were various salads, cereals, fruits, legumes, nuts, dairy products, and very rarely meat.

The last point was not important for me, although many people here would probably object to the usefulness and usefulness of this product. For me, the main thing was to listen to your body and give it what is necessary.

As a result, there was no puffiness, excess weight and other charms that come with pregnancy. I was inspired by history and followed simple principles, bringing something of my own to it.

Everything went great! When my baby was born, she was healthy, and at that moment I felt like the happiest new mother in the world. And I tell you, it was worth it, because it’s just a little bit of control and awareness.

And at the end of this small gastronomic excursion I would like to wish everyone good luck and beautiful motherhood. Let your dreams of boys and girls come to life!

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