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How to calculate the sex of the child without ultrasound, pregnancy and childbirth

Want to know the sex of your unborn child?

Many couples dream to find out the sex of their child, and some of them guess about the field of the future offspring.

There is a part of women who dreams of giving her husband a surprise, and there are those who know the sex of their child before conception.

This I mean that the question of the gender of my unborn child interested me no less than his health.

I wanted to see, but.

You may be skeptical that I believe in national signs, but they are akin to ethnic folklore – they have been collected for centuries.

After all, ultrasound is a toy of modernity, and the midwives have always lived.

When we were 20 weeks old, it was time for the second ultrasound. It is during this period that it is already clear who the woman is waiting for: a boy or a girl.

But I was not lucky. The child turned away from us and showed only his ass. We liked her, of course, but we really wanted to know the sex of the unborn child.

We received an excellent answer to our questions:Check the sex of the child by folk methods.

I did not think about this proven method. I read a lot of literature, asked experienced grandmothers, consulted with friends.

The result was approximately The list of folk will take:

1. If the future mother is constantly shivering – there will be a girl, throws her into a fever – a boy.

2. If you are attracted to a sweet – to a girl, to a meat one – to a boy.

3. If during pregnancy a woman prettier – to the boy, and if the beauty goes away – the daughter takes it.

4. If pigment spots appear – to the girl, the growth of hair on the stomach – to the boy rises.

5. There will be a girl if the husband (partner) in a special way tried, was more active than usual.

6. Pregnant boy pulls on food, and the girl – more sick.

7. If during pregnancy the skin on the hands becomes velvety – to the girl, it cracks – to the boy.

8. If you already had children, remember the first word of your first child. If MOM is for a girl, DAD is for a son.

If you try these signs on yourself, then I feel very sick, I eat a lot, my hands have become dry, and small pigments have appeared on the skin. If I did not know that I was pregnant with one child, one would have thought that I would become a mother and a boy and a girl.

But I already know exactly what I wear my daughter. On the third ultrasound, she gladly showed us her gender.

In harmony with nature

Smarter than nature, ultrasound has not yet come up. Only she knows who and when it is necessary to put on the white light.

A person has only when pregnancy occurs as a result of artificial insemination. By the way, more girls are born in this case, so doctors care about the continuation of the nation.

But in the natural environment more boys are born. This is due to the fact that we have them – the weaker sex. Boys have an increased child mortality, they age earlier, their work is associated with heavy production, risk to life.

After the Second World War, in fact the birth rate, there was a sharp preponderance towards the boys. It was necessary to restore harmony in the world. Boys began to be born several times more than girls.

But it is absolutely not important who you are born, is not it?

Any child, if he is desired, will bring happiness and joy to the house, regardless of whether he is in pigtails or with broken knees.

And how did you determine the sex of your child?

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