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Mixtures for newborns: types and recommendations for choice

Tips, rules and recommendations for choosing children’s formula

Specialists in breastfeeding confidently state that any woman can breast-feed a child. However, sometimes the desire to feed the baby stumbles upon serious obstacles. The main obstacle to breastfeeding are diseases whose treatment is not compatible with GV. Sometimes, successfully starting, breastfeeding is completed in a few months due to the fact that my mother was not able to adjust lactation and correctly organize the process of feeding. There are cases when the mother, by virtue of her own views and beliefs, does not at all try to feed the baby with the breast, since birth giving the mixture. In all these cases the child grows on artificial feeding. It is important for parents to understand how mixtures for newborn babies are by their composition and properties. The fact is that eating a baby at an early age is a guarantee of his health for the future. Of course, nothing can be better than mother’s milk, but if for some reason the child will grow on artificial feeding – the choice of a mixture for nutrition should be approached very thoroughly.

A huge selection of children’s mixtures

The baby food market has a wide range of varieties of infant formulas that are harmonized with the requirements of GOST and the Institute of Nutrition. In the variety of multi-colored jars and boxes with children’s mixtures it is very easy to get confused. Therefore, to begin with, we suggest figuring out who is who on the store shelf and what the numbers and inscriptions on the packages with the mixture indicate. In other words, we will consider what kind of infant formula is for consistency, composition, age index and purpose.

According to the consistency, children’s mixtures can be divided into dry and liquid.

  • Dry mixes. In the Russian market, this is 90% of the infant formula. Such mixtures are a powder packed in a cardboard box or tin can, which must be diluted with boiled water before use.
  • Liquid. Such mixtures are already ready for use and require only heating. They are sold in packs of tetrapack and packaged in 200 ml. The only problem is that in the Russian stores the share of such mixtures is negligible. You can find such mixtures only in large cities.

The most common are dry, they are convenient in storage, dosing, easy to transport and have a wide variety of options. Liquid mixtures in cooking are more simple than dry, since they only need heating. But they have a short shelf life (just a couple of days).

  • Unadapted. These mixtures are made on the basis of cow's milk protein - casein. As additional components, they can contain everything that is available in the adapted mixtures. There are mixtures that are very poor in their composition: they lack taurine, fatty acids. For this reason, in some sources, unadapted children's mixtures are divided into less adapted (casein instead of demineralized whey, other components as in adapted mixtures) and partially adapted (casein and poor composition of additional components). This is not entirely correct, because the degree of adaptation of the mixture is determined by how easily the mixture is absorbed by the child's organism, and this depends precisely on what is present in the milk base: demineralized whey or cow's milk protein. Casein mixtures, regardless of their nutritional value, are digested harder, so they are in any case unadapted, and give them only after 6 months. The main representatives of casein mixtures are:

; Similac (the price is from 350 to 650 rubles for standard packaging);

; Nestle Nestogen (a package weighing 370gr is sold on average for 240 rubles);

The choice of nutrition for artificial feeding of the child must be carried out necessarily after consultation and examination of the baby by a pediatrician. In this case, every attentive parent must be familiar with the fundamental principles that will help to choose the right mixture.

In order to choose a mixture for a newborn baby, you need to remember what requirements are met by a quality infant formula.

  1. For newborn babies, only the adapted mixtures should be selected. They are most similar in composition to breast milk, are easily digested and absorbed by the infant organism.
  2. When choosing a mixture, you must strictly adhere to the age recommendations. Begin the artificial feeding of a newborn baby is possible only from the initial stage of mixtures, it is impossible to switch to a mixture of another level before 6 months.
  3. If the baby has any health problems or has difficulty digestion - choose a specialized or therapeutic mixture. By the way, it is not necessary to completely transfer the child to a medicinal mixture. In some cases it is enough to replace it with 1-2 feedings per day.
  4. Do not blindly follow the advertisement, always independently study the composition of the mixture, compare it with other versions of the mixture.If possible, choose a mixture that does not contain palm or rapeseed oil, rich in vitamins and minerals.
  5. Pay attention to the expiration date of the mixture. Do not buy a mixture with a shelf life.
  6. Buy baby food only in specialized stores.
  7. Useful the presence of carnitine, linoleic acid, taurine - they are involved in fat, protein, vitamin and energy metabolism, the generation of tissues, the formation of internal organs.
  8. Watch for the reaction of the baby to food. If you have an allergy or digestive problems, consult a pediatrician for advice. Perhaps the chosen mixture does not suit your baby and needs to be replaced.

For a long time I struggled to restore breastfeeding, nothing happened (((I had to buy a mixture, and not every one would do that.) I was guided to ensure that the mixture was adapted and did not contain palm oil.) Nanni bought it, even more on goat's milk and not allergies, etc. There are also a lot of other nutrients in the composition .. In general, we did not know grief with this mixture, they grew on it.

Good article! Fortunately, I did not have to know all the charms of IW; with HS all OK !. But my sister is on the mixes of the baby. Raises Cabrith. The tribe likes it, there are no problems with health.

Miracle food, Materna, we eat 3 months. Neither allergies nor problems with stools. We were advised by friends, they ordered through their friend for us. It's a mixture from Israel. We could not even find her anywhere. And recently I came across a group in classmates Made in Israel and order through them by mail. I advise everyone!

My twins are also on IW. If the first month is Similac Premium. In the stomach with food boiled and seethed, as if acid poured. Children writhed in pain, and we believed that this physiological colic, which must go to three months. But they could not stand it. We decided to change the mixture. They wool the Internet, consulted with doctors and chose Kabrita (in goat's milk). Very pleased. Eat with pleasure, the smell and taste are pleasant. Dry Similac unpleasantly smelled of fish, but when diluted with an induction smell was not felt. It seemed to me that from this smell already in my stomach colitis :))). However, on Similace Premium, the children's chair was also good, and they gained 1.5 kg each month. As a result, having switched to Kabri, the bubbling went away, and with him the colic. An important point to which I reached myself during the preparation of the mixture is that you do not have to tremble the mixture very much during the dilution, so it is saturated with oxygen from the bottle and becomes whipped, like a cocktail, which in turn also causes colic. The mixture of Kabrita is very satisfied. I recommend! If the price does not seem biting, of course.


My husband and I were categorically opposed to children's formulas. I raised the eldest daughter of breast milk to 1 year. I considered that it was wrong and condemned my mothers, who, in my opinion, were lazy at that time and simply did not want to feed their babies with milk, because it's much easier to breed the mixture than the day with the baby in her arms-to breast-feed. But, as it turned out, I was wrong. Feeding the mixture is a very complex process. From birth, we had problems with the tummy, it was unbearable. A small gain in weight to two months, faint nights and anxiety after eating, we decided to take tests. It turned out that the baby has no enzymes to break the milk sugar lactose. The pediatrician prescribed a mixture with a low lactose content. It was difficult to choose a mixture, because I'm a technologist by education and about the quality of products in our supermarkets I know not by hearsay. All mixtures in the Russian market with palm or rapeseed oil. I had to spend a lot of time, but the result did not keep me waiting. I found a mixture without palm oil, a mixture from Israel Materna without lactose. Its composition surprised me very much. In addition to the basic components-necessary, the food does not contain sugar and is enriched with probiotics, which was very important for my baby. The mixture was ordered very successfully, for 10 days came, anna explained everything to us. In general, the chair returned to normal within a week, gas formation was significantly reduced. A very good mixture.

Unfortunately, we had to sort out the nutrilon and the nun-tummy was strongly rumbling and the rashes were under the knees, we ordered Materna, we introduced it a little bit, now we are not displeased. Highly recommend. Ordered in Moscow, and the bank was delivered in rust (now we order only on Made in Israel ru.

I milked my daughter with a mixture on goat's milk, the pediatrician recommended a mixture of MD Millet Goat, because her composition is close to breast milk and as a prophylaxis of allergy to cow protein, for supplementation is just perfect in my opinion, we really liked her, the tummy of her daughter is excellent the mixture was perceived.

On the advice of a pediatrician, they bought Cabrith. Appetite adjusted, weight was taken, regurgitation passed. Now this is our favorite mixture!)

By the way, yes, I advise. )

Only the Israeli Materna came to us; surprisingly. Took her with baby1care True, if you compare the composition, it becomes clear why; this mixture has a distinct advantage in composition over the others.

I share with what exactly we came up)

It's time already about Maternu to write in the reviews, we also take it, found it in Moscow on materna-shop.ru, they are the only ones brought and sold in Russia. Very convenient, I'm not worried that the child will remain without food.

Yes, about the reviews agree))) We, too, on Israeli food immediately at Maternu shop got) Generally, they have cool mixes, for any cases of life, we have rotovirus was, only with soya peeled off, so I also advise kosher children to feed !)

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