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Gender Planning, Pregnancy and Childbirth

For our family, the topic of planning the sex of a child is very relevant, as my husband immediately stated to me: I want five sons! We then just started our relationship, and gradually I managed to reduce this number to three (which is also, of course, quite a lot). Now we already have one son, it remains only to have two children.

All this, of course, my husband and I are discussing in jest. But as they say, in every joke there is a grain of truth. Yes, and I myself, to be honest, for some reason, I want precisely sons. I somehow have a bad idea of ​​myself being a girl’s mom. I was even sure that the firstborn was just a boy. But still before the onset of pregnancy, I spent some time studying the topic of planning the sex of children.

As a result, the news about my interesting situation came as a surprise to us and we didn’t have to plan on anything special or prepare – everything turned out on its own. But from all that happened, I learned a lesson: what is destined to be. And I will tell about it below.

I was convinced that somehow it was hardly possible to program the conception of a boy or a girl. Rather, it can happen, but with a probability of 50 to 50. That in itself is the ratio of births of different sexes: on average in the world there are 105 boys per 100 newborn girls.

Our funny story, or why I don’t trust different conception tables.

When I first found out about my pregnancy, a colleague brought to work an old, proven sign for determining the future child’s sex. She said that when she became pregnant, she was given such a gynecologist in consultation. According to the doctor, this tablet helped many people in planning the sex of the child. My colleague, too, all coincided with the table – a son was born. Since then, more than 20 years have passed and this table has repeatedly proved its effectiveness.

It was necessary to find in the tablet (i.e. boy) or – (i.e. girl) at the intersection of the rows with the age of the mother and the beginning month of the last menstruation before pregnancy. I began to look carefully: 27 years … February … Fell out -. We also tested this method on all female colleagues: those who already have children, or who are still waiting, but already know the sex of the child. All of them all converged one to one. Therefore, I had no doubt: there will be a daughter.

At home, I showed my husband this sign. He was upset and did not even hide it. But we decided that nothing can be done: a daughter means a daughter. And from 6 to 18 weeks of pregnancy, we were engaged in getting used to the idea of ​​a firstborn daughter (although, as I said, my intuition told me that I would be the first to have a son).

For example, when we were walking, and a man with a little girl was walking towards me, I told my husband: You see, he has a daughter, and he is radiant with happiness! The main thing is not the sex of the child, but to be healthy!

Another argument of mine was: And it’s good that the girl was the first! It will then help the younger brother to educate, become a little hostess. And so, gradually, the husband became less gloomy and began to talk about his daughter softer and more tender. We used to talk about the child she, her, her.

And so together we went to a three-dimensional ultrasound at week 18. Crouched on the couch, I stared at the monitor. Husband sat next to a chair, and also watched carefully. As soon as the sensor touched the stomach and an image appeared on the screen, it flashed through my head: What a strange girl! Although, maybe it should look like this at this time?

And all because on the screen, not at all embarrassed, the son showed us his gender. On the question of the doctor about our desire to find out the sex of the child, we almost said:

I still have a copy of the mentioned plate, but I don’t want to give it here. Since she failed once, then trust no longer deserves. And therefore I do not recommend using this method for planning.

I also saw many different tables on the Internet, and even noticed: one can contradict the other. Therefore, there is hardly any sense in them. Frankly, if there was a table that can be trusted 100%, I would use it. But, apparently, have not yet invented such.

Folk methods and signs

They also exist a lot. Of course, I do not want to deny the proverbial wisdom accumulated over the centuries. But it seems to me that these methods have a probability like the tables: 50 to 50, which means they are completely useless. Although, for fun, you can get acquainted with them.

For example, in the old days, a boy was impaled on a bride’s lap so that the family’s first son would be a son. Or for the night they put a husband’s thing under his pillow — a shirt, a belt, even a saber (which one cannot do to get a son!).

And those couples who want a daughter, under the pillow you need to put a pink ribbon or bow. This is most likely a new trend in beliefs, since all the old ones are mainly connected with the desire to give birth to more sons.

I also read that if a woman eats more sweets for several months before conceiving, then a girl will be born. And those who want a boy need to lean on salty foods. I believe that such a diet is generally harmful, especially for those who are trying to get pregnant.

The only sign that inspires confidence in me: after-age children are most often born of the same sex. I remembered all the families with the same weather among relatives and acquaintances and came to the conclusion that there is some truth in this. Although, maybe this is just a situation known to me among families.

Ovulation Method

The sex of the child is determined at the time of conception. If the egg is fertilized with a sperm with X-chromosome, then there will be a girl, and if with a Y-chromosome, then there will be a boy. The egg cell itself carries only the X chromosome and does not affect the floor of the future baby.

Female spermatozoa are larger in size than male ones, they live longer and are more resistant to all sorts of negative factors, but they are more sluggish.
Therefore, if a couple wants to conceive a girl, then it is recommended to engage in sex 2-3 days before ovulation. So long only X-sperm will survive. And if you do it right on the day of ovulation or the day before, then the chance of getting pregnant as a boy increases.

This method has always seemed to me quite accurate, but recently I read that there are studies proving the opposite. And besides, the ovulation period is also hard to predict with perfect accuracy, because it can easily move for a few days.

Medical Gender Planning

In some cases, conceiving a baby of a certain sex is necessary for medical reasons. This is not just the desire of parents, and the recommendation of doctors. For example, when there is a likelihood that a child can be transmitted a genetic disease associated specifically with gender.

Then the IVF comes to the aid of the pair (in vitro fertilization), and the guarantee to get the desired result is almost 100%, as the ready-made embryo examined by the doctors sits in the uterus. I think that many would agree with me – this is the only method of planning a baby’s gender with a justified goal. Though difficult, but it allows you to have a healthy baby.

And I declared to my husband that it makes no sense to plan – let the next girl expect the next one:) This, again, my intuition tells me so. In general, everything is in his hands – because the sex of a child depends on the chromosome that a man will give.

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