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Maternal capital, pregnancy and childbirth

Most recently, in my conversation with a friend of my mother, we talked about maternal capital – money, which the state allocates to the family after the birth of the second (or subsequent) baby. A friend told me that she had received a certificate a long time ago, but she could not manage the money in any way.

In the family, the eldest daughter is growing, which it was decided to arrange for a private school, paying tuition for part of the maternity capital.

However, it turned out that money can be used for education only after three years from the birth of the second child, and up to this age, funds can be spent only on the purchase of an apartment and repayment of loans.

Well, until the time when my friend can dispose of the funds, one and a half years left. We still try to understand the intricacies of obtaining and managing maternal capital.

What is maternal capital

Maternal capital is a means of implementing additional measures of state support for families with children.

A certificate for these funds can be obtained after the birth or adoption of the second or third (if not received after the birth of the second), the fourth (if not received after the birth of the third), etc. child, as well as after the birth of twins or triplets.

You can receive this support from the state only once, regardless of the total number of children in the family.

The funds are not the property of a particular child, but belong to all family members.

Who is eligible for maternity capital

A citizen of the Russian Federation can receive maternity capital, provided that the child is also a citizen of the Russian Federation. It is important that the second (or subsequent) child must be born or adopted between 2007 and 2016. Place of birth and place of residence, as well as who is the father of the baby, does not matter.

To get a certificate for maternity capital, which is also called a family capital, maybe a dad, but only when he is the only adopter of children. That is, the mother is either dead or deprived of parental rights.

Children are also eligible to receive maternity capital if additional measures of state support were terminated for parents. This may be a minor child or a student in-person child under the age of 23 years.

How much is the parent capital

Today, the amount of maternity capital is 365 thousand 698 rubles 40 kopecks. It is the same throughout the country. This figure is annually indexed for inflation.

The amount is also indexed if some of the money has already been spent. Recalculation goes to the balance of funds.

How to get maternity capital

In order to obtain a certificate of maternity capital, the mother (or father, if the mother is not) must apply to the territorial authority of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of residence. There you will need to fill out a certificate issuance form.

Documents that are needed to receive capital:

– identity document (passport);
– birth certificates of two or more children, for adopted children – certificates of adoption;
– documents confirming the Russian citizenship of the child or of children (birth certificate, which indicates the Russian citizenship of the parents or is stamped on the child’s citizenship).

Within a month after filing the documents, a decision is made to issue or not to issue maternity capital. Then, within five days, the recipient is sent an answer about the decision made, and in the case of a positive decision – a message on the date of receipt of the certificate.

After that, it remains only to appear on the specified date in the Pension Fund and receive a certificate.

How can I dispose of the certificate

It is possible to spend the funds of the maternity capital after the performance of three years to the second or subsequent child. Before this period, cash can only repay loans, including mortgages, invest in the purchase or construction of housing.

After three years, funds can be spent on the following needs:

– purchase or construction of housing located in the territory of the Russian Federation
– reconstruction of residential premises located on the territory of the Russian Federation
– reimbursement of costs for the reconstruction or construction of housing located in the territory of the Russian Federation
– payment of the first installment upon receipt of a loan, including mortgage
– payment of a share in construction
– payment of the admission fee to the housing cooperative
– the child’s education, the child’s age at the time of commencement of studies should not exceed 25 years
– increase in the funded part of the mother’s pension

It is important to know that the funds of the parent capital can not be cashed. You can receive and dispose of them only by bank transfer.

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