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Pregnancy after ectopic, pregnancy and childbirth

Many women are looking forward to pregnancy, my girlfriend is no exception. She really wanted a child and finally waited for the cherished two stripes on the test. But instead of the joy of new sensations, she experienced severe pain in the lower abdomen, which every day became more and more.

It was impossible to postpone the visit to the doctor, and a friend immediately went to the gynecologist. The doctor’s diagnosis is an ectopic pregnancy. The condition of a friend cannot be described in words, it is horror and fear that not only will there be no child now, but it will be difficult to get pregnant in the future.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

Pregnancy begins when a fertilized egg attaches to the walls of the uterus. However, there are cases when the attachment takes place elsewhere. Ectopic pregnancy is more common when the egg remains in the fallopian tube, less often the attachment occurs on the ovaries or in the abdominal cavity.

A friend had a tubal ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Only a doctor can make this diagnosis. Noticing deviations from the normal course of pregnancy, you should immediately visit the consultation.

Begins such a pregnancy as usual. A friend had a delay, which made her do the test. But at the same time the stomach was very sick, but this should not be.

Another symptom of ectopic pregnancy is bloody discharge, but they are not always the case. Also, there are secretions and miscarriage.

When contacting the hospital, the girlfriend was immediately sent for an ultrasound. Even in the early stages in the uterus should be viewed fertilized egg. Unfortunately, he was not visible, she was immediately hospitalized.


Previously, with this diagnosis, abdominal surgery was always performed and the tube was removed. Now they are doing laparoscopy. This means that several points are made and pipe removal is carried out through them.

But, if the diagnosis is made at an early date, then experienced doctors remove the fertilized egg, and keep the tube.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend was not lucky, she still removed the fallopian tube.

After ectopic pregnancy

If it happened that one pipe had to be removed, then the chances of getting pregnant are reduced. But they are, and do not despair!

So it was with my friend, the first days after the operation she was depressed, she didn’t want anything, it seemed that life had lost its meaning. Then she realized that for the sake of a future pregnancy, and she had already firmly decided that in any case she would become a mother, she should pull herself together.

The main thing was to pay attention to their health, so that the next pregnancy would end only with the birth of a baby. For the first six months, on the advice of a doctor, she was protected, underwent physical therapy and examinations.

Preparing for a new pregnancy

To get pregnant again, a friend fulfilled all the recommendations of her doctor. Initially, she was prescribed oral contraceptives. Firstly, it is the best way of protection, and secondly, after the abolition of the pills, the ovaries work with a vengeance, which increases the chances of becoming a mother.

Six months later, a friend and her husband underwent a full examination, they passed tests, including those for sexually transmitted diseases. After all, there are hidden infections that contribute to the formation of adhesions in the fallopian tubes. Namely, adhesions interfere with the passage of eggs and provoke an ectopic pregnancy.

They also offered to check the patency of the remaining pipe. She, of course, agreed. This helps to avoid a recurrence of ectopic pregnancy. The procedure is not very pleasant and painful, but you can suffer.

I myself did this procedure, but did it under local anesthesia.

If there are problems with the tube, then laparoscopy is prescribed, where adhesions are removed.

How to speed up conception?

In order for pregnancy to occur, it is necessary to monitor ovulation as early as possible. This can be done by measuring the basal temperature or using special tests.

There are folk remedies, for example, to make birch after sex. Some say it helps to receive sage infusion. But all individually.

Pregnancy at a friend came about a year after ectopic. Now she is a happy mother, her daughter is already two years old. Now she and her husband are planning the next pregnancy and believe that everything will be fine. And I do not doubt it.

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