First story

I am twice a mom. After reading the stories of members of the community, I wanted to tell my story of childbirth. I’ll start with the first one.

How it all began.

It was spring, the end of April. All already climbed into demi-season clothing. And suddenly from the morning of the 25th it snows.

I wake up at home on my sofa. My husband left for work a long time ago, and I, as always, peacefully slept until dinner. Opening my eyes and glancing out the window, I saw the open curtains flying by overflowing huge snow-white flakes. Nobody expected such snow, after all May is coming soon.

Not having time, enjoy, beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky, I understand that I am terribly sickening, and I run to the toilet directly. But this is not the end. After sitting in the toilet and a couple of gagging nothing stops.

I feel terrible, as if I was poisoned by something very nasty. Having thought to drink a couple of tablets of activated charcoal, I call my husband to consult about what to do.

We decided to wait a little, maybe a sudden sign of toxemia in the ninth month of pregnancy. Fight is not, then do not give birth!

After a while, I felt better. Cooked, washed. I was even drawn to creativity, and for some reason I decided to immediately make a beautiful pencil holder, which I did.

The snow outside the window tumbled down harder, and I got muddied again. Pressure! I decided. And lay down on the sofa.

My husband came home from work. Seeing that I was lying, he began to worry and poison me in the hospital, well, you never know, there even doctors!

I didn’t want to go to the hospital at all. I thought, since I have no contractions, then because of my bad state of health I can only be determined for day care and I will be there for all May holidays until I give birth. This thought made me sadder and sadder.

Toward evening, I again became ill, and very bad. I called mom. We agreed with her to walk a bit and walk to grandmother, try on the pressure. Somewhere around 8 pm I was sitting with a tonometer and saw that I had a wild tachycardia, in a quiet state the pulse went off.

In general, still decided to go to the hospital.

In the waiting room

Somewhere in the beginning of 10 pm we were already in the waiting room of our perinatal center.

At first they didn’t really want to take me, but we insisted that, they say, I feel bad, and we are afraid to sit at home and wait for fights. Filling out all the documents, I was sent to the doctor on the second floor.

The doctor turned out to be a nice young girl, unfortunately, I do not remember her name.

Having examined me, she smiled and said that I was giving birth and the disclosure was already decent at 8. Personally, I was shocked. How so? Why I do not feel the pangs of labor, about which all so beautifully told. Of course there was discomfort, but I connected him more with digestive upset.

Then I pierced the bubble and sent for an enema.

The nurse in the waiting room firmly said that after me there shouldn’t be anything left! To keep everything clean and tidy.

But only I was given this enema procedure, it became wild for me to turn out. I never vomited so much, I even remember it now with a shudder. Then a nurse ran in and set a wash in front of me.

Then I felt a bit better and I went into the shower, not expecting it to happen again.
In general, everything was leveled up, and besides, I finally understood what fights are, they were maliciously accompanied by gagging.

I did not know where everything came from. And besides, they have clogged the shower. It was a complete ahtung. I was still trying to remove something. And in a funny shirt with a huge neckline, I tried to wipe the floor between fights.

The nurse went broke. There was a scandal, but I was not at all up to them. Then they sent me to another shower. And with shouts that you probably do not do that at home, at last they fused me into the tribal one.

I was met there by midwife Irina. Pretty girl, unlike the nurse. I remember that there was about twenty minutes past ten. They put a device on my stomach to measure contractions, and they told me that somewhere around 12 or by the hour I should give birth. They asked to lie down for 15 minutes, and then it would be possible to walk.

Then I began to feel that I would be turned out again, either from below or from above))). And I asked for a toilet. Then my midwife looked what was going on there.

It turned out that the head was cut and you need to immediately push. Everything, I have not gone to a toilet any more, and began to give birth.

The bed quickly turned into a maternity ward. There were side handles, for which it was necessary to hold, and footrest.

My midwife began to change quickly and press the call button. Immediately the rest of the doctors ran.

– There’s a crazy head! – said my midwife and put on a special mask with glasses., Which reflected to me the whole picture of what was happening between my legs. Oh God, I wish I had not seen this!

They began to tell me when to push and how to breathe. But the child did not advance.
They said that I was straightening like a kitten. And that head is quite large. And there were already signs of hypoxia.

After several attempts I had to do an episiotomy.

And finally, at 10.45 pm my daughter appeared. They showed it to me and put it on my chest. She made some interesting sounds, blinking her little eyes, but she did not cry.

Then there was the birth of the afterbirth, for me it was generally almost painless. And then they stitched me up under anesthesia. And I fell into the void for a while.

After 30 minutes of anesthesia, my daughter and I were allowed to rest and lie down in the ancestral room, and then sent to the ward.

But the story is not over …

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