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Pregnancy after 30 late or just right, pregnancy and childbirth

I decided to write the history of my pregnancy in the wake of a recent topic, which touched on the theme of the age of the future mother. This delicate question has caused a lot of feedback and bipolar opinions, including such that the first child must have time to give birth to 30 years.

Honestly, I have long crossed this frontier, and so my life has developed, that I gave birth to my first and only child in … (Scary to say, maybe someone will judge me for this), but I gave birth to him at 36!

I have to say right away that this was not the long-awaited result of the efforts of the medical profession and the unfortunate couple, desperate for their unsuccessful attempts to have a child and ready for any measures, from IVF to surrogate motherhood.

No, I just lived my life, went to work in the office, from the office – home, personal life, like many of my friends, by the age of 30 I still didn’t want to form a rainbow picture.

And somewhere inside (very quietly) the watch was ticking, which sometimes did not allow to sleep at night. But, in general, I lived quite routinely and comfortably in such a routine for many years and was not at all obsessed with striving to have a child by any means.

I even somehow philosophically related to this issue, believing that not everyone can have children, and if life is like this, then maybe it should be so.

Changes in my life began to take shape somewhere after 32 years. It was during this period that a man appeared on the horizon, with whom I could imagine my future family life.

Our relations evolved according to the traditional scenario – acquaintance with parents, attempts to live together in a rented apartment, the decision to legalize relations, a wedding, a romantic trip. And, as a logical continuation of this chain, one fine Sunday September morning a picture appeared in front of my eyes, well known to many women.

Yes, yes, these were the two most cherished strips of a simple pregnancy test. I saved them as a memory and the first photo of my unborn child 🙂

First trials

Impressions of the first period of pregnancy spoiled my toxicosis, which came suddenly and became a real test for me.

So far, the smell of laundry detergent, odorous deodorants and the poisonous-green bottle of Dreft detergent from the commercial has turned me off (at that time even advertising on TV already caused vomiting, not to mention the smell).

Previously, I did not know that for a whole week you can eat only two sticks of fruit ice and at the same time not die and not even lose much weight. It turns out that this was not the limit.

The whole period lasted exactly 2.5 months. The weight gradually decreased, and, in total, I lost weight from 58 to 52 kg by the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy.
Of course, this was not very good and the doctors began to sound the alarm, offering to go to the hospital to recover. The fetus developed normally, and nothing threatened pregnancy, they just began to fear for my physical condition.

But, on the other hand, this first stage, in the end, served me well and helped me in the future not to gain too much weight. During the entire pregnancy, I gained 5.5 kg from the pre-pregnant weight, and then already at the very end. And after giving birth, when I got on the scales, it turned out that I weigh 2 kg less than before pregnancy.

Fitness, yoga, positive

Toxicosis retreated suddenly and unexpectedly, as well as it began. The entire second half, I literally flew like on wings. The stomach was small, I was thin and light. No one noticed my pregnancy. There was plenty of time and energy, and I enthusiastically set about making serious preparations for meeting the unborn child.

I went to all sorts of courses for pregnant women – free and paid (last we went with my husband on weekends), signed up for fitness and yoga for pregnant women, often met with friends, went to the cinema, to exhibitions, ate favorite sushi.

And at times (I am ashamed to admit it), I was especially drawn to all sorts of harm from McDonald’s that I also allowed myself from time to time, realizing that all this would soon become an unaffordable luxury for me.

In general, I remember this period as one of the happiest, brightest and carefree people in my life. Only sometimes, someone to the left below from time to time was accepted with ecstasy for a long and methodical hiccup, which simply took me out of balance.

Another surprise gave me the second period of pregnancy. The fact is that during the first planned ultrasound the doctor confidently stated that we would have a boy and even tried to show us the signs of gender on the monitor screen. Neither I nor my husband had any clear preferences for whom we want more, so I was delighted with this news.

We have a lot of girls in our relatives and a boy would be very helpful. I already picked up his name – Alexander, how could it be otherwise! And all the time I talked to him exclusively as a boy.

In my head flashed pictures of the future life – what boy toys we will buy him, what games to play, what sport to do. From time to time thoughts about the army began to creep into my sore head …

Suddenly, at 25 or 26 weeks with a repeated ultrasound, we were stunned by the news that it turns out that we are no longer a boy, but a real girl. That was such a surprise!

In general, I didn’t have anything against the girl, but still, at first I was a little unsettled and it took me a few days to put up with the news and tune in to another wave.

Nesting period

The period when, at the end of pregnancy, women are overwhelmed with a passion for all sorts of repairs, rearrangements, and purchases of new furniture that is what they call it. It is believed that the expectant mother is thus preparing a cozy nest for her child.

It did not go around me, my husband and I started a real repair with the change of sexes and other global changes. It was impossible to live in an apartment during this period, so I had to leave for the time of the dirtiest work.

The summer season began, and my mother-in-law is an avid summer resident and she spends the entire warm season outside the city on her 6 acres. Actually, it was she who suggested that I was calmer and more comfortable, to live with her for the time of the repair.

In general, I have a complicated relationship with my mother-in-law. I will not discuss them here, but I am grateful to her that at that time she left me alone and, in the main, spent time at the cottage. This is the best she could do for me in that situation.

As often happens, the process dragged on and we barely managed to meet the deadline. I went to the maternity hospital from my mother-in-law’s house, and returned to my renovated apartment, where everything was ready for our return with my daughter.

In conclusion, I want to say that I did not at all consider and do not consider myself aging. I have never heard such comments in my address from any doctor or medical staff. And just a farewell at discharge from the hospital, that they will wait for me in 2 years, when I will come to them again for the boy.

And, you know, nothing terrible, criminal and heavy, that would distinguish me from a 20-25-year-old girl, neither during pregnancy, nor during childbirth, or after did not occur. Is that in the head of the brain was already more, as well as more responsibility, autonomy and material capabilities.

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