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How I chose the ward in the maternity hospital, pregnancy and childbirth

I took my long-awaited pregnancy very seriously. I really wanted it to go well and smoothly. I read a lot about children, I walked a lot, ate a good one. So that nowhere and nothing pressed, from 4 months I wore things for pregnant women, and from the first days I talked to the baby.

The choice of the ward in the maternity hospital was kindly provided by my clinic. I was shown all the possible options and voiced the cost.

There were many options – from the most low-cost (with shared facilities on the floor), to the most expensive (two-bedroom, with the ability to give birth in the ward, surrounded by all the members of their family).

How did I make my choice

I wanted to make these 3-5 days in the hospital as comfortable as possible. I thought that fear and pain would be my companions during this period and only a comfortable chamber could brighten it.

We are now practicing sharing the mother with the baby, that is, the child is left with the mother in the same ward since his birth. For this reason, I wanted my husband to be by my side day and night.

For this, the chamber had to be spacious and have an extra bed. Also, it would be nice if my mother and brother could also visit me these days.

Only the two most expensive wards fit my requirements. The difference in their size was significant, but the price did not differ much. My husband and I chose the largest, most expensive ward in this hospital.

Since I rescheduled the pregnancy in time, but the advance payment for the ward was made, it was empty waiting for me. This I knew for sure, because I came to the hospital every other day for checkups.

When everything happened, and I settled in it – I could not stop looking. The chamber was like a room in a good hotel. In a similar room, I rested at a ski resort a couple of years ago.

In terms of cost, it could also be compared to a room in a boarding house. But, the amount of payment for its use did not depend on the length of stay in her mother. That 3 days (in the case of natural childbirth without complications), that 5-6 (in the case of cesarean section) – the price is the same.

It was called the family chamber, since several family members could live in it at the same time.

The chamber consisted of two rooms. One passed into the other. In the first room was built a large wardrobe with mirrored doors, a small kitchenette with a sink and basic appliances (microwave, refrigerator, electric kettle). And a little further was a leather sofa and a coffee table.

At the end of this room, when turning left, behind the large curtain, was the second room.

There was a large double bed, where you could even give birth.

There was also a large changing table, with drawers for everything needed, and a small sink for washing hands in the corner.

Opposite the bed, on the wall, was attached a small TV.

One of the corners of this room was equipped with tools to facilitate the fights. It contained a wall bars, fitball, chair for horizontal birth and an air purifier.

Beautiful curtains, blinds, lights of varying intensity – all this was decorated with taste, and I felt like a queen.

The bathroom was also pleasing to the eye: a shower cubicle, a large sink and a bidet, or rather a hose and a shower head to be able to wash under the toilet. For the last miracle of technology, I was especially grateful for the first days after birth.

Also, the cost of the chamber included the amount of thanks to the nurses and support staff. That is, the attitude towards patients from this chamber was appropriate. Not once did I hear rudeness or a rude word addressed to me.

If I had not been in the hospital at the hospital for three weeks before the birth, I would not have believed how much the attitude of the staff towards patients could change.

The only bad moment

Once the nurse’s comment left a double feeling in my soul. All mothers were collected on the ground floor for the passage of fluorography. One of the nurses was supposed to take us to the procedure in another building. All came on time, except for one mother.

– Who is absent? – Asked the nurse, who was on duty at the entrance to the hospital.
– Yes, probably, that … from the family chamber. Well you know these … – answered our accompanying nurse.
“Actually, I’ve been here for a long time,” I responded with a wry face.

The nurses are quiet. I really hope that at that moment they became uncomfortable for their words. Well, I, frankly, was even nice. They never spoke of me as these, for which no rules are written if they pay money.

My daughter came into the world with a caesarean, so I did not have to give birth in the ward. And when I returned home on the 6th day, my apartment seemed to me very dark, uncomfortable and uncomfortable, after that chic house.

I understand perfectly well that I could save a decent amount by choosing a regular ward. But so wanted to pamper yourself. And I did not regret. About the maternity hospital and this wonderful room in which I lived the first days in the role of mother, I remember with warmth in my heart. I really hope that if I become a mother a second time, I can afford to rent it again.

And you pay extra for the best amenities in the hospital?

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