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How to cope with postpartum melancholia and depression, pregnancy and childbirth

The birth of a child is not the end of difficulties, but their beginning. Sometimes it seems to us, women, that after giving birth everything will be as it was before. Oh, if only! After the birth of the baby, many new worries and a big portion of joy that comes along with responsibility are dumped on us. If we take into account the hormonal changes, we can easily believe the statistics: about 80% of women suffer after birth postpartum melancholy, and every fifth woman is postpartum depression. How to distinguish melancholy from depression and how to cope with it?

The depressed state of a woman after childbirth, which lasts no more than two weeks and is accompanied by frequent changes in mood, fatigue, irritability, sleep and appetite disturbances, as well as constant worries about the baby, is called postpartum melancholia.

The reasons for this melancholy can be many. The child cries several times at night, you do not have time to cope with the whole day, you do not always know how to help the baby if he cries. You (and possibly your husband) do not like your figure after giving birth. Since you are breastfeeding, you can not stick to diets yet. You have bags under your eyes, but there is no time to take care of yourself. And just hormonal changes act on you so that you either cry or jump for joy.

How to help yourself during melancholy?

  • Remember, this condition is temporary. It will take a maximum of two weeks, and you will already be easy to cope with duties, fatigue and variable mood.
  • Ask for help from your husband, parents, or friends if you feel you cannot cope on your own. There is nothing shameful about it. On the contrary, helping you, close people will feel needed.
  • Do not try to succeed in everything at the same time: there will be time for a diet, general cleaning of the house will also wait. Do only what is necessary.
  • Let the husband help you with the child, for example, bathe, put to sleep or go for a walk with the child.
  • Do not forget about healthy eating. You need strength!
  • Take a walk in the fresh air. Air the rooms.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. Even a few minutes of sleep during the day is additional energy.
  • Meet friends, go out at least once a week without a baby. Let it be a trip for milk or in a cafe for a cup of tea with a friend.
  • Do not forget that you are a woman! Pay attention to your body, take a bath, make a manicure (just be careful with different cosmetics, take into account the tendency of the kids to allergic reactions).
  • Listen to music, audiobooks.
  • Do gymnastics after childbirth.
  • Enjoy your baby! Isn’t he a miracle ?!

Depression differs from melancholy in that it does not pass a long time. After all, every mother blows dust particles from a newborn baby, especially if he is the first! But it takes about two weeks, and you can safely drink tea with milk, while the child is sleeping, or do the laundry. If anxiety for a baby does not pass, you are always in a bad mood, tired, do not get enough sleep, cannot eat or eat too much, you have constantly gloomy thoughts and it seems to you that it would be much easier if the baby was not, then rather just postpartum depression.

If this condition lasts for several weeks in a row, then talk to your husband and consult a doctor. If you have never had to go to a psychologist, then go to the family doctor. Perhaps the trip to the doctor will already help you get out of depression.

What if you have postpartum depression?

  • Do not blame yourself! You have the right to experience! You not only experienced hormonal metamorphosis, pain during childbirth, but you gave a new life! And this is the most beautiful thing that can be in this world!
  • Transfer part of the responsibilities of caring for the baby to her husband. Moreover, do not hide your experiences. Let him also know what is happening in your soul!
  • Do not try to play a successful mother. If you are tired, call your parents, let them walk with your baby while you sleep.
  • Talk with friends, go for a walk with them. If every fifth woman experiences postpartum depression, then among your acquaintances someone has already experienced a similar condition. Talk to others about this topic.
  • Always remember the joy and love that your child radiates.
  • Pay more attention to yourself. After all, your child needs a healthy and happy mother!
  • You can watch good old comedies in free minutes, or read jokes. Laughter is the antidote to depression!
  • Remember: you are not alone. The closest person to you, even though tiny, is so delighted with everything that you do and is so overwhelmed with the joy of your presence that, realizing this, you will want to sing and dance! Your husband, parents, friends and acquaintances are always ready to help you. And most importantly: postpartum depression is a temporary condition. Tomorrow the world will seem to you more friendly and bright!

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