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How to determine pregnancy without a test, pregnancy and childbirth

I remember my feelings when I learned that I would become a mother. These were those wonderful moments of joy, which are not possible to describe. They need to feel. Two cherished stripes made me the happiest woman in the world.

I did not know about alternative methods for determining pregnancy at home. For me the test was the only way definition of pregnancy.

It later, later, I learned that there are many ways. There are funny, there are truthful, there are absurd. In addition, a lot of options came to us from the past.

For example, Hippocrates determined the condition of a woman by the color of his eyes. In pregnant women, the irises of the eyes become darker.

He also gave a woman anise with honey. If she has a pain in her stomach, she is expecting a child.

In ancient Greece, a special herb was torn off, a decoction was made from it and the woman was given a drink. If she is sick, then she is pregnant.

A terrible method was in Greece. They rubbed before the eyes of women a special stone. To whom he fell in the eyes – she is pregnant.

Our grandmothers checked the pregnancy in their own ways. Iodine came to the rescue. They dripped a drop of iodine into the urine of a prospective pregnant woman. If it is dissolved – not pregnant, and if it pops up a drop – wait for replenishment in the family.

My experiments with my sister

My sister is expecting a baby. Although morning sickness, tearfulness, irritability, an increase in the mammary glands are clear signs of an interesting situation, I wanted chemical experiments.

I did not fully experiment with myself, so now I trained with my sister.

I took a sheet of white paper, iodine and pipette. Sheet previously had to be moistened with urine sister. Dropping a drop on the paper, we watched the result. The drop is colored blue – a clear sign of pregnancy, but if you see a purple hue – the pregnancy is false.

There is another way to check the position – soda. We took the sister’s morning urine and dissolved a teaspoon of soda in it. The sediment testified that the sister was pregnant.

Interesting signs told us our mother. It turns out that if you go down from the navel by 8 cm, you can hear a slight pulsation in the stomach. It beats the heart of an incipient fetus.

We applied the phonendoscope and listened to the internal pulse. We could clearly hear the heartbeat, but I think it was auditory hallucinations. We just had a great desire to hear the unborn child!

A clear sign of pregnancy is a fish that is sure to dream about being pregnant. (Another mother’s tale)

If we sum up the small results, signs of pregnancy is:

– cycle delay;
– nausea and odor response;
– increase in mammary glands;
– pain in the lumbar (observed in some of my friends);
– frequent visits to the ladies’ room (the child begins to put pressure on the bladder);
– whims, tearfulness, sentimentality;
– gluttony or sudden loss of appetite.

If you look, then these signs are inherent in almost every woman. My sister and I were no exception.

But you must go to the doctor. The first tests, the first ultrasound will give you the opportunity to become registered, to be observed by specialists so that after 9 months you have a beautiful baby.

And not just anywhere, but in a maternity hospital, and not with a grandma – a midwife, but with a qualified doctor – an obstetrician!

And what signs of pregnancy did you observe?

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