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Gymnastics in late pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth

Each of us lives in the usual rhythm of life. Useful or not, right / wrong – everything is purely individual, and we ourselves are masters of our life.

But when pregnancy occurs, most women are asked a lot of questions – what is possible and what is not. One of the important issues is gymnastics, physical activity during pregnancy.

There is a special set of exercises for pregnant women, the implementation of which is beneficial for both the baby and the future mom.

But in some cases it is better to consult with your gynecologist.
Caution should be exercised if:

– this pregnancy was preceded by a miscarriage

– pregnancy was or is now at risk of miscarriage

– the result of the ultrasound showed a low location of the placenta

– diagnosed – hypertension

– there is pain in the hip or lumbar region

During pregnancy undesirable:

– game sports

– traumatic sports

– weight lifting weighing more than 3 kg

– lifting any weights above the shoulder girdle

A positive effect on the state of a woman and child during pregnancy is exerted by:

– gymnastics on fitball

Gymnastics is different depending on the duration of pregnancy. Usually, the closer to childbirth, the greater the doubt about certain exercises and their safety.
Therefore, I propose to focus on gymnastics for a period of 36 weeks to birth.

Perform exercises on this period should be carefully and slowly. It is necessary to consolidate the skills of rhythmic breathing and do exercises that correspond to the postures adopted by women in labor.

So, the complex of exercises should be started with warm up.

Exercises, standing still

1) Walking in place, inhaling – arms to the side, on exhalation – lowering the arms.
Runtime: 30 seconds.

2) IP – Feet slightly wider than shoulders, hands on a belt.
Half-squats, arms extended forward, the direction of the knees – to the sides.
Number of accomplishments: 4-8 times.

3) FE – Legs shoulder-width apart, hands on the belt.
On the inhale – lunge one leg back to the toe, arms to the side, on the exhale – to return to the PI.
Number of accomplishments: 4-8 times.

4) FE – Legs wider than shoulders, hands on a belt.
Rotate the torso to the right, the right hand back, parallel to the floor.
Same as a friend.
Number of accomplishments: 2-6 times.

Exercises on the back

1) PI – Lying on the back, arms along the body.
On the inhale – spread the legs apart, on the exhale – return to the PI.
Number of accomplishments: 6-8 times.

2) PI – Lying on the back, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor.
Raise the pelvis, dilute the knees, as far as possible to relax the muscles of the perineum.
The number of accomplishments: 4-6 times.

3) PI – Lying on the back, legs to the side.
Bend your elbows with the greatest possible tension, clenching your fingers into a fist.
Voltage time: 10-20 seconds, then rest.
The number of accomplishments: 4-6 times.

4) PI – Lying on the back, arms along the body.
Strain the muscles of the legs: first pull the socks towards you, then set the tension completely on both legs, without straining your abdominal muscles.
Voltage time: 10-20 seconds, then rest.
The number of accomplishments: 4-6 times.

Exercises, standing on all fours

1) PI – Standing on all fours.
On the exhale – sit on your heels, on the inhale – take the PI.
The number of accomplishments: 2-3 times.

2) PI – Standing on all fours.
Maximum back down, return to PI.
The number of accomplishments: 4-12 times.

Final exercises

1) PI – Kneeling, back straight.
On the inhale – hands to the side, on the exhale – down in the PI.
The number of accomplishments: 4-6 times.

2) PI – Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, arms along the body.
On the inhale – arms to the side, on the exhale – arms down.
The number of accomplishments: 4-6 times.

Tips for late pregnancy:

– it is recommended to take a daily shower or a rubdown, it is undesirable to take hot baths and even more so to bathe in the bath, because it may provoke preterm labor

– 8-hour sleep is recommended, it is better to lie on your side, because in this position, the pressure of the uterus on the aorta and the lower sexual vein decreases

– swimming is recommended, but diving is undesirable due to squeezing of the abdomen at this moment

– It is not recommended to go to a resort or to another country due to climate change and the risk of infection with various infectious diseases, vaccinations in such cases are strictly prohibited.

How do you spend the last weeks before giving birth?

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