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Massage for newborns at home (7 video instructions)

Proper massage for the baby in the first three months of life

All newborn babies come to this world with bent pens and legs and tightly clenched fists. The movements of the limbs of the infant are disorderly. This phenomenon is completely normal and is called physiological tone. The task of parents is to eliminate this tonus and help its crumb to comprehend the science of conscious movements. In this massage will help you.

Depending on the pursued purpose, the massage is divided into the following types:

Therapeutic massage should be performed by a specialist. Assign it can with the following diseases identified in the baby:

  • hypertonicity or hypotension;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • congenital dislocation of the joint;
  • acquired or congenital clubfoot;
  • umbilical hernia;
  • diseases of the central nervous system;
  • flat feet;
  • deformity of the legs (X- or O-shaped).

For each disease, they use their own special massage techniques, which, as a rule, differ from each other.

Prophylactic massage recommended to all newborns, if there are no contraindications. The sessions of such a massage can improve blood circulation and appetite, normalize metabolism, bring back to normal breathing. Behaviors with increased excitability stabilize behavior and normalize sleep. It turns out that massage can reduce the body’s hormone cortisol. Cortisol – a stress hormone, with its increased content, the immune defense of the body is destroyed. Consequently, under the influence of massage, the immunity of the child also improves.

Since preventive massage is carried out in most cases by the parents themselves, its sessions are an additional way of contacting the baby with mom or dad. Undoubtedly, this will improve the psychological state of the crumbs.

Treatment-prophylactic massage , as well as medical, is appointed by a doctor and conducted by specialists. It involves massaging the entire body with special attention to problem areas. This type of massage is able to normalize circulation, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, correct the defective condition of bones and muscles, and eliminate intestinal colic. It is also recommended for diseases of the respiratory system, genitourinary and digestive systems. Treatment and prophylactic massage has a beneficial effect on the motor abilities of the baby. The child will soon learn to turn over, sit down and crawl.

There are many receptors on our skin, which, when irritated, send signals to the brain. This is how the work and development of the entire nervous system of a person is stimulated, and massage here takes a leading position. After all, it is at the massage session that most of the nervous receptors are irritated.

In any case, the massage should be prescribed by a doctor, self-activity is unacceptable.

To begin to do massage it is possible not earlier, than krohe will knock 20 days from a sort. Children under the age of 3 months can not massage the area of ​​the fontanel and under the knees, the elbow fold, the armpits, the inside of the thighs. Contraindicated as pressure and shock movements, pattings, so you just cause excessive irritation of the receptors and increased nervous excitability of the baby.

  1. The temperature in the room should be between 18 and 23 degrees. The most important is the temperature regime in the room. Do not forget that the baby will be completely naked for a while and may freeze. Do not calm yourself by the fact that during the massage the body warms up. This axiom is applicable to an adult person. For crumbs, massaging movements are more stroking than power, and therefore the warming effect is almost zero. The fact that the baby is frozen, you can tell the hiccough that has begun and the temperature of the little spout. We read articles about the optimal temperature indicators in a room for a newborn child, and it is useful to read the article on the procedure for tempering, namely, air baths for a child.
  2. For carrying out of massage it is necessary to prepare a changing table or any equal surface. Cover with a thin blanket, oilcloth or diaper. The surface should be wide enough so that you can smoothly turn the baby over.
  3. The place for carrying out the massage is desirable to be equipped with everything necessary in advance. Provide that it can come in handy, and ensure the finding of these funds in an accessible vicinity. You should not be distracted and leave crumbs, even put a mobile phone close. It is also desirable to spread the absorbent reusable diaper, because the baby still can not control the process of urination.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to their hands. Long nails are not desirable not only with massage, they are superfluous and with daily care of the child. The beauty of the hands and good manicure are also possible with short nails, so cut them while the baby is at a tender age. It is also recommended to take off all jewelry. The extra possibility of injury you absolutely do not need.
  5. Make sure you choose the right time for the procedure. You in fact can calculate approximately, when the child asks to eat and sleep. Massage is best carried out one and a half to two hours after feeding. Even with little discomfort from the baby's side, the process will not yield positive results.
  6. During the massage, do not be silent, talk with the child. Any children's songs and nursery rhymes will be useful. Such simultaneous studies not only set the baby to positive, but also develop his auditory and speaking abilities.
  7. Gradual complication of exercises and increasing the time for carrying out massage procedures.
  8. Direction of massage movements: strictly from the bottom up, from the periphery to the center.
  9. Movements should be cautious and do not deliver a child discomfort.
  10. Duration of one session is 15-20 minutes.

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