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Krivosheya in newborns: signs, causes, treatment, massage, gymnastics

Krivosheya in infants: causes and methods of treatment (massage / gymnastics)

Congenital torticollis in newborns is a fairly common disease. This anomaly is more common in boys than in girls. The turn of the neck is mainly in the right side.

  • Deformation of one or more vertebrae, a structure disorder;
  • With excessive unilateral pressure on the fetus, the head is not properly positioned;
  • With prenatal inflammation of the muscle inflammations form in the chronic form, the muscle becomes shorter and loses its elasticity;
  • In difficult births, the muscle may break, and the muscle fibers will pass into the tendon. In this place, a scar is organized, the muscles lag behind the entire length of the growth.
  • With malformations of the mastoid muscles.

Most orthopedists believe that the torticollis in newborns is primarily a congenital malformation, more often obtained in the process of childbirth. This disease is not insured for babies born to the world, even by cesarean section. It should be noted in infants with gluteal fetal diligence it is more common than in others. To determine the exact cause of this diagnosis, a specialist consultation is required: Pediatrician, Orthopedist, Neuropathologist.

With the treatment of torticollis, it is better not to delay, but to start at two weeks of age. Forced position of the head of the baby can lead to asymmetry of the face and skull. At the older age, left without treatment for torticollis leads to scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and deformities of the face. The older the child, the harder it is to heal.

The productive result includes:

  1. Massage for newborns with crooked;
  2. Medical gymnastics;
  3. Treatment by position;
  4. Physiotherapeutic procedures.
  5. Circle for swimming newborns;
  6. Put a special collar made of cardboard, lined with cotton and gauze. (Shantz Collar)
  7. Occupation in the pool (bathroom)

If the signs of torticollis are caused by any general disease, then it is necessary to treat it. First of all, the result depends on the participation and activity of the child’s parents in the treatment. Massage with this disease, however, as with any trust is better than a specialist. An experienced masseur will help to achieve a better result than parents at home.

One man holds the body and arms of the baby, and the other holds the head securely. The humeral girdle with this method should be placed parallel to the edge of the table, and the head and neck should be hung. Be sure to remember that the head and body should be located exactly, along a line. Gradually support the head to reduce. With this method, the muscles relax and, as a consequence, stretch. Hands restrict the child to turning the head and tilt. Exercise is symmetrical. Raise the baby's head until the chest touches the chin. Exercise in the morning and evening. not more than 5 times.

When you take the baby in your arms, gradually reduce the support of the head. Try to keep it hanging under its own weight, this helps stretch the muscles. Raise your head, which one; give the baby a rest and try again. Exercise at least three times a day.

Treatment should be conducted in parallel with massage courses and electrophoresis. After a couple of courses in most cases, the result is positive. However, parents should remember that relapse is possible. On the affected side, the muscle lag in growth will continue. To consolidate the result, it is recommended that at least 4 courses of physiotherapy with a massage be performed in the first year.

In extremely rare cases, it is not possible to achieve a positive result with conservative treatment. Operative intervention is recommended to one-year age. There are two ways:

  1. Dissection of muscles (myotomy);
  2. Plastic lengthening of the muscle.

The first method is performed only in the department of orthopedics, under general anesthesia. After bandaging, the cervical wounds are fixed with a plaster bandage.

The second method is suitable for children after 4 years. After surgery, the symmetry of the muscles is restored. If the child had a major illness, the relapse may increase. Cicatricial process in the area of ​​muscle connection is strongly pronounced. During periods of rapid growth the child must be observed with the orthopedist. If treatment is ignored, or not brought to an end, the child will form an irreparable pathology. The head will constantly bend over the shoulder area.

VIDEO: Muscular torticollis, hypertension of muscles in an infant before and after a child's massage

A good result can always be achieved if you do not run the disease and systematically conduct classes with the child. With proper treatment, this disease passes completely. Parents should first of all give active help to their child in recovery!

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