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Hair and pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth

Probably, many are familiar with the problems with nails, teeth and hair that appear after the birth of a child. Everything seemed to be great.

Hair, pleased with their wonderful appearance, and then suddenly began to crumble, split, lost their former thickness, color, or even become curly.

Everyone has a peculiar surprise, someone is bad, and someone finally gives the desired curls.

Hair problems are not the best news, besides that the figure will have to be restored for a long time, so does the beauty of the hair. To be honest, at such a moment sometimes despair just comes. Fortunately, not for long, because in addition to the appearance and other concerns a lot.

Targeted and pre-planning

Probably many have heard of planning. Abroad it is quite a popular and recognized thing, but in the post-Soviet space, it seems to be known, but not so much in demand. Punctual Germans and all successful French people actively use the principles of life on a schedule. Why such an indent? It’s simple!

It seems to me that using the general principles of small steps to achieve priority positions, you can get the desired result. In other words, if during pregnancy you aim to keep your hair in good condition, you can get very real fruits.

Choice for choosing

So it turns out, the phrase beauty requires sacrifice is applicable for every period in a woman’s life. But here the choice of two options can be made quite meaningful.

In the first case, you actively use the necessary substances to preserve hair, and the sacrifice here is only discipline, and not carefree and prolonged relaxation on the couch.

In another embodiment, this is the opposite of the last paragraph, and then how lucky. Maybe everything will be fine, but maybe you will have to mourn a little for the hairs left on the pillow in the morning.

Bitter experience

They say that it is better to learn from the mistakes of others, but I did not succeed. The first pregnancy is a period of joy of motherhood and sorrow from the active loss of one of the symbols of femininity.

Of course, you probably guessed it – it’s hair. They simply died, falling out with great speed. I was in despair. … Then I had to bring everything back to its initial form for quite a long time.

And then another pregnancy, different views and invaluable experience, which explains very accessible. After all, everything is quite simple, just a few vitamins and one trace element must be taken into account and everything will be fine.

Vitamins for hair

So, I offer you a small excursion on substances that give shine and strength to your hair:

Vitamin A (retinol) – is found in liver, butter, cream, cheese, egg yolk, fish oil. And also in unsurpassed carrot juice, in the form of beta-carotene.

ATone (Thiamin) – found in oranges, ham, peas, raisins, baked potatoes, whole grains, beans and brown rice.

AT2 (riboflavin) – can be obtained with bananas, sprouted grain, beef liver, pork, eggs.

AT3 (pantothenic acid) is found in oranges, peanuts, bananas and broccoli. And also in peas, milk, meat, whole grains, sunflower seeds and eggs.

AT6 (pyridoxine) – the main sources of this vitamin are liver, cottage cheese, potatoes, buckwheat, peas, cabbage, bananas, shrimps, sprouted wheat, sunflower seeds.

ATfive (folic acid) – found in bananas, beans, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, parsley, beets, asparagus and citrus fruits.

AT12 (cyclobalamin) – can be obtained with beef, liver, milk, sardines, herring, Swiss cheese and eggs.

E (tocopherol) – found in green vegetables, cereal germ, vegetable oils.

Silicon sources: Bulgarian pepper, whole grains and cereals, unpeeled potatoes and beets. As well as greens, radishes, rhubarb, onions, mineral waters.

In fact, everything is not so difficult, you just need to carefully plan the menu and adjust your diet, and I am sure that your hair will give you only positive emotions.

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