Главная 7 Pleasant extreme: at sea with an infant and with a tent

Pleasant extreme: at sea with an infant and with a tent

Pleasant extreme: at sea with an infant and with a tent. Part 1

Pleasant extreme: at sea with an infant and with a tent

One day, I suggested that one familiar mother get out with us for the whole day on the nature with the children – with bedding, food and other summer joys. She looked at me with completely shocked eyes and said: Are you out of your mind, our children are only 7 months old! What a nature! . Then the rest of the moms joined the conversation, and everyone came to the conclusion that everything that sits in the stroller should sit in it, certainly, within a radius of 500 meters from your home. The main arguments against my innocent venture were: gnat-lice, full violation of the regime, a long journey in the car (more than an hour), and what will it be engaged in while we barbecue fry? , an allergy to a new environment (not, well, you heard that.) and just stress for parents.

Let me remind you that it was an innocent trip with a return at 8 pm and with a relatively short road. So, I was silent about my Napoleonic plans, concerning the SEA. And I did the right thing, because when this information was leaked into the enemy camp of my adult grandmother-Tetinsky-grandfather’s family, panic began. We decided to go in July. You do not understand what the sea is in July – it’s heat, it’s solar radiation, it’s E. coli. Do you understand what Kiev is like in July – asphalt, stench, stuffiness? Well, that’s not the point.

For dinner, ate what remains of breakfast. Aunts and pies are walking - like everyone is taking, everyone is eating, all at the same time alive. We risked too. Pies chic - with cabbage, with potatoes and with fruit. I ate 4 pieces and immediately felt awkward in front of Julia, who dreams of losing weight.

The toilet is a lonely structure in the middle of a clean field .... But once there, I do not want to return. Ah, this summer romance .. reed thickets and fresh breeze, and emptiness for many meters around ... In any case, it's just fertilizer. It's getting dark. To wash the dishes, we warm the pan with water, then we mix it cold in the basin. There is even a new GALA and a set of rags. Clean plates are wiped off with a baby diaper and put on the table near the stove. The sky becomes a fantastic purple color. And a hot breeze on the blushing legs ... MDA, it seems, we are still overdone today. The sky is getting dark, I'm again heating a pot of water. In the car on the floor, we blow a blown mattress. We put a basin on it, where we pour hot water. My child. Then we dress in trousers and a tank top with a long sleeve. He chirps something, claps his hand on soapy water and he does not seem to be worried about the thought of sleeping. We go together to the tent. It's so cozy there! I start to feed him with my chest and gently gently rub my tousled blond hair. Through the mosquito net you can see a huge indigo sky and a scattering of stars. These piercingly bright, low starfish. Happiness. The kid falls asleep very quickly. I gently push him away from me, cover with a rug and quietly go out into the street. There are no mosquitoes yet, but they decided not to include the light. We sit on rugs, we drink wine. We eat pies and sandwiches and listen to the gentle whispers of the waves.