Главная 7 Pertussis in children: symptoms and treatment

Pertussis in children: symptoms and treatment

What is dangerous for whooping cough for children and how to treat it

Pertussis in children: symptoms and treatment

Pertussis is an infectious disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. Pertussis affects the respiratory tract, causes seizures of a convulsive cough, and can lead to death. Pertussis is especially dangerous for children of the first year of life, which is why it is so important to observe the vaccination schedule.

Pertussis is most dangerous for children of the first year of life. Often, babies die because of the illness and complications that it causes. That is why parents need to know the symptoms of whooping cough in children, so as not to confuse him with a common cold and seek medical help on time.

The incubation period in whooping cough is 4-14 days. The patient is contagious especially in the first two weeks. In the initial stages, pertussis symptoms are very similar to acute respiratory infections, but without a rise in temperature:

  • the child feels unwell;
  • namSork appears;
  • there is a dry cough.

It is at this stage of the disease that the baby is most contagious, with contact with a sick child whooping cough can be transmitted to 90% of people.

Specific symptoms of whooping cough in children appear on day 13-14:

  • coughing is worse;
  • there are spasmodic seizures;
  • a fit of coughing gives way to deep whistling breaths (reprises);
  • cycles of a reprise-attack of a cough-reprise are repeated in one attack 2-15 times (depending on the severity of the disease);
  • when the child’s face becomes puffy and slightly bluish, on the conjunctiva and on the sclera of the eyes appear hemorrhages in the form of dots, the veins on the neck strongly bulge;
  • The attack ends with the release of viscous sputum or vomiting.


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