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On the toys – only seriously!

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On the toys - only seriously!

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The very first association that comes to almost every person who hears the word child is a toy.

The history of the toy goes back to the depths of the centuries. People always made them for their kids.

Today the theme of toys is very popular, its most important role in the diversified development of the child has taken its rightful primary place.

In the vast number of toys that manufacturers offer to us, even the most advanced and caring parents are lost. Everyone wants to get only the best for their baby. Often parents rely on the choice of a child, but they still have to buy adults.

Recall that the toy should be selected in accordance with the following criteria:

  • the age of the child, because every stage of the development of the baby has its own characteristics.
  • the toy must be safe to buy only certified products from well-known manufacturers and trusted distributors (otherwise, you risk running into a fake).
  • The toy should not only entertain, but also develop the baby.

All of the above qualities are possessed by toys manufactured by MERTENS GMBH TM BINO. This company has a 20-year history in the World Toy Market. One of the first appeared on the Ukrainian market with wooden developing toys. Production TM BINO made of high quality natural materials, safe for kids. Assortment is represented by a variety of puzzles, pyramids, puzzles, musical instruments, etc. With the help of such toys, children from an early age are given the opportunity to develop in themselves the qualities inherent from birth: attention, logic, memory, creative thinking, imagination, fine motor skills, mathematics